May Allah make it possible for us to use our power for His Pleasure, to make every moment and every action for His Pleasure. To be able to do that is the biggest blessing from Allah Almighty to his servant. His servant should look at his actions and ask himself if it pleases Allah. It is like when you put a projector on an ant and you can see all its actions. In the same way Allah Almighty is looking at you. Wherever you are running or going, the Divine Projector is on you and will see everything. Allah is looking on everyone, not only on all of mankind, but on every living thing in existence. On everything! If the Gaze of Divinity wasn't on it, it couldn't be in existence. If it wasn't looked after and protected, how could it be in existence? Whenever you ask, "Does He really know all these things?" He must know! He knows the size and consistence of every atom, every electron and every nucleus. He knows the inside and the outside! That is the greatness of Allah Almighty. He also knows where everything is, in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimension. You can't even imagine more than three, but He knows where every atom in the universe is and where it is running to.

What are those foolish scientists doing when they are comparing Allah to a man? They think that the Lord of Creation is a man who has been born! He was never born. You cannot even know where all the people in London are at this moment. How could you know the position of atoms in this huge space with its millions of galaxies, quatrillions of stars and suns? All of them consist of atoms. No-one is thinking about this. If you think of His Greatness you will become humble and forget your pride and understand that you are nothing. Compared to the greatness of this universe our world is like an atom.

Even if you take all the imaginations of the world together, you can still not imagine greatness of this universe. Beyond three dimensions you cannot even understand the directions any more. So how can they even try to imagine the Lord? What kind of foolishness is that? Everything imagined concerning the Lord is false. You cannot even imagine the greatness of this universe, so how can you imagine the Creator? How should an atom be able to imagine anything about you? Maybe it can, but you cannot imagine the Lord of Creation, the Lord of the Universes! We must correct our belief, Muslims too! They think that there are Seven Heavens and that they then can find Allah. The Seven Heavens and the seven earths compared to the sight of the Divine Chair is like a ring on earth thrown into air. Can you find it? You might be able to find the Himmalayan Mountains, but not the ring.

The Seven Heavens are so small besides the Divine Chair. When the Chair is compared to the Divine Throne, it will just look like a candle amongst endless candles. If the Divine Throne would claim a greatness for itself, Allah would create an angel like a snake and that snake would cover the Divine Throne. The head would be up and the tail down, but the Divine Throne would be so small that it would be lost in the middle. This gigantic snake would be trembling from the greatness of Allah.

Oh people, you must understand something about the Greatness of Allah. You must say, "Oh, our Lord, we are so small, we are nothing. You have put us into existence for the only reason that we may praise you. We are nothing."

These are some new teachings concerning the Divine Knowledge of Allah. These are such deep oceans. It is enough honour for you to know this much. May Allah bless us and give us more understanding. Every time when we get more understanding your soul will be in pleasure and that makes your Lord pleased with you.

Italy - 01.03.1994

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