Maulana Sheikh NazimEndless thanks to Him, Who created us

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah- endless thanks to Him, Who created us from
the generation of Adam, the nation of Ibrahim and the Ummah of Muhammad sws.
He has given us this mery and favour. Every creature has a value, and from
the smallest seed to the biggest galaxy everything in creation is happy and
joyful that they have been created, and they make Tesbih. Only man, for
whose sake everything was created, is not praising the Creator when he
should be the first one to give thanks. But people have no more sense for
spirituality, they are only after eating and drinking and more amusement.
But now every day their 'pleasures' will loose their taste...

People are eating one another, they want to kill each other. The only effort
of all governments is to spend all their money for weapons to kill their
ennemies. And actions are judged according to the intention behind them.
But Islam came to guide people to the true life, to goodness. Islam makes
the world like paradise, without Islam the world is like hell. In 24 hours
so many things happen that make everything upside down. Evening time the
news are different from the morning. The 'big' ones at the top cannot sleep
anymore, Allah has made sleep Haram to them.

There is a place that you can be in peace in the middle of fire- it is the
heart of a believer. Who is not Muslim, will be hit by something. So many
people will not reach to the next Ramadan. Allah is asking to make this
world like a paradise, but people are refusing... Listen to my words, they
are not empty words! We all need to listen to this. Who is asking Paradise-
come to Islam!

Now it is decided- who wants to remove Islam, will himself be removed. The
doors of hell are opened in Dunya. Now Shawwal is coming- and so many
terrible and fearful events will happen. A big storm is coming... In the
time of Noah a.s. there was a huge flood, and now, at the end of times, it
is said that people will burn each other by their own hands. Has Allah
created you to produce those weapon and kill each other? In Islam fighting
is only to kill snakes. To kill harmful animals is a duty. Now Allah's will
and order is coming on the world. People have become sadists, they enjoy to
see others suffer. They are terrorists, and they are marked from up as an
aim (for the divine arrows of revenge). The wolves among the people have
increased, also the foxen, shakals and snakes... From the eyes and tongues
of those people comes poison on others. They look like human beings, but
inside they are like wild beasts.

You must ask: 'O Allah, don't write us from among them- we have no bad
intentions against others.' People all have become like Nimrod- they claim
to be gods on earth, they don't want Allah to interfere in their dealings.
Show me one person that doesn't have this characteristic to say: 'I am god,
and I can oppress those below me.' This is how people are dealing with each
other and they will destroy one another.

But there are also some special servants of Allah- and these people will be
shown to them as an aim...The world will be cleaned, and Islam will rule the
world. Islam will conquer the hearts of people before the year 2003. All
other religions are 'out of date'. And unbelievers are slaves of Dunya. The
21st century will not be completed- Quiyamat will happen during this
century... Akhirat has come so close...

Look after yourself and your intentions, to have a good end of your life.
Tomorrow is the last day of Ramadan, and tonight we will pray the last
Terawih prayer. May Allah make you to reach many more Ramadans. But Allah
does, what He wants... Look after yourself... What we say is from the Holy
Quran, from the Hadith- we are in the last days of the world.

Lefke - 14.12.2001

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