Maulana Sheikh NazimEvil, the Fruit of Unlimited Freedom

When you know that something is a sin, you must avoid to do it. But sometimes sins are committed by mistake. When that happens, you will feel a heavy repentance which can continue burning during your whole life, or even after, right until the Day of Judgement. Because of that, we must ask Allah for protection against doing such wrong actions. Sometimes you cannot forget and every time when you remember, a fire will burn and you will ask yourself why you did it. So every time you pray, ask for protection against making any wrong step.

Our egos always want to step on wrong steps. They do not want to follow the steps of the prophets. Especially youngsters in our time want to be free. Being free means to do want they want, whatever their egos ask them to. But every time you follow your ego, it is dangerous. Maybe there will be a kind of pleasure in the beginning, but finally it will be bad. Every bad thing can be enjoyed for people, but finally they reach a terrible end and they will repent.

It is a new fashion for people to ask for "Freedom, freedom, freedom!" Wherever there is freedom, there is no discipline. Take a school, for example: if there is no discipline, no student can be prepared for any job or for their future lives. If you leave students to be free in school, no-one will pass any exams, no-one will learn anything. We were all in school and were very happy if teachers came too late, or if they didn't come at all we had a holiday.

If you leave people to do as they like, there will be no discipline. The biggest problem for governments and for communities is this freedom. Every day so many come and complain, "My son ran away, my daughter ran away, my wife left me, my husband disappeared, my mother never comes..." Those are the fruits of unlimited freedom. It is the biggest illness of this century and it is the main source of any problem. People want to blame it on economics, but that is a lie. With that they are hiding the real source. It is not economical. It is a problem of our characteristics. It is a problem resulting from our governing systems. It is a problem of our endless desires for freedom. That causes our problems and they cannot be solved by any means. Money can't solve it. When your daughter runs away, can money get her back?

This city should be closed down after sunset, because that is the time when evil comes 100%. Muhammad* told us, "Don't let your young ones to be outside after dark, because it is the time of the jinn." If you let them out, 7 shaitans will follow the male and 70 the female.

People are mislead today by wrong ideals. In western countries there are countless devils in human shape. They are in the magazines, newspapers, news broadcast, videos, cinemas... It is all misleading people. Even schools, colleges and universities are misleading people. Governments, all of them, are misleading their people. May Allah forgive them.


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