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For schools, for students also, Islam first offered to teach students a strong belief to make them believe in their Lord, their Creator, Almighty Allah. After that, to teach them any craft that they may need to help them to establish their life.

Man is in need of training. Without training, mankind would be wild, more wild than any other wild creature and man needs education - training is education. Therefore, we must educate mankind. Education must be based on something, some foundation, so that it may be built upon. Without a strong foundation, a strong building cannot be constructed. Therefore, education must be established on a strong foundation if it is to be successful. From the beginning until today, systematical education in Christian countries was established on Christianity and in Oriental countries, on Islam and every other community established their systems of education based on their beliefs.

If education were not based on beliefs, in the present day, it would mostly be based on atheism. No care is taken of religion and of religion's rules; only atheist philosophy is used for education. That is the main aim of education these days. No one pays attention to the life of the Hereafter because religious beliefs are not the first thing to be taught to students.

Therefore, these days, there is a large chasm between the young generation and the old generation because the young generation are educated with 'free' ideas, without any idea of beliefs. They are educated without any religious beliefs or rules. When they are educated without religious beliefs or rules they grow up not realising that they should be responsible for their lives. People who have been educated without religion do not recognise their responsibility. Only those whose education is based on religious rules and beliefs recognise their responsibilities and those of others. If not, they cannot be forced to carry responsibility because they may ask, "Why should I carry that responsibility?" If you answer, "For the last day" they will laugh at you. They will ask, "What is the last day? What is the second life? What is the Hereafter life? What is Paradise? What is Hell?" They will ask this because their education was not built on belief or on religious knowledge. The most dangerous and terrible generation is the one which does not take any care of its responsibilities in this life and no one can take care of responsibility if they do not hold religious beliefs.

You cannot expect good manners from the new generation, who were not educated religiously. You cannot expect to find good characteristics like honour for himself and the community; they cannot be forced to carry any responsibility. They may say, "I am only going to live a short while in this life" and their philosophy is that they were born into this life accidentally or coincidentally because this is what atheist philosophy teaches them - brain washing them. So they believe their existence in this life came about by accident and that that they must enjoy themselves by any possible means. That is their philosophy of life. Therefore, you cannot say "Take this, keep it please", they will say, "Why? You keep it. I don't need to do that. I am only looking after myself."

The new generation is growing up to be egoistic, envious, full of enmity, without expecting to be responsible for anyone. Not for their parents, their families, for their children, their neighbours, their nations or for humanity. They shave the sides of their heads and grow their hair like "Mohicans" and colour it, blue, red and green. What do you expect from this kind of person? How can you tell this kind of person what to do? He will kick you!

The responsibility for the religious education of children lies with the government. Why are they in power? To enjoy holding the positions of Prime Minister or Minister? Why are they in power if not to look after their people? Are they not Christians? Are they not believers? If they are not believers, they should not be in power. If they are Christians, believers, they should look after the growing generation. It is the government's responsibility to prevent everything that is against belief. The majority of people believe in the Creator and the last day but some groups fight the Church, fight every religion.

It is important, particularly in European countries, we must have help from Muslim ladies, teachers from Muslim women and girls, teaching our students, even to teach every student about Islam. But people are not very interested in becoming a teacher.

Nowadays, people are asking to have more income, perhaps teaching not bringing too much money, therefore people are not interested and that is the weakness of faith. Faith ordering sacrifice. Muslims must think sacrifice for teaching, even monthly salaries may be less than others, but for the sake of Allah teaching students good manners, faith, good beliefs, preparing them for humanity, to gain them for humanity, to save them from the hands of devils - it is a very sacred job, lovely job, for the Lord Almighty Allah, for His prophets (peace be upon them). To be a doctor as well, lady doctors.

Muslims are not sending their daughters to higher schools for they are mixed and sometimes they do not like some jobs. As much as possible, if they have more teachers and more doctors to help Muslim ladies and children, it should be lovely to Allah Almighty and to His Prophet (peace be upon him).

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