Maulana Sheikh NazimEverlasting Peace is in your Heart

All praises belong to the One Who supports True Ones. One of the greatest attributes of Allah the Almighty is that He only supports trustworthy and true ones. Satan also supports, but he supports the dirty, untrustworthy and dishonest ones. You must know, that if you obey Allah in your actions, He will support you.

So many people come to me and complain about their situation. I can see that they are not getting any Divine Support. If He supports you, things will go smoothly. Anyone who complains must look once more at their habits. They must take a close look at their relationship to their Lord. Like a driver has to look at the engine of his car when it is not functioning properly anymore. When the car stops, there must be something wrong with the engine. It needs a check-up. If you do not find the mistake, it will not move. People need to check-up their spiritual beings. They need to see how their relationship with their Creator is. You must find out what is wrong and repair it. In this way Divine Support will come to you.

I am praising Allah the Almighty for supporting His true servants and never letting them down. He supports His trustworthy servants because they are inheritors of His prophets. They are always in Divine Service. If anyone wants to improve their situation they must make their Divine Service the priority of their daily lives. This will give you a best relationship with Allah. As long as you put this worldly life first, you are not considered to be true and trustworthy.

It is the most important teaching for mankind. Without that responsibility no one can be respected. In a kingdom, or in an empire, the King and Queen have the highest respect, but they also have the greatest responsibility here and in the hereafter. Whoever has a responsibility will be asked by their Lord how they used it. Governments have much more responsibility than what they are doing today. They think that they only have to organise the economy and take the right tax. That is their main concern. They ask for human rights, but they never think about the rights of the Lord.

We are trying to change the minds of people. We need to make a U-turn, because we are heading towards the most dangerous direction. If we don't turn back, mankind will be destroyed. The day can come when there will be no more London or Paris or any western or oriental civilisation at all. The day can come when everything on this earth will be destroyed and the only remainder will be a laughing satan with his laughing devils.

Governments could make laws for people to obey. With their authority they could stop evil quickly. But they are not using it which is why Allah the Almighty will punish them. We cannot do anything for our children to save them from the hands of devils as along as we are not supported by the governments. They say that we have to be free. What foolishness is that? In which religion has Allah the Almighty told us to be free? They are under the control of devils and it will destroy them.

The first thing a government must do is Divine Service. Every department of the government must pray and give their highest respect to Allah before anything else. If not, there will be no blessings coming on earth from any direction.

People want to have peace through material aspects. But don't think that richness will bring peace to you. Don't think that jewels will bring you peace. Don't think that beauty or youth will give you peace. One day all that will be gone. The love for anything material will never give you satisfaction, enjoyment, peace or contentment. This you must know. You must ask for valuable aspects from the spiritual world which can never be taken away from you. If you want to have a happy life, feed your spirituality, feed your souls.


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