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"...Force is for animals, I [Allah] granted mankind a mind, how are you going to force them?"

... And some people think that sweetness means fatness, and they are making sweets prohibited for them. But everyone naturally likes sweet things. And what is the sweetest thing for mankind? The sweetest thing for mankind, what is that?

Which thing is the sweetest even to mankind? You may reach to Allah through love. If you are not tasting how are you going to reach. If you are not tasting the sweetness of love, you are asking for Allah? I am saying to you which thing granted to you is the sweetest thing? And you are not understanding? The sweetest thing that is the biggest grant from Allah Almighty to his servants, that is love. (Pointing to a sign on the wall which read 'God is Love' and has since been erased) That is wrong. God is not love. But the greatest or biggest grant from Allah Almighty to his servants is love. God is not love.

Love is only one attribute from Allah Almighty's existence. If Allah Almighty is not granting to his servants love they never going to be interested with him never interested with his worshipping, and they never going to ask him. But that honey making people to ask for the hive. Therefore we must try to reach love springs. And we must try to taste more from love springs. And love springs coming as fountains from everlasting and never ending love oceans of the Lord Allah Almighty. His love oceans are endless oceans and everlasting oceans. And springs of love coming from that ocean everywhere and the Lord Allah Almighty making the hearts of his servants to be a spring of love, a spring of divine love. And man created and his creation just arranged in that way. That their hearts are going to be fountains from love springs. But people they are not taking enough care for that love and not leaving to come out divine love springs from their hearts and they are running after some imitated love. For temporary love that is only for some occasions coming and going, coming and giving people that love which belongs to our physical desires. They are only temporary and quickly disappearing and quickly coming satisfaction only and going to be less and less and then finishing. But commonly the interest of mankind going to be on that love, which is going to be less and less and less then finishing. Drying up. Physical desires love is going to be less and finally to be dry.

Therefore, the Lord Allah Almighty addressing to his last Messenger through his least message, "O Beloved One, I am choosing you among other prophets with my divine love, you are my beloved one. I gave Holy Spirit to Jesus Christ, but I gave to you my love. I gave to Moses my Divine Word, Divine Speech, I granted to him, but I granted to you my divine love. I granted to Abraham my friendship, but I granted to you my love, my divine love. Allah addressing to beloved Prophet, peace be upon him. O my Beloved One, I granted to Abraham to be my Khalil, my friend, friendship, I granted to Moses to hear my divine words without Gabriel he was hearing. I granted to Jesus from my holy spirit, but I granted to you my Divine Love. Which is the more precious in the Divine Presence? That which I granted you. Therefore, Muhammad, peace be upon him, over all. You said that love was most precious. Muhammad, habib Allah, Moses, Kaleem Allah, Isa, ruh Allah, Ibrahim Khalil Allah, Adam, Safee Allah, Nuh, Najee Allah. You must try to understand from their names that Allah granted to every prophet from his blessings from his neverending favours, special favours, for everyone but love. Khalil Allah; friendship, habib Allah, beloved one.

O my Beloved One! Therefore I am writing your name in front of my name. When it is written 'La ilah illa Allah' (There is no god but Allah), written 'Muhammadun Rasul Allah (Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah). Why are you not writing here? On the Divine Throne (arsh Allah) it is written 'la ilah illa Allah Muhammadun Rasul Allah'. And some grand muslims they are building mosques now and I am going in and looking and where is it written 'la ilah illa Allah Muhammadun Rasul Allah'? I ask where is it? Is this a dancing hall? Why are you not writing this? But they are jealous of Muhammad, peace be upon him, therefore they are not even writing 'la ilah illa Allah'! If they are writing 'la ilah illa Allah' they must also write 'Muhammadun Rasul Allah'. And they are jealous people to Muhammad. So foolish thought growing up amongst Muslims. And he said, Allah Almighty, 'O My Beloved One, just you say to my servants that 'there is no forcing on people for believing'. No.

Don't force my servants to believe, because I granted to them mind and if they are using their minds, there is no need to force. Force is for animals. I granted to mankind mind. How are you going to force them. You may force animals. Man no need to force them. When they are using their minds. Do you think that at the time of the beloved Muhammad, peace be upon him, they were forcing and prisons and such a thing? The highest level community on earth from the beginning until the end, the Companions of Muhammad, peace be upon him. Now you have rules and laws which may fill this place ten times. For what? All rules and laws forcing no mind mankind! That they are not using their minds and governments are making so many rules to force then to keep rules. Yes. This is not civilisation. Most wild people living on earth, against every rule, asking freedom, fighting rules, fighting laws. And Allah Almighty saying, 'O Beloved One, no need to force my servants. If they are using their minds, for what?' And I am saying to you now use your minds. If physical desires love which belongs to your physical desires, it is temporary, finishing. You may choose this one or you may choose the love that belongs to eternal love through your soul never getting less, even if you were 100 years old but getting that love grows up and you should find taste that you can't find in any physical desire. Choose this or that when you are using your mind no need to force you. It is so simple. But people they are not thinking because no time for mankind to think. Finish. We have been occupied like before we have well and we were using a mule closing its eyes and making it go round and water comes. Now mankind going to be like that mule. No time to sit down and to think anything up to finishing. And when their batteries are finishing falling down. Take to cemetery.

No time for thinking for 20th century people. Only some groups sitting and thinking only how they should kill mankind and how they can destroy mankind. And everything that's been built from beginning up to day. Only that Satanic thinking. That is their thinking. Yes. Therefore it is a very dangerous period now reaching we are coming close to 2000 and this period between 1990 and 2000 going to come out terrible events because people they are not thinking what they are doing, they are not thinking to where they are guided or led. And they are not thinking about who their guide is. And they are not thinking whom they are supporters. Therefore a punishment coming for all mankind Muslims and non Muslims. For all. Therefore, if anyone asking to leave his soul because his physical body it is temporary, it is going, but who is asking to save his soul must look after his soul. And the soul is never going to be saved without Divine Love.

Try to feed your soul with Divine Love through Divine Love of Rasul Allah, Habib Allah, peace be upon him. And try to reach to that Divine Love of the beloved ones in the Prophet's Divine Presence, through awliya'. Save your souls O mankind! If not, you'll know, but maybe too late when you'll know. And we are asking forgiveness for you and blessed ones. And we are saying 'astaghfirullah...' (Oh Allah forgive us!)

The Sufi Centre Sheffield. - 01.05.1990

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