Maulana Sheikh NazimEvery acting for the honour of Rasulullah

Every acting for the honour of Rasulullah sws…and to give honour to Rasulullah sws the way to give honour for holy commands of Heavens. Holy commands of heavens that is holy commands of Allah Almighty, the Lord of Heavens.

Now we are sitting in a holy meeting, it is not a lecture hall or it is not a class room through university or through schools, but it is a humble place for common people and we are not claiming anything except to say that I am on first level of people that they are most simple people, most simple people are most humble people. And it is easy for me to sit with common people and with simple people and humbler people. And by a good fortune that the Lord of Heavens He sent to our meeting from America one of his servants with some questions. I hope that it is a good sign for awakening to be sent from a famous university in US up to lowest level of a group of people, and he is bringing some questions to ask.

And we are knowing through traditional books that Allah Almighty, the Creator, is giving is wisdoms as He likes. There is not a condition that forcing the Lord of heavens to give His wisdoms, if a person has such and such a condition. No. He may give from His wisdom to an uneducated person. He may grant from His wisdom to a simple pheasant. He may grant from His divinely wisdoms to an old person or to a woman, or to an unknown person, and it is from Prophet's teachings, that their teachings belong to Heavens, if a person asking to know from wisdoms, the Lord of Heavens may give to anyone from His wisdoms and He may speak to that person, may give to him some wisdoms.

Therefore Mr. Daniel coming from… which university? Johnson university?… John is happy? Happy University?… (John Hopkins University) …Doesn't matter, that is important university… I am making this important that he should be happy also Mr. Daniel… coming in famous suit… and my ego also very happy, that… Eh, we shall look… Now he is bringing so many questions, I am not claiming that I can answer or not… It is something belongs to our headquarters of spiritual world, if they are granting answers and they hope it should be beneficial for people, should give some answers according to our understanding level… Now we are saying Bismllahi Rahmani Rahim… He may ask now, what he prepared. You prepared these questions or university prepared?… Professor Daniel he prepared… Bismillah!

How has been a religious leader affecting your life, your relationship with God and your ability to…(?) ?

This is a question that up today no one asking me, and it is a good question, that university people they are radical people and they are searching the roots, not looking what is appearing on earth or on branches, but they are interesting to know about root, about body, that these branches taking what is necessary for them. Yes, if a person claiming to be from spiritual world member, his way, his line must reach to the lines of Prophets, who they are belonging to Heavens. Whole prophets, because prophecy means a connection from earth to Heavens, or from Heavens to earth. If a person claiming that I am a prophet, if a person claiming prophecy he must bring his proof that he is in connection from Heavens. Therefore anytime one prophet coming or a prophet had been sent to his nation, his nation first of all asking who are you? And he is saying: I am prophet, I am coming from divinely Presence of the Lord of Heavens. And people, his nation asking: What is your proof. And he is saying: I have proofs that signing to you that I am belonging… I am in connection with spiritual world or I am in connection with Heavens. And they are asking: Do this that whole prophets just brought some miracles, miracles are proofs of prophecy for a person. Without bringing a miracle we are saying No, you are like ourselves, you are not in connection with Heavens, because heavenly people can do something with their spiritual power, bringing miracles. If you can do this for us, we are believing that you have been sent by the Lord of Heavens.

Therefore everyone from prophets have lines through their nations as through Children of Israel, they have 12 tribes. One tribe only are from that line coming prophets, not form others. From other coming kings or someone else, but prophecy was only one line through 12 tribes, not another tribes. Just they have been granted and chosen fir that purpose to be in connection with Heavens. And whom reaching to those people taking also from the lights of Heavens, and we also now, we are living in 21st Century, yet the lines of prophets with their lights running through people, but just it is covered. Covered, that lights covered, as this wires, they have lights but if not putting this lamp, you can't see. But it has wires, carrying that power. If you are not putting lamp, not giving lights. If you are not putting a machine, engine, you can't see that it has such a power, and if you are not carrying any lamp or any engine, motor, we may say Try it. If you say it is ordinary wire, I am saying Catch it! You are saying tis and this same. No it is not same, Catch it, then you can know, Therefore every time who claiming that they have a connection from Heavens they are real ones for being in connection with Heavens, they are not claiming something without a proof. Now anyone if you are asking what is your way, that you are claiming a connection, we are saying: Just I am reaching to my Sheikh, and my Sheikh reaching to his Sheikh, and from me up to the Seal of Prophets, last prophet there is 40 Saints that all of them are Saints and Sufi-Masters, reaching to Sayidinna Muhammad sws, and from him, Bismllahi Rahmani Rahim., from Prophet: Nabi, Siddiq… (reciting the whole chain of Naqshbandi Grandsheikhs up to) Sayidi wa Maulayi Sultan-ul-Awliya Sheikh Abdullah ad Daghestani… 39 persons reaching to me, I am 40. That is… without cutting coming this line. Therefore my way, as I said to you, spiritual connection through these famous people all of them, coming up to me and I am their servant, nothing else, they are kings, I am servant, because servant is enough for these people, no need kings, If kings coming… must be so many kings...

What does your daily regiment consist of and how do you incorporate discipline in your life?

When I married?… I was 3o years old… Tell him to speak English… Which language he is speaking…

What is your daily practice…?

What mankind eating, I am eating…what you are asking once again? Religious diet belongs to Mufti, I am Tariqat person… that is for Mufti, for what you are asking about Shariat, about the rules of Islam, it is well known by scholars, and top of scholars there is Mufti, we are saying, he knows well. But my branch is Tariqat, the ways leading to Heavens. I know this. Schariat preparing people, as if someones going to be sent through rockets, to space, these people prepared, but to send them and to look after them if they are okay, there is someone looking for that. If he is saying okay, come in, then they may go up. Schariat: heavenly rules, preparing people for the ways of Heavens. I am looking: prepared? Ready? Then we may send. As inspector in train station- if ticket, going. Ticket cut? Get in, get in. They may go… Understanding my English? Shakespeare English is not like your English…

How do you comfort a person who is suffering?

Now mostly their illnesses belong to mental house, they need mental house. 21st century people one after one everyone needs to come to me, because I am international mental house director, I must look, if he is okay, or she is okay, then I can deal with them according to their degrees of craziness… because so many kind craziness… 7o kind craziness… You heard about it? There is 7o kind at least craziness, you understand? I know 7o kinds… who coming, just I am looking… Now in our days… before it was 7o, in our days becoming 7oo kind so craziness, but I am bringing them in the roots, that growing up as branches of craziness, and we try to make, to bring them to their real sizes, because people now all of them getting out of their real sizes. There is a kind of craziness, that everyone looking and seeing himself as big as this world. Like balloon. I am making this opening… taking them out… This balloon coming, coming, coming… when coming in its real size, finished. But it is very bad illness from craziness. Everyone asking to be a big one, everyone asking to be Nr 1, to be one Nimrod, everyone saying that: I am the Lord. Therefore that is my order: if coming and seeing himself like giant, I am making every day… making him smaller, smaller, smaller, that is my duty, bringing people to their real sizes. And this craziness giving endless troubles for mankind.

What do you say to someone who is sick, who is a mourner, to comfort them?

It is according to their craziness. I am looking, and we have… we are not like doctors to make like this… open tour mouth... No, I am looking, and I am knowing and understanding on which level his craziness. Then little by little, step by step we are keeping out treatment on them... here coming so many learned people coming to me, nut when they are coming they must be as an ordinary person, on first level. He can't be able to raise his head up when I am here. When they are surrendering we may do our treatment on him, on her… finished… And it is 40 days enough for them, bringing them to their real sizes. 4o days it is enough.

Throughout your life, whom have you particularly admired and what have you particularly admired about them?

My teacher… if my teacher not in existence, if he is not with me always, I am nothing, I am in existence with him, and my power running to me through himself. So many taps, but every tap reaches to some springs or water centres, everyone taking their water from different places, and also I am taking my spiritual power or ability or capacity form my Grandsheikh, I am on his line.

What is the greatest spiritual adversity in your life and how did you respond to it? What was the greatest challenge in your life?

The most difficult thing with my ego. And most difficult hindrance in front of mankind their egos. Ego never asking that it is in need for improvement, always claiming that I am perfect and they are not perfect. Therefore from beginning up to end you must fight to your ego, to surrender, to accept that he is not in perfection, but perfection is with our souls. Man's perfection is not according to their egos, because egos belong to animals world, belong to earth, and perfection of mankind is through their souls, and that souls belong to Heavens. But always our ego coming in front of our soul and saying: I am in perfection. Why you are in perfection? What is your perfection? To carry heavy things up, that is perfection? To run- that is perfection? To jump- that is perfection? To swim- that is perfection? To kill people- that is perfection? To eat too much, to drink too much, to ride on women too much- that is perfection? No, that is not perfection. But ego always saying: Oh, champion, carrying, wrestling or boxing… they are thinking. That all belongs to egos! What is that? That is perfection for man? But people run after such foolishness. It is not perfection. They are making perfection… perfection, real perfection for souls, and they run after the special… descriptions (qualities?) that belong to animals. Making Olympiads! What is Olympia, for what this? People going to be foolish now, crazy, 21st century people, running from one Olympia to another Olympia. What is that? That is perfection, giving medals… making like this, clapping hands… what is that foolishness? People lost real perfection that belongs to mankind that belongs through their souls, they run after egos, ego always coming and saying: I am perfect one. For what? Because I may run 1oo metres through… New record… Champion… this is foolish… what is that foolishness. How people going to be in peace through that foolishness. Peace needs perfection. Peace coming from perfection and people running another way. Therefore- biggest hindrance in front of people their egos. Egos always fighting to souls. Souls asking to go up, egos asking to come down… It is clear for you, you are understanding?

What holy text of prayer holds the greatest spiritual meaning for you?

As I said to him, we are trying to bring people to the ways of Heavens. And our real target is to save people from the hands of ego. Egos example (symbol) is octopus… You know octopus? In sea… so many hands… if catching like this, it is impossible to save someone that catching it, if you are not cutting everything, you can't save, and ego like octopus covering them, finished. If no one from outside helping them, they are finishing. Octopus eating them and our egos in such a way terrible, horrible.(Reading all chapters)… because we have Holy book, 3o chapters, and every chapter giving such a power for saving people from hands of octopus of their egos. Therefore we are using 3o chapters, every 3o days once again, once again, once again…

What is the purpose of human existence, the goal of human life?

You may ask to Creator. You may ask who created man. You can ask? Your ego should say: The purpose for creation is to enjoy myself by eating, drinking, by Olympics, with everything- that is purpose of creation. What about your soul? No soul, I am here? When I am here, you can't speak about soul. When I should speak? I don't know… You understand?

What are the practical components of a holy life?

The real life is with our souls. Egos going to finish and vanish by death, and our souls never vanishing and finishing. Therefore a happy life, eternal life, eternity for our souls, not our physical being. Therefore- people must run to their eternal lives, but biggest hindrance in front of them ego, because with ego never reaching to eternity.

What makes a holy life?

To save yourself from hands of ego. When you are save from ego and its hand, you are going to reach holy life. Holy life only through Heavens, not on earth, Therefore holy people in Heavens, other people on earth.

What is the central message of Islam to Muslims and to others?

As I said. We are not making a difference among mankind. All of them carry a body with ego and soul, and even coming hundreds and thousands of prophets, they only asking to save people from hand of octopus of ego, and to make them free to arise to Heavens, to eternity, for their eternal station. Therefore- no difference between prophecy and prophets. Everyone's real target is to save people from hand of their egos, but people always facing them with badness, and saying: We are not making this, we are happy with our ego, our physical desires, we are happy. Why you call us to another way? Non-Muslims, Muslims- everyone on same creation. Non-Muslims have ego, Muslims have ego, Non-Muslim have soul, Muslims have soul. Everyone that makes their soul free just reached to their real target or titles never giving any authority to people, if not trying to save themselves. Therefore we are not fighting to Non-Muslims, we are fighting to egos that prevent mankind to reach to their heavenly stations, or eternal life base. No. We are not enemy to anyone, no, Our enemy, common enemy our egos. Why I am fighting to you? For what? It is foolishness, but I am asking to save you from hands of your ego to find your way to eternal life.

Is there an essential virtue, positive qualities upon all others necessarily depend?

Everything going to be bad and worse, if you are going with your ego. You must take it away, then, because egos poisoning our lives. If not taking your ego away, your life here and hereafter going to be poisoned. Therefore most important is fighting to our ego, to take it away and to be able to do as your soul asking.

How do you fight your own ego?

That is just heavenly teachings, you can't learn through universities. No. Universities only feeding our ego, giving titles- doctor, magister, professor…this and that, these titles only feeding our egos, making them to be more and more big size. We are asking to make their size down, down, down… until here…

What are you certain of in this world?

The Creator never changed, and Heavens never changed… that (which) belongs to the Creator, nothing changed, and everything now day by day, after hour, after every hour, it is changing. Only unchanged is realities, beyond realities everything going to change. Sea is same sea, but waves making it to be changed always its surface, but oceans as it is. No change. But surface you must look, winds changing every time, but ocean, its reality, sabit, fixed, certainty.

You are happy with answers? You may do a book, If anyone saying on it any objection, I am here… Welcome to you, good luck also to you to find a good lady, beautiful… You understand or sitting like monkeys?… Now you are going around to ask so many people these things?

Leaders of many religious communities

You may ask anyone- that is real balance, we are giving to you- to find if it is true or not. You may compare it, you are never going to fail, no. Use this metre, balance, measure, it is enough for you, don't worry… How old are you?


I am thinking you are 15 years old… You know him (Sheikh Hisham)? He is from headquarters people. I am nothing, but he is something… Thank you… Allah Almighty sending you to me to say something that before I am not speaking of.

Lefke - 23.05.2002

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