Maulana Sheikh NazimThe end of Technology

Rajab is a Holy Month and it is accompanied by Heavenly Powers. It brings us good news of Jesus*. He is requesting his declaration to be sent to the whole world: "The new millennium will be under my rule!" We have been informed of this by Muhammad* too. He told us that Jesus* will be on this earth for another 50 years. The time now until the year 2000 is a preparation for everyone to be woken up, for them to understand that the next millennium will belong to Jesus Christ*. He is informing us to pass this message on everywhere.

None of the rubbish of this century, all these 'isms', first of all democracy, will be thrown away. Kings will come back. Many kings are ready in their countries, but their tongues and hands are tied. They are not allowed to speak. They have been imprisoned, but they will be freed by the Royal Kingdom of Jesus Christ*. This is why a new group is evolving until the coming of Jesus Christ*. He has asked them to be called the 'Legion of the Royal Kingdom of Jesus on earth'. He wants every real believer of Muslims and Christians to be servants of his Royal Kingdom, because it will be the Kingdom of Heavens on earth.

This is a very, very important message. Spread it from east to west to every nation. His power is descending now. The powers of evil and of the devils will decrease until it reaches zero. It is a countdown. Be alert, the seeds of goodness are increasing. This is haqq. Evil will disappear. Up to the year 2040 and then 2050 Jesus Christ* will be here and rule his Heavenly Kingdom according to His Heavenly Commands. He will clean everything on earth. Mehdi alehi salam will be with him for 7 years. Then he will pass on to Heavens. Jesus Christ* will pray the funeral prayer for him in Jerusalem.

Jesus Christ* will give the hidden powers of Heavens and of the Holy Quran to the people and spirituality will increase. People will be spiritual beings. Just like they are now mostly physical, they will be transformed 100% into spiritual beings. Luckiest are those who will be part of that time. Jesus Christ* will share his spirituality with all nations. Everyone will have miraculous powers.

Technology will be killed. The Anti Christ depends fully on technology with the aim of taking away all spirituality. That is why technology has to be stopped first. When that has been taken away, spirituality will appear. Now no-one can imagine the power of spirituality in comparison to technology. No-one will be interested in any technology! It will be put into the dustbin. Within one night all parts of technology will be collected by the jinn, put into a great sack and thrown out into space onto the heads of Gog and Magog! They will as usual expect it to be something to eat, because that is all they want. When they see the computers, TVs, fridges, washing machines, planes, cars and all that, even they will throw it away. They will be so upset by such a silly present, that they will want to come out of their prison to eat us raw. This is what is approaching. The whole world will be changed completely. Prepare yourselves! Don't waste your life!

I do not want to cheat you. I have been ordered to tell the truth. We are Haqqanis. If someone is happy with that, I am also happy. If someone is unhappy, we can put a saddle on him... The people of the 20th century are so pleased when satan takes them for a ride. May Allah forgive us and bless you!


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