Maulana Sheikh Nazim Every action we must begin by the Name of Allah

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, ya Sayyidi wa Maulayi… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. By the Name of Allah we must begin - for every action, for every function, for every effort, for every work. (It) must be for Him! You must not work for yourself! When you are working for yourself, you are not going to be His servants! You have been created for His Almighty’s service, nothing else! Therefore it is most important point to know what you are doing and for whom you are doing. Or, you must think on it: for whom you are living, (and) for what or for whom you are working!

But ignorance (is) just covering whole mankind. They are wasting their precious and valuable works, their valuable existence; you are wasting (it)! Everyone must know for whom he is working or for what he is working. This is an important question (that you must ask yourself): “For whom I am working? For whom I am living?” Everyone must know and learn (this).

But this time is a strange time and people are drunk ones! A drunk person (is) never thinking, (he) can’t think! A drunk person lost his mind, he lost his mentality, he lost himself, that (knowledge of) “Why I am in existence” and “Why I am running to do something? For what?” And everyone (is) knowing that he is going to die, to pass away. If that is so clear, (there is really) no need to teach people that there is death and everyone is going to die. No need a teaching, because they are every day looking and seeing (and) hearing (about) someone’s death. Sometimes one person, sometimes hundred persons, sometimes hundreds of people, sometimes thousands of people are passing away, (and) sometimes (even) millions of people are dying, that means: disappearing, finished. They are finished. No more they are going to be seen among their families, through their homes, through their people, through their nations- no more they are going to be seen. One or ten or hundreds or thousands (are) disappearing; they were with ourselves yesterday and today millions of people just disappeared. A drunk person is never thinking (about this). A drunk person can’t think, because he lost his mind.

He lost also his balance. Therefore a drunk person on the name of pleasure (is) making himself no more thinking, no more knowing anything. Perhaps when they are drunk they never think or know (about the) problems for themselves, for their lives, or (they) can’t be able to think about whole nations or worldwide problems of mankind. (He) can’t think on it, because he lost his mind. Not knowing. Perhaps only (he) may shout like cocks; when he is getting drunk, (he is) beginning to sound like cocks or to bark like dogs or to kick like horses or to bite like donkeys or to make on himself… dirtying himself like jackals… making himself thorough a field of dirtiness like pigs, rolling on it and thinking that he is so happy and he thinks that he reached a pleasure.

That person just left his human attributes that (are) giving mankind honour; by using wines and drinks (he is) leaving (the) good attributes for mankind, good attributes that (are) making people on the level of humanity. They are thinking: “Oh, we reached to (the) top level of our pleasure and (the) top level for our happiness.” That is their mentality, when they are going to be drunk ones. That means: who is using drinks, he is making himself to fall down on the level of different kinds of animals and he is happy to be through that zoo-garden people- every kind of animals are living there. And that person by his will is making himself (to become like that); by drinking drinks and becoming drunk they are thinking that they reached the top point of pleasure.

Pleasure is something that can be tasted through a perfect mind person (only)! If a person lost that perfection, how he can be able to say: “I enjoyed”? (He) never enjoyed, because enjoyment is something that can be tasted through our minds and mentalities! How a person that is drunk and who is loosing his mentality, who lost that balance of his acting, loosing everything that he was knowing before and becoming an empty head person, (is coming) to say: “I reached the top point of pleasure through my life by using drinks”? That is (an) ignorant one and he is falling through (the) darkness of ignorance.

We are coming to this direction, because 21st century’s people are thinking wrong, their ways are wrong, their moving direction is wrong, (and) therefore we are speaking on that important point to prevent people to move on wrong directions. To know what is (the) true direction, what is (the) right direction and what is the real pleasure (of) to be in life, to be from mankind, not to be from animals world- to know this. We are moving on that direction, because people are drunk now and drunk ones can’t know anything. Therefore to use drinks that are taking away the minds of mankind and (that are) destroying their good wills, making them to forget their mentalities or to use their mentality that is forbidden through all Prophets.

(But always those) people, whom they are running after their egoistic or physical desires that are represented through their egos, they are fighting against the Rules that just have been put in front of them from Heavens. They are wholly denying (all) the Rules that are preventing them to follow their egos, because anyone who is following his ego is never reaching to the right point of their lives. They can’t enjoy here or Hereafter. Islam is saying (this).

People are fearing from the name of Islam and it is five letters: i, s, l, a, m. Five letters are threatening Shaitan and his followers! They are trembling when they are hearing ‘Islam’; even they can’t be able to hear the name of Islam, because Islam is the biggest hindrance against these people not to fall into Hells here and Hereafter, saying: ”(This is the) wrong way! Stop and get back!” They are never happy with Islam. And Islam is never harming them. Do you think that Islam harmed anyone except dragons?

Islam is only against Shaitan and his representatives,
Islam is only against wrong way followers,
Islam is only against shaitanic teachings,
Islam is only against bad works,
Islam is only against cruelty,
Islam is only against ignorance,
Islam is only against bad actings,
Islam is only against adultery,
Islam is only against bad actings that carry people to fall in endless trouble oceans, endless suffering oceans, and that are asking to prevent mankind to be in safety by Islam.

But I am sorry to say that so many hundreds and thousands of scientists or academic people or thousands of doctors- that they are claiming to be doctors of religion- I am sorry to say that even those people are against I, s, l, a, m. Why ? What Islam brought to mankind? Where Islam failed? 15 centuries- where Islam failed? Which Rule of Islam is against humanity? But beyond Islam everything is against humanity! But they are following Shaitan and they are trembling when they are hearing the name of Islam.

Don’t fear (from Islam), (but) you must fear from Shaitan and his followers!

Last week I was invited to a conference in Greece, Athens and so many religions people were coming and attending. They were complaining (about)- or, more than complaining, they were hopeless and they were in full fear for the future of mankind. They were giving (their speech) or addressing to attenders what they are thinking and I was listening to them. They were giving a short time also for me for addressing but I used heavy bombarding for them and one word (is) enough for them. They said like this, like that.

“I am sorry” - I was saying - “that three days I am here, (but) I never heard from religious people even (mention the name of Shaitan). Leave others- philosophers or professors or teachers or representatives of so many foundations- but I am sorry to say that even religious people they never speak (and) declare the name of Shaitan and also (that) no one is cursing him! I am sorry, because (what) you did your beliefs (is that) you arranged your beliefs according to shaitanic teachings! They are taking from your religion it’s essence and you are dealing without looking actings (acting blindly) and without (the) essence a person is going to be without soul- what benefit you can take from that body? Here even so many bishops, archbishops (are) coming and saying- why you are not accusing Shaitan? Why you are not accusing shaitanic teachings? Have you looked through your holy Books and (from there you) know that Shaitan is innocent? Or you are looking and seeing through every holy Book (that) Shaitan is cursed from Heavens? Why you are not saying? Every trouble is from Shaitan, because he is the first troublemaker and he continues and you are supporting his way, you are supporting shaitanic teachings and then you are asking a way to save people from sufferings and from violence, from wars, fightings- you are asking. (But) no, you can’t find it. You must come to what the Lord of Heavens is sending to you: that is Islam! You must say for Islam “yes”! Until you are saying for Islam “yes”, suffering can’t be ended and miseries (are) never going to be finished and violence (is) going to climb, not to come down and never (are) going to be ended wars and fightings!

But what we shall say? People are saying: “Oh, Shaitan (is) our best friend! How we are going to curse him? We reached the top of civilization through our best friend Shaitan.” And you know, you are looking now to where shaitanic teachings (are) bringing people now!

Therefore we are saying: finished. You, mankind, must learn first for whom you have been created and for whom you have been offered to do, to work, even when you are eating! That is a work and must be for a purpose. If you are walking, running, doing- (for) everything must be a purpose and beyond a purpose (there) must be a wisdom to be well known. What are you doing?

Subhanallah- Glory to Allah Almighty! One of our brother was saying to me (that) when I was shouting to bishops and archbishops and philosophers and attenders, he was seeing that scenario in TV (and) yesterday, when I was coming to the airport, he said: “Subhanallah, Glory to Allah! That night they were showing a movie in TV that (there were) people, some of them (were) with Americans, some others against Americans and they were fighting and fighting, so that no one was remaining from both sides.” And he was saying to me: “Oh Sheikh! What you said daytime, they made (it) so suitable. That movie (was) going to make a confirmation for your words.” Just that night.

Yes, what we are speaking it is not on behalf of me but it is on behalf of Saints and Prophets that Allah Almighty is ordering them to save His servant, to show them (the) true way through their lives, but people (are) running away and when they are running, they showed that movie that night. That is a wisdom from Allah Almighty also, to see that finally people are going to destroy themselves by themselves.

And that is the main target of Shaitan to destroy humanity on earth and to destroy every good thing that (was) just built for humanity. To destroy them and then not to remain even one man on earth, to be (the) earth (empty); when all nations are going to take away someones some others, going to be this world empty. (The) globe (is) going to be empty. They are asking (a) ‘global changing’, but Shaitan is unhappy (about that), (because) that global hegemony he is asking for himself. Therefore he is trying to finish mankind on earth and then to be on earth Khalifa- as he was dreaming and thinking to be- to be deputy of Allah Almighty on earth. He is trying to take away whole mankind (so that) no one (is) living on it, then he is saying: “Now we are deputies on earth! Now it is for us, this globe belongs to us! Oh, we took our revenge from mankind and mankind just finished! Oh, hip hip, hurray!” Europeans, how (they are) saying? Hip hip, hurray! Shaitan is going to say to his followers, to his descendants: “Hip hip hurray! Now (the) whole world (is) for ourselves, we are deputies! Just mankind finished!” Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim, Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim, Astaghfirullah al ‘Azim!

But Allah Almighty’s divinely Order (is) to take away everyone who is following Shaitan and shaitanic groups and (to) leave (on it) only His servants. Noah a.s., when he had been ordered to make that Arch and to put in it believers, they were only 8o or 9o people. All others just through (that) flood (were) killed. Shaitan was so happy that (over the) whole world finished mankind, but the Lord of Heavens was saying: “I am not finished! What I said that is reality and true. I am not giving to you that chance, oh Shaitan and your descendants! I said that I am giving that honour to mankind only, not to you and your descendants. You are very happy that I made a flood and killed everyone, but I am keeping as a yeast for mankind (some) living people, among 8o or 9o, (and) once (again) I am bringing back (My) deputies that they should be My Prophets’ followers and they should be (My) deputies on earth. I am not giving (the earth and that honour) to you!”

And now secondly (there is) coming another (kind of) flood that mankind is going to kill each other, killing, killing- (so that there is) only remaining a handful people, but Shaitan can’t be happy finally, because Allah Almighty (is) giving power for everything on earth for these handful people from the nation of Muhammad sws. Bad ones (are) going and Shaitan also (is) going to be retired- chained and sent away. We should be ‘warithuun’, inheritors of this world and on earth should be (put) the flag of ‘La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws’!

May Allah forgive us and bless you and we are asking to reach to those good days! Good days! By the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 11.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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