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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**I am seeing that who is present here are all coming from abroad**

Astaghfirullah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim…Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim…Destur, ya Saiydi…I am seeing that who is present here are all coming from abroad. I never see anyone from this country, no one from our country, because our people are very busy; but like some kind of bee that never makes honey, only gives harm to people…

You are free to sit with me and to hear, and who is listening may reach some benefit. Who is only hearing, doesn’t reach a perfect benefit, but to be in such a meeting even for ½ hour or one hour gives people honour, refreshment, hope, strength and enlightenment. No one sits in such a meeting and gets out without anything. This is a humble place; I don’t think you may find such a humble place in East and West. Mostly people claim something, and to claim something means, they are feeding their ego; they are not doing for Allah. And that point is very important.

You may find perhaps one hundred centres, institutes, temples or even universities, but their directors, who make advertisement and call people to come to them, claim something. Who is claiming to be something, that claim is from the ego. This is the first illness that poisons people and makes them ill. Often I am hearing or it is written in the newspaper, that people go to the hospital and the doctor orders blood. Then they give that blood to the person with an injection, which is not clean, or something is wrong with that blood, and that makes the person to be more ill, perhaps to die, because it is something unseen, and that makes the person to be more ill and to die.

What we say now is even more difficult and more dangerous. Everyone who makes advertisement, must be something that he claims: ’We are such and such people, we train people, we treat people, we teach people. And for our treatment we make a seminar. Three days= 3oo Dollars, everything in it. One week seminar= 1000 Dollars. One month 5ooo Dollars. If you like to be there more, to learn and to enjoy yourself physically, practising men and women practising= Dollars… Okay.’ So many. No control on them. They are under satanic control only, not heavenly control. There is nothing from spirituality, finished.

Therefore we are thankful to Allah Almighty; this is an unknown country here and our place is like a stable. And I am looking after some people. Every day there are so many people that come for the first time and I am surprising: ’How they are coming, and I am not writing’? Sometimes letters come to me, but I put it under the pillow. After one year I am looking: ’Ohh, this is from one year ago.’ As a summary: We are not making any advertisement, but that means that from the spiritual headquarters they sent something to their hearts to move and to come here. And I am only a servant, a simple servant that can’t claim anything. And what is a servant going to claim? Nothing.

Whom they send to me, I am welcoming. Welcome to you! They leave their work, their country and homeland and homes and come here to be given something. They are coming through a pure inspiration. This person here is chief engineer from Egypt. I send him away from the door and he comes through the window; sending from the window and he comes through the chimney. He is famous architect, first class; sitting here and his spirituality is happy to be here instead to run after this life’s and material world’s pleasures. He is not asking. He has a big office and under him were one hundred architects and engineers, but he left everything and came and now Egypt people say that he became a foolish one, madjnun, changing his mind, that he is now abnormal. But he says: ’It is my pleasure and also my honour to be here with these poor people.’

Not poor for money; everyone has what is necessary for him, but poor means that they feel that everything beyond their material never belongs to them. That is the meaning of being poor: If you sit on a peak of gold and you know that it is not belonging to you. Although they say this peak of gold belongs to you, you really know that it can’t be for you, no, because it can’t join to you. And you know: ‘Everything that is for me is only what I am carrying with me. Beyond my physical body it is not for me, even it is written on my name.’

You may be Sultan of Egypt and it is written that you are the Sultan and that all Egypt belongs to you. Who may enjoy? Only who has no mind, because it is not for you; mountains, fields, gardens, farms, rivers, homes, villages and cities can’t be for you, only on paper. Don’t be cheated. What is for you is only what you are carrying, and it is not clothes; they are not for you also. Only this body here now, and when you pass away, after three months you cannot find this body also. Finished.

It is a big foolishness of people that their aspect is to try and reach more from the material world. Cars, palaces, furniture, jewels, gold and everything around yourself is not for you. But people are cheated.

Therefore, first of all, who is going to be guides for people, they are Prophets and Saints. And the meaning of being Wali is that you can follow him safely and your heart is in satisfaction to follow him. He is not such a person that you follow him and you have a worry (disturbance) in your heart. 1oo% your heart must be in satisfaction, then that one is a Wali, a friend of Allah, whom you can follow with an open heart. Or, if anything happens through your heart, it means something is wrong with that person, or something is wrong with you.

Therefore the Sahaba, the Companions of S.Muhammad sws, said: ’First we believed, then we followed. If we were not believing, we were not following. First we believed in the Prophet’s pureness, in his honour and righteousness, then the Holy Quran was coming. If we were not believing in the Prophet, Holy Quran was not coming.’

First they believed in S.Muhammad, then the Quran came. If I am not believing, how can I follow him? Impossible. And all prophets are 100 % pure ones, and with a full trust you can follow them. When you follow them, you may reach to Allah; they are guides to Allah. And they never carry from Dunya, they never call people to Dunya, because they give people from truth, they are righteous ones. They are not betraying, never. They say: ’This is Dunya; don’t think if this or that material is written on your name that it is for you, no; only what you are carrying. But after a while that also disappears. Nothing belongs to you.’

Now people, who didn’t reach that real knowledge about you and about what is around you, can’t be guides to Allah, because you must be taken away from this area that you are in, you must be taken out; that atmosphere carries you with it and it has a kind of attraction, which you must cut. If you can’t cut it, you cannot reach a free area for moving.

Therefore all Anbiya and Awliya try to save people from the gravity of the physical world, the material world. When they get free from it, they are going to be free; like a missile: it goes up, cuts the gravity of the earth and begins to turn. Finished; it reached the real freedom. Under that it is just caught by the gravity of earth, and it needs a big power to cut it. Therefore a missile has something to push it up; one finishes, the second one finishes, and the third one comes. This huge power must push it up. When the missile is going up you can see how big power comes down for pushing it up. Must cut it, and then that power is taken away and only the head remains; no need for any other push or pull.

Try to follow Awliya! And it is a satanic trick that is commonly spreading among believers to deny Awliya. When you deny Awliya, it means that you deny Anbiya, because all Prophets were Saints, and then they were granted prophecy, so that prophecy is standing and based on sainthood. It is the foundation of prophethood. Therefore every prophet must be saint first, then they are granted prophethood. No one can be a prophet without being Saint first. Now there is no more prophecy, but sainthood is going on; sainthood must be. Sainthood is most important, it is like the pole for a tent; if there is no pole, the tent falls down. Shaitan knows this and he fights Muslims through the Wahabis not to believe in Awliya, and they destroy their Makams. That is not respect for them. The Awliya are respected in the divine Presence; how you come and destroy their tombs? With which right, from whom that order comes to you? For 15 centuries their Makams have been protected and you come to destroy? And they are making that Wali’s respect down, and then people don’t follow anymore. And if no one follows Awliya, Islam cannot stand up anymore. Therefore Islam is down now. No, Islam is up, but Muslims are down, they have no power. Allah is putting on them to be disrespected and disliked people, thrown away, sweared at and cursed.

May Allah forgive me and bless you and give you good understanding, first to me and then to you. May He make His Awliyas’ honour to be seen in East and West, to be granted their honours through their miraculous powers. We hope that now a miraculous period is coming and that materiality is going to finish and vanish. We are asking from Allah to make it so quick, so that we may reach that time. We are thankful to Allah Almighty who makes us to hear such realities.

Lefke - 29.01.2002

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