The Enemies of Shaytan

Not to another community, but to the community of hearts comes mercy. Where the hearts
gather, for them is mercy opening and Janab Allah's mighty Hand will be with them. The ones
who physically gather but whose hearts are at different places are not counted as a community.
This gathering, InshaAllah is a blessed gathering, because Ilahi Anta Maqsudi, Our aim is Janab
al Haqq. I don't think somebody will come here for dunya. What to do, what to do? Dunya is
outside. That's why this gathering is a gathering where the hearts meet for Allah and it's a
gathering beloved by Allah; a community beloved by Allah.

Satan came the gathering, to the door, of the most famous Prophet alaihi s-salatu wa s-sallam,
knocking at the door where they were gathering. Prophet, alaihis salatu was sallam, said: Ya
Abdullah who is at the door? Pleased look. One of the Sahaba al qiram stood up and checked the
door. When he came back in, his face did not have a pleasant expression. His face's expression
was unpleasant. Who is at the door said the Prophet, alaihi s-salatu wa s-sallam. At the door was
something with a very weird, disgusting appearance. He asked permission to enter. On here it
has seven hairs, here on its chin, like the beards of the wahhabi's. Right here, yes. Its teeth,
mouth like this. If somebody looks at its face he gets nauseated. That's satan.

Let it come inside, said our Master alaihi s-salatu wa s-sallam. It entered, visiting the human
community, this dog, far from the Divine Presence. It came, putting its tail between its legs,
cowardly, scared. Like that it came to the gathering and greeted them. Our Master alaihi s-salatu
wa s-salam said: Salam is for us, you are out of it. Because if a prophet greets satan, his
prophecy would be taken from him. If a Wali greeted satan, his Waliya would be taken from
him. If a Mu'min greeted satan, his iman would be taken from him. That's why he said: Salam is
for us. He can’t respond with "Wa alaikumu s-salam." This Salam belongs to us, stays with us; its
not for you. All right are you coming here without knowing that I am the sinless Prophet and
those in my gathering have also been given this same innocence? What is your affair with us?
What have you got to do with me and my community?

In reality, we are the Ummah of Muhammad. In reality satan should have nothing to do with us.
Mu'min's - Believers, take care. That is our honor. If we were going to barter with satan where
would our honour be then? Why did Islam go down from the highest station to the lowest?
Muslims barter with satan. Our bartering and dealing with satan has increased. We are listening
to satan a lot but we don't listen to Allah and the Prophet. So you have nothing to do with me
nor with those who are with me. What have you got to do at this gathering? Why did you come?
The real Ummah should be like that, stop dealing with satan.

Once in Cyprus, before we seized it, we had a lot of business with the Greeks, and after a while
we were ordered to stop all business with the Greeks. That was an example. So don't barter with
the Greeks. Why? Because the Greeks were our enemy. Why do we do business with satan? Is
satan our friend? Naudhu biLlah. We take refuge in Allah from friendship with satan. And the
Prophet asked: Why are you here? I am the sinless Prophet and those in my gathering, my
companions, are also innocent - while they are at his gathering. So why did you come? You don't
have the power to inflame someone from this community. As you don't have this power, why did
you come?

Satan said: O Muhammad (sws) - it doesn't say 'Rasulullah' - if it said, it would finish. It also
doesn't say O Rasulullah. It said: Ya Muhammad. I did not come for my own pleasure. The
Prophet said: I know your innocence and I also know the status of this community but it said: I
came by order, by a tremendous order. Janab al Haqq sent such a powerful order with the
angels. It used to be Azazil to whom Janab al Haqq was giving orders personally. After it got
disobedient & was expelled, its orders are brought by angels. An angel came with an order and
said: Quickly go to My most Beloved (sws) where he is gathering in one of his companion's house.
Go to his gathering. The questions he is going to ask you, answer them correctly. If you answer
falsely, I will ruin you. I will burn you for the second time with no possibility of return.

It said: I was not scared to perish but, but my fear is that your Ummah would be safe from my
evil that's why I came quickly, it said. Look at the dirtiness of this thing. I don't have any rush to
go from death to nonexistence but when I'm dead, your Ummah will directly go to Heaven. My
aim is to take them all to hell. That's why I came quickly, it said. I came by order. What are your
questions? I'm also ready to give the right answers. The Prophet asked very important questions.
Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi's booklet deals with this matter. The respectable scholars know this.

He said: All right, so who is your biggest enemy? It said: You are O Muhammad. You O
Muhammad. Secondly who, he asked. It said: those who follow your way at a young age, this
youth. It has a lot of hatred for them. We are not in a condition to jump, bounce; it is hopeless
for us. But the youngsters, before we make like this, they are in the air. As they are like this, sir. It
(satan) doesn't come after me, it comes after you. "That's why after you, my biggest enemies are
those who follow the religion, the faith, the Way of Allah. These youngsters are my biggest
enemy." That's why, InshaAllah all of these youngsters on the Doomsday will be standing beside
the Prophet (sws), without doubt. This is the kindness and favor of Allah for you without doubt.
In the most difficult times, to be brought to the truth is Allah's biggest favor for you. Yes. And
especially in this time. On Doomsday, they will have this honour.

Who are the third? Sultan's who rule with justice and their regent rulers, they are the third level
of my biggest enemies. Because if a ruler tends to oppress. For example; they shoot from here a
rocket. We have here respectful disciples they all study some kind of Mathematics. If you make a
mistake of 1 millimeter, how many kilometers it will go wrong above. If the ruler commits
oppression even the tiniest bit this would open in the country many doors of tyranny. That's why
if they do even the tiniest bit of oppression, gets unjust it starts unrest in the country. That's why
a ruler who keeps justice, keeps the balance and proportion of justice is my third biggest enemy.

What is your forth kind of enemy, asked the Prophet, alaihis salatu was salam. Faithfull
merchants, true traders, the traders who weigh rightly; traders who don't cheat, traders who don't
use interest, traders who have mercy for the poor. They are not opportunist, they don't use
interest rates. They weigh correctly with the scales. They are Faithful; At-tajiru s-sadiq, those
who are true. Always true traders are also my enemies. Because if you do wrong with the scales, it
will be haram. If it is mixed with haram, it leads to mischief. Where the people eat haram, there
mischief will spread. What is the reason for mischief? It is when haram mixes with everything.
This is the forth kind, it (satan) said. It counted those four.

Why you don't let my Ummah Pray? It said: O Muhammad (sas), when your Ummah stands for
prayer, just as when you pour fire over lead and it melts? Like that I'm melting. That's why I
don't want them to pray. So, why do you prevent them to do charity and goodness; from giving
Zakat, doing charity, doing goodness? It said: O Muhammad (sws), whenever they put their
hands in their pockets to make charity it's like they put a saw on my head and cut me into two
pieces. Such a pain it is. Therefore from giving charity, I try to stop them as much as I can. I
struggle that this pain won't reach to me. In short, like this, like this, etc. with other questions it
gave the answers, and after, left the gathering.

What we want to say, is good tidings for our youth. To possess oneself while he is young, to be
with Allah while you are young, is there anything greater? One of the great WaliAllah; known by
the respectable Sheikhs, we are telling this as a reminder. Janab al Haqq doesn't like somebody
who is scowling, doesn't like sour faced people. Therefore we should be content. It's not good to
stress. He is a great person, from the Ahl Allah. One Juma', he came up to give the Khutbah.
Because he was coming for the Khutbah, all of the scholars in Fatih prepared and came to hear
this person's Khutbah talk. He came up to give the Khutba - Take notice Hajji Bahauddin
Effendi. In the khutbah he said: O folk, O Muslims, O Mu'mins; don't be afraid. The scholars
are listening carefully. Don't be scared of the Judgment Day. There won't be too much
questioning. Janab ul Haqq will ask you one question.

In front of him all scholars: There are thousands of questions. How is Sheikh Effendi saying this,
if it's one question, it's easy. We will get through this, somehow. Do you know what this question
is? Janab ul Haqq will say: O My servant when you were in Dunya, I was with you, who were
you with? There's no other question. If you answered it you passed, you're saved. If you didn't,
look out for your judgment. They don't value a single question. This is the first. O My servant I
was with you. "Wa huwa ma'akum aina ma kuntum" (57:4) is not? "Wa huwa ma'akum aina ma
kuntum." (57:4) And He is with you wherever you may be. Does Allah leave us? Tell the truth,
you are with whom? Well, look at the file of My servant. How much time was he with Me in
Dunya? We couldn't be with Allah even in prayer, how can we be with Allah outside of prayer?
This is a very important issue. Ok. Look. How much time has My servant been with Me?

They will call us: Shame on you! You were with whom? Without being with Allah you were with
whom in the world? Allah Allah! What we are going to do Mahmud? You also drink tea. While
drinking tea be with Allah. While eating a meal be with Allah. While lying down be with Allah.
While getting up be with Allah. At prayer be with Allah. At wudu be with Allah. In every
condition be with Allah. Yavuz Sultan Selim, may his place be heavens, when death came his
courtier Hasan Jan looked and saw the situation. He said to the Sultan 'Now it is time to be with
Allah.' If Sultan had been feeling good, he would have had his head cut. Oh! my lala (high ranking
man servant), you knew us to be with whom? Look at the power of his speech, Mashallah. All right,
O my lala, till now you knew us to be with whom? These are big words. It suits with such Sultan's.

We are insulting them, the Sultan's, shame on those who insult them. That's why Rasulullah said:
Those who will come later to this Ummah will curse the ones who came before. May Allah save
us from being like them. He said: Now it is the time to be with Allah(swt). He was unaware while
saying this. Oh my lala until now you knew us to be with whom? He is the one who received the
sacred relics, the keys of Mecca and Medina. He is the first Sultan who wore the dress of the
Caliphate, the crown of the Prophet, the sword of the Prophet. For 423 years, my effendi, at the
place where the sacred relics are kept, the Quran has been recited continuously in 24 hours with
24 hafiz. There was honour and glory with these people. The great powers. Today they say
Super Powers. The Ottoman empire was known till Sultan Abdul Hamid left his throne, as the
top of the great powers, the biggest state. The Ottoman was being written where you are
counted. Now know this also.

Therefore, Let's be with Allah. Let's be with Allah. InshaAllah we are with Allah.


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