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Don't Make Ceasarean, it's needless!

Allahu akbar, la ilaha iliallah, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lilah' il-hamd.

(MSN stands)

O our Lord! If we are standing up for Your glory endlessly, it is nothing. Please forgive us and send your heavenly blessings on us! Send us someone of your beloved servants, and Your real deputy and Your representative from eternal, pre-eternal up to eternal. Only one! O our Lord! Please forgive us!

(MSN sits)

O people! I am a weak servant and my master is making me for addressing whole mankind on this planet. And the Lord of Heavens, His territory endless, His dominions endless, His oceans endless. Endless oceans, endless territories. O people think on it. We must say bismillahi 'r-rahmani 'r-raheem. That is heavenly sword on the dragon Shaytan. Biggest dragon, and thinking himself that it is something. It is only serpentine. serpentine. Curling or turning around our earth, our dunya, our planet. And asking to take away that Shaytan, cursing it up to eternal. He is asking to take our planet from its orbit,it is claiming. But when we are saying a`udhu billahi mina 'sh-Shaytani 'r-rajeem, that is sign of servants. Servants, when they are awakening they are saying a`udhu billahi mina 'sh-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. But Shaytan's representatives' egos, egos belonging to Shaytan, Shaytan only cursing on it, trying to teach to be a disobedient one to their Creator. Ptuuu (spit) on Shaytan and its followers!

I am making sometimes the master of this world to be angry, and I am angry today. Angry two kinds: our anger from our egos is worst anger. To be angry from his ego, for to make ego happy, that is anger; anger that is against everything from holiness and holy things. That anger. And if a person getting angry through his ego, his way directed to fire, because anger is a fire, and taking that angry person that he is angry from his ego, taking him to way of fire. The most terrible and dangerous thing for man is anger. Anger. When an anger coming from their egos for the sake or for making our ego happy, that anger burning, burning personality of man. Anger. Very important.

Once coming to Seal of Prophets (s), one person asking, "O beloved one, most beloved one and most honored one in Divinely Presence." Honored one! And no one else can be that one, only one! O Christians! From your holy book you must know, no one can put his steps there, only Muhammad!! (Mawlana Shaykh stands) You must know this!! (Mawlana Shaykh sits) That is a heavenly anger from our master today, sending me to speak! I know nothing, I know nothing, but teaching me to speak. Teaching inhabitants on this planet that they must know that Sayyidina Muhammad pbuh, is most glorified one, most honored one! Sayyidina Muhammad!! (Mawlana Shaykh stands) You must know this or black holes will swallow you to be nothing!! (Mawlana Shaykh sits)

How are you? salam `alaykum. I am fasting today and sunset approaching, and I am getting a little bit angry from being hungry. (smiles)

O our Lord's creatures, I am only one creature also, but the reason for being in existence just been granted to me from heavenly ones or I am going to be nothing. And to be nothing is better for you, and people are asking to be something. How many of you are asking to be something? And waiting in front of you, death approaching to you and waiting for you the Angel of Death, waiting to touch to you. They are saying, learned people who is learning from holy books, they are something? Otherwise, they are making me to lose everything... learned people they are learning through holy books' knowledge. O 'ulama (scholars). O Muslims, first from Arabs who they are claiming, "We are first ones." Yes you may be first ones here, but in Divinely Presence, what is your place? You must know it. And it is written, well known in holy books, that a new generation, when approaching to come out to this life. If you are leaving me to speak on that subject, up to next week, never ending. Because people they are thinking that everything going to be according to their knowledge.

Therefore, now so many heedless doctors, they are never leaving a mom to bring her child. Asking, "Come and we must do (scan, checkup), where is your `aqal. Ceasarian, saying asking "Come and we must do a Caesarean." Saying, "You can't, you can't birth the baby. We must interfere. We must cut it, your womb, to take it."

O people! O pope! Why are you saying that? Since Allah is Creator He is sending that new generation without any mudaakhala, interference. No. Leave who created to bring it for this life.
Allah gave His order for this life, if that baby is going to live, it must come out. If no chance for that new generation it can't be coming by itself, may die inside and may come out.
Leave! That new creation not going to be forever through its mom! But now doctors saying "no!" Always "Caesarean."
I am asking you, "did your mother bring you by Caesarean?"
"Who bringing you?"
"Why are you interfering for pregnant ladies?" Leave it!

Out going, when time coming, sending two angels from heavens by order, the Lord ordering, "bring My servant out for the life that he should be for a short time on earth, then comes to Me. Bring that new generation, new creation out." Two angels coming and they are trying to take it out and always escaping from one side to another side, from that side to another side. That giving pain to mom's for giving new generation and angels saying, "O our Lord! That servant never obeying ourselves to come out. You know." Then there is a tajalli, manifestation, or something else this, that boy, that new creation not obeying, then that one's Lord that the Creator creating man through the wombs of their moms. And that one that the Creator creating through wombs of their moms, showing a brilliant, brilliant appearance and falling down, that new baby, on sajda, bowing and coming. That is bowing and delivering, and midwife taking it out.

But now (medical doctors) they lost it, not believing in holy books, and their lives going to be worst life and their ends going to be worse than anyone else! I am warning whole doctors that are making Caesarean sections (for financial profit), their last moments when they are going to leave this life, they are going to be punished! And they shall, for that trouble they are loading on that new baby, they shall taste it. I am warning! Where is other 'ulama to say on this, where is other religious people to say this, that Caesarean is no good?! Why not saying bishops, that to cut is against order of the Lord of Heavens? They are not saying.

And we come to an important point, just that we reach to ourselves a knowledge, that when a new baby is getting from heavens, an arrow, an arrow just sent to it, an arrow of death. Some reaching to that one through womb of moms, or some coming after one month, two months, one year, two years. The distance that arrow sent on the Creation of Mankind this time coming, touching and finishing. That is best. How a person may be in safety and happiness and enjoyfulness in this life, that the arrow of death is approaching him?

O people, don't be no-mind people, stupid ones! Think on creation of this life. Enough. You are going to be like drunk ones. Come to yourself and think on yourself. O our Lord! Send us someone or someones to wake up Your servants! We are heedless. We need to wake up. First of all, my mission through holy people, it is to make people to wake up! To say to them that this life is not a real life, (it is) imitated life, because you may live even one-hundred years or more, but the arrow of death, when it is reaching to you, you don't know. And when you are taken from this life, to go where? To go where?
And bringing a person that he passed away, bringing to mosque or to church a person coming, asking, "This janaza, this funeral for whom?"
And this, the holy one that leading ceremony of death, he is saying that his janaza, "This is a dead body of Mr. George," or, "That is a dead, or dead body of late King George X."
Or they are saying, "That is the funeral of a most richest one, Mr. Stefan."
They are saying only a name about his dead body, but no one asking, "This dead body, where he is? Where he left?"
Only saying, "This is General Harrington," or, "This is body of Field Marshall Hindenburg!"
Or they ask, "Who is that one?"
"Oh, here dead body of Field Marshall Mannenheim who was fighting the Russians in Second World War and stopping them to enter Finland.

(Mawlana laughs) See, I know something! That is from my time of knowledge. When I am learning something I am keeping it, I am not forgetting. So many people are forgetting. What about Field Marshall Hindenburg? But where is Field Marshall Hindenburg? They are surprising about my question. What question?
"And is so crowded."
"Yes, there is a funeral."
"But for whom this funeral cermony?"
"That is Pope's that passed away. Passed away.That is his dead body."
"He passed away and left his dead body here? Where he went? He went away and left his dead body here? Where he went?"
"That is Sultan's body."
"Sultan's body? Where he went? That is his body and he passed away, left his dead body for us? Why he left it here, that we have to put on shoulder and carry? Where he went?"
There is something wrong with me, you are looking. But yesterday he was addressing people. But today we are looking that people are saying he passed away. "And he left that dead body for us?"

People are never asking such a question. Never thinking why he left his dead body when he passed away. People never asking such a question. "Going to heavens? Really?" and also saying one day that, "Shaykh passed away and he left his dead body."
That is something that no one can answer. Say, that man's creation is something else. He shall pass through, his soul, and shall remain his physical being in hands of people. Therefore, leaving his soul and leaving his dead body there.

"Perhaps coming nighttime and entering there....coming nighttime and must put it on a bed so he can take his rest."
"No, O my brother. No, he was here yesterday but today he passed away and we are putting to rest in the graveyard. He is not in need to have a bed there because just he left and his body is left on earth."
O people! One day coming to all of you and saying, "The president just passed away."
Or a new title, "O, the first lady! She passed away! First lady!"
"What is that?"
"O Shaykh, that is, she was first lady! And today she just passed away and we are carrying first lady's dead body!"

O people! think on it. One day coming for you also that people shall say, "Just passed away." The interior minister did so many dhulm on people and today he just passed away and he was oppressor like Shaytan or Mussolini or Hitler. Can't say this one, should be difficult to say, but, "He passed away." Passed away? Doesn't matter, should be happy with his good deeds. But the Number One oppressors coming and fighting against the Lord of Heavens, angels, angels preparing from fire. When putting on the Earth, coming from them Hell's whips. "You were first one, hah, Number One? First person! Take! Take more!"

And making us to fear, arrow of death approaching to everyone. Beware last day of life. Beware last hour of life. Beware when the Angel of Death, Azra`eel, is approaching, asking to take your soul. O people! When the claws of Angel of Death coming on your chest, taking out, taking out your soul. And O people! Try to be true ones, try to be good ones. Good ones, their souls, they are coming so easy. But those that did their worst for people, they should taste the heavenly angers, bitterness!

O people! As-salamu `alaykum. Keep what we are saying, anyone saying that shaykh is speaking wrong, I hope that tomorrow he may leave his dead body and passing away.


Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, 'Aziz Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kareem Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah

dome, dome, dome, dome

again, again

Dome, dome, dome, dome

Dome, dome, dome, dome
Dome, dome, dome, dome
Dome, dome, dome, dome


OK? (48 minutes)

Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah that Allah gives us an understanding. I am some simple person, but the Lord of Heavens making me to address to people. If anyone saying I am wrong, I hope tomorrow his body here and that he passed away!

(du'a) ya Rabbee!

Lefke, 23.09.2009

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