Maulana Sheikh NazimAn Enlightened, Spiritually Powered 21st Century

Treasures are usually not found in beautiful buildings, they are hidden in old ruins. No-one ever finds anything valuable in skyscrapers, but if they dig in old ruins they will find it there. This here is a very humble place, but the people inside are like treasures. While I was praying, the inspiration came to me to speak to you about the symbol of the tree. A tree cannot be bad, only the conditions around the tree makes it bad. A tree never intends to produce a bad fruit. A tree tries to give good fruit to people, but sometimes the fruit will be bad because something came to the tree when it was in blossom. Maybe it was an insect which caused the fruit to turn bad.

Within their structure, mankind has the potential of being perfect. Just like a tree has perfection, everyone has that same capability. He who created man, created him to be perfect. Children are not bad from the beginning, but as they grow, their bad characteristics start forming. Some people keep the goodness in them, others lose it because they are affected by all the evil which surround them. No-one is created bad, but the circumstances and conditions will make people to be good or bad. Like mushrooms: some of them are poisonous, others you can eat. The poisonous grow in areas in which there is poison, like snakes or insects. Other areas are clean, there you can take the mushrooms, eat them and enjoy them.

London is a huge city. Do you think that it is clean everywhere for youngsters, or that there are poisoned areas? No-one can claim that this, or other cities, are 100% clean. This is why most people are poisoned, it is the circumstances in which they are living.

Drugs are being offered to our young children. Who is protecting them? Even if you put 10 healers to cure those people, it will not help. It is the biggest problem. People are so proud of living in the 20th century and they claim that they have a great civilisation. In which way have those young people deserved to be poisoned like that? They are clean, but this is making them dirty. They are healthy, but this will poison them. Why doesn't the government catch those devils?

These are very terrible and horrible conditions. Is it under these circumstances that we are preparing for the coming of the 21st century? With drug dealers and drug addicts? What kind of century is that going to be? Where are your professors? Where are your doctors? Where are your statesmen? Where are your philosophers? Where are your psychiatrists? Where are your healers? Who can save these people?

There is no control over people. Are you happy with this situation? You send your children to school and there they are being tricked into taking drugs, sometimes they are even forced to do so. Every time when satanic powers are in charge like that, the holy powers remain silent, because people do not ask for them to help. If you do not ask for help, they are not permitted to help you. Whenever these things happen, people go to doctors or to psychiatrists or to this or to that. But then it is always too late and they cannot be helped. If you do not use Holy Power, if you do not call Holy People to help you, it is impossible for anyone to help you. No-one can help you; no psychiatrists, doctors, teachers, masters or armies... they cannot do anything. The only way for youngsters to be saved, is for them to look for holy powers.

Until today I have not met anyone in that position coming and asking for the horrible and terrible current to stop. They always only run after psychiatrists and if those psychiatrists cannot protect themselves properly, they will get the same problems themselves. Because the physical power will not be enough to protect him. If he doesn't have connection to the spiritual world, the disease will transfer to him. That is why I have always given the advice to psychiatrists never to see more than 7 patients a day, although 3 is the better number. Also it is best not to be a psychiatrist for more than 7 years, and again, it is better to make a break after 3 years. If he is not protected by spiritual power he will get infected in a way that no-one will be able to heal him. It is terrible.

You must try to join your powers with each other. Don't be alone. We know through traditional knowledge, that if a person is alone he will not be able to reach Holy Power, but if 40 persons join, they will reach it. Holy Power is more important than all of technology. It can move it back. It is like 40 taps. If each one runs by itself, it will never even make a mill stone turn, 40 will. So these good people who want to help and heal people must be at least 40 all together then their power will be joined by a Heavenly Power. Heavenly Power means, the power of a Holy Person. Men or women, but it has to be 40. If they move all together, their spiritual power will be able to help people.

I am happy to see good clean faces here. You are young people. This means that there is a new opening, a new horizon will open. Sometimes there are clouds that cover the horizon, but then after a while they will rise and you will have the sweet view of sunshine. Usually this happens when the sun is setting. You will get very good feelings when you look at that. It is an opening. When I am looking at you, I see such an opening, such an horizon for mankind in the 21st century. We hope that we will reach that new horizon and that it will be enlightened and brightened. This dark, dark century will be left behind and we hope to reach that enlightened century.


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