Maulana Sheikh NazimDon’t leave your Lord’s Blessings for Dunya!

O people, we are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitan rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Allah Almighty sharafana, (is) giving honour, endless honour, for us and (is)
granting from His endless Mercy Oceans. That He granted us to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, S.
Muhammadun Rasulullah sws” and He is just granting us to be able to say: “Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim.” Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. That is the key of whole Mercy Oceans: to
say: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim”. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim (is) opening all Mercy Oceans
and (then there is) running on us divinely Blessings. We are asking forgiveness through these
holy days, through this holy month Dhul Hijja, asking from our Lord to grant us to be visitors
of His House of Lord, (the) House of (the) Lord, Baitullah. To be for a visiting even once
through ourlife that is the key of Paradises. Who may visit that holy House, (the) House of
(the) Lord, and finally he must reach Allah Almighty’s Blessings through eternal life.

O people, Dunya is nothing! Try to be honoured here and hereafter; don’t leave your Lords
Blessings for Dunya! Dunya (is) nothing! Dunya it is not our final target, no! O people, I am
sorry to say that now whole nations, whole mankind, (is) running after Dunya, asking to reach
some more from Dunya. That is very sorrowful for mankind and we are looking and seeing
that mankind they are doing their worst; instead to do their best (they are) trying to do their
worst for everyone. That is not a real position or real target for mankind. Allah Almighty He
created mankind to be for Him obedient servants, not to leave Allah Almighty’s divinely
servanthood and (to) run after Shaitan. It is so simple for whole divinely Messages. Whole
Messengers (were) coming only to teach mankind what is their missions through this life,
what they must do, how they must live. Two things. One: Allah Almighty (is) asking from
you, o mankind, to keep our promises that we should be His servants (that) we shall try to
keep His servanthood.

Before everything you must think (on this) first target, (on this)first final asking, your final,
what you are asking from Allah: to be His servants, to keep His servanthood. Before everything
you must try to complete His servanthood first. And then, (there is the) second order for your
mission that through whole Messages, through (all) Messengers (is) reaching to mankind. One
(is) to be obedient servant for their Lord, and second to be, to do their best for everything.
First for mankind: you must try to do your best for everyone, particularly for man. Then, that
Allah Almighty created countless creatures and we have been ordered also to keep every
creature, not to give or to make them unrest or to make a bad action. Allah created (them) and
He knows for what He created (them), nothing (is) created without a wisdom. Everything (is)
just created with some reason and everything (is) just created to do its best for mankind, so
that mankind just had been ordered to do their best for every creature.

O people, it is so easy what heavenly Messages (are) giving to whole mankind. Names it is
not important! To say: “I am Muslim” or “Christian” or “Catholic” or “Protestant” or
“Orthodox” or “Jewish” - that title it is not important! All of us (are) from Adam and Eve and
everyone must keep their honour as a man, Caliphs of the Lord of Heavens, Deputy. The
highest honour (is) just granted to you and you must try to keep that honour with you, till (you
are) reaching to (the) divinely Presence or your Lord, the Creator, (the) Lord of Heavens. (It
is) so simple, but people (are) making so many things and they are not understanding, what
they are doing and mostly they are trying to follow Shaitan and shaitanic ways. Or (else it
was) so easy our creation, for what we have been created: to be servants and to do good ones
(actions) for every creature through creation. O people that is the ta’alim, heavenly Teaching
through Prophets to everyone living that they are running on (the) wrong way. Who is going
(the) wrong way, must be punished.

O people, try to keep your honour here and Hereafter, you should be honoured. Try to do, to
make most important, most glorified works, (so) that you should be through (the) divinely
Presence, to be a glorified servant. Don’t forget your servanthood! If you are not forgetting
your servanthood, you must try to know the Lord Almighty’s Lordship. He is the Lord and
you are servant. Don’t try to pass in front of this limit! That is your limit, to stay on the level
of servanthod. Don’t try to claim that: “I am going (to be) something”, no! Only Lordship (is)
for Allah and servanthood (is) for you.

Don’t claim (anything) with such a ‘uydurma’, imitated titles. Don’t think that imitated titles
(are) making you to get up to the level of Lordship! Ha sha, Astaghfirullah! Lordship (is) for
only one! No one, (not) even Prophets, (are) saying: “Just I reached the level of Lordship.”
No, you can’t say this, you are only (a) servant. Lordship is only for one: “Qul Huwa-llahu
Ahad.” No second one. That is making people to lose their ways, to lose their targets, to lose
their honours. Try to understand! That is not my speech, but from heavenly Support, making
a weak servant to address whole nations, whom they lost their ways. They lost that they are
only servants. (A) Servant may be in (the) presence of a King or Sultan or Emperor, (he) may
be closer to (the) Sultan, but he is never going to be Sultan (himself). Understand?
This is a ‘tablig’, declaration, (a) divinely Declaration for saving people from coming terrible
terrible events. Who is asking to be save through dangerous and very terrible events, who is
asking to be sheltered here and Hereafter, they (he) must try to leave imitated titles and he
must try to know that he is only a simple servant and servanthood (is) never bringing a person
to Lordship. (It is) only for Allah Lordship.

O our Lord, send us (someone) who may teach us who we are and for what we have been
(brought) in existence and how we should be sheltered here and Hereafter! For the honour of
(the) most honoured servant in Your divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws. Allahumma salli
‘ala S.Muhammdin nabiyi-l ummihi wa ‘ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim... (Don’t try to get up?)
to Lordship. Just keep down! Who is not keeping his station, should be kicked down like
Shaitan! Try to be like the Seal of Prophet S.Muhammad sws. That Shaitan wants (?) you to
be like him, himself, and just he fell down. No honour for him here and hereafter.
May Allah forgive us and shelter us here and hereafter. For the honour of (the) most honoured
one in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad.

Allahumma-sqina gaitha suq ya Rahmatan wa la taja’lna mina-l kanitin... fansura ‘ala anfusina...
ya Arhama Rahimin, ya Waliyu, ya Hamid, fa’alu li ma yurid, fansurna ‘ala-l qaumi-l kafirin...
Anta-l Karim, ya Rahim, Anta Rahim, ya Murith, Anta Murith, ya Ghiyatha-l Mustaghithin...
ya Shafi al Ummah, ya Shafi al Ummah, ya Shafi al Ummah... Fatiha!

Lefke, 5.12.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryBlessing
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