Maulana Sheikh NazimDivine Arrows of Revenge

The time we are expecting is coming closer. Everyone must believe. Those who believe will have a position, they will have a weight. Those who don't, will be like a dry leaf in the wind. People who believe cannot be blown away like a piece of paper. A huge storm will appear suddenly and unexpectedly. There is a big fuse which will go off any moment. No-one can escape, because it is in the middle of the world. Like a volcano, too powerful for man to control or prevent. Within minutes a big city can turn into ashes. It will be hotter than 500 degrees, terrible! No technology can save such a city. It will come suddenly and finally. Like it happened at the time of Pompeii.

So many unexpected things are approaching, because time is over. A Heavenly Command was issued on the 15th of Shaban which we will see coming into force before the next Ramadan. That is why we need protection. No-one can bring a protection to anyone, only Allah Almighty can protect, only through His order can we be protected. Otherwise it is impossible.

Normally people will seek shelter in their own homes. But when this happens they will run out filled with fear. The angels will ask them where they are running to, and tell them to go back home. There is no shelter if you run away. Your home will shelter you. People will run away. It is already happening in our days, like we are seeing on the television every night. People are grabbing their children and running away. It is a huge punishment. But there is no shelter. Only Allah can give you a shelter. If you run to Him He will protect you. No-one else can.

We need to be careful. Don't place yourself as a target of Divine Revenge. There are billions of people who are living a life which will cause Divine Revenge to reach them. Don't use anything which Allah doesn't allow. Don't use forbidden things. Don't do forbidden actions. Don't use forbidden language. Keep Divine Discipline, otherwise you will become a target for Divine Revenge. Whoever does something forbidden will be hit by an arrow of revenge.

Nowadays there are cameras put up by the government to catch criminals. In the same way Allah is waiting with His arrows of revenge to catch you like in the old films, where there were scenes of arrows raining down on the enemy.

An advice to people in our days is not to use streets or markets when it is not necessary. If anything is needed, like having to go to work, you may go out. But especially at night, be careful. After sunset it is not good to be out of your homes. Parents in particular must try to keep their children indoors. Because the night is covered with the darkest darkness. Not only the natural darkness of the night, but a horrible darkness. Look after your youngsters and don't let them be outside. Adults who are accustomed to be out until midnight should train themselves to come home at 11 and then at 10 and then at 9... If it is not necessary to be outside, stay in! That will destroy the kingdom of satan, because their main contributions are at night. Their hegemony appears at night. From sunset until sunrise is the time of satans and jinn. Try to be inside. Make London, Paris, Chicago and Istanbul quiet by night, then blessings and protection will come. New York never sleeps!

You must learn to sleep at night time. That is normal. Allah has created the night for rest. All troubles come because this has been turned around. It affects all characteristics of people. It becomes worse and worse until it collapses.

The first command of Mehdi when he comes, will be to rest at night and to work during the day.


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