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Evolution in our days is introduced to students as a real thing, but it isn't, it is only theory and theory means a vision from someone and it may be changed by someone else's theories also. No theory is based on a fixed point. I wonder that science says this and scholars know that, but they insist on introducing Darwin's theory as it cannot be changed. Even though so many theories are bringing proof that that theory is false, not reality.

Now it is well-known that every kind of creature is carrying its particularities through centuries, through thousands of years or millions of years. If the theory of Darwin, or evolution, is saying the first living units were amoeba and still the same kind of amoeba are living in our days as the theory is saying amoeba improved and became another creature. According to the theory the amoeba must be finished - and the second kind of creature must have begun. If Darwin's theory is true, then there must not be in existence any kind of amoeba, they must be finished - when the new creature appears through evolution, the first one must finish and the second one must be in existence. When it is evolves to the third step, the second step before it must have vanished generally and totally and only the third step must be in existence, because evolution is going on. When evolution is reaches apes and apes become men, that kind of apes must be finished, so no more apes on earth - must be only mankind and no other type of creature. That is the meaning of Darwin's theory.

I don't know if they understand anything else. That is the wrongness of that theory - claiming evolution and yet we are finding every kind of creature that evolved one from the first one, just more and more kinds of that are living in our days. We also say: who stopped evolution at man? Why is man not still evolving? Which power is stopping man to evolve? If evolution is going on, what is the reason that no creature is evolving after man? Apes are becoming man, man perhaps may become more evolved - why stopping?

Therefore, it is a wholly wrong theory, but atheist people do not believe in the Holy Books and are fighting Holy Books. Therefore, they use as a weapon to fight that man coming from man, now proves science as a real knowledge that DNA, genes and chromosomes are carrying the specialities of every kind of creature, so that at the beginning every kind of creatures bringing their inheritors through DNA and genes and chromosomes. Therefore, amoeba should bring amoeba, apes should bring apes, man should bring man, wolves bringing wolves, oxen bringing oxen, donkeys bringing donkeys, geese bringing geese (not hens), hens not bringing turkeys, turkeys not bringing swans, cats never bringing mice and lions never bringing dogs, dogs never bring cats, elephants never bringing sheep, sheep never bringing rabbits, rabbits never bringing rats.

That is a big scandal for science in the 20th century and it is finishing. Yet, some fanatic atheist people are insisting on it as a reality, as a real science, and they are wrong. Therefore, I am sorry for every government, for every minister of education that is living to teach new generations atheist ideas through that foolish theory of Darwin, to try to put instead of the traditional knowledge from heavenly books that man is coming from man, not coming from apes. If they are accepting that their grandfathers are apes, they should be apes also according to the proofs of DNA and genes. Yes, I am sorry that all governments are carrying on atheist ideas through educational ministries, allowing such nonsense ideas to be taught to new generations and for new generations to grow up against religions, against faiths, against beliefs, against heavenly knowledge and information for creation, creatures and particularly for mankind.

Islam is saying that every creature in its kind is perfect: to be an ant is perfect - an ant is not going to be anything else; and lion on its line is perfect - a lion is not going to be an ox; and ox is perfect on its line - not going to be lion; or a horse is perfect on its line - not going to be an elephant; and an elephant is perfect on its line - not going to be a mammoth; dears are perfect on their lines - they are not going to be goats; or goats are perfect on their lines - they are not going to be deer; sheep are perfect on their lines - they are not going to be dogs; and dogs are perfect on their lines - they are not going to be wolves. So that every kind on its line is perfect. What do you say for bees? Do you think that they are going to evolve? What are they going to be? Are they going to stop making honey? What is perfection evolution about bees?

That only destroying the whole theory of Darwin, that satanic theory of Darwin. It is satanic, useless - only fighting beliefs. What are bees going to be if you are accepting evolution? Bees should make poison after honey? What is that? Foolishness. And they are teaching it to youngsters as a real science, real knowledge! But atheist people are satan people, asking to destroy all beliefs that are living from the first day of this life up to today. What is a silk worm going to be instead? What is it going to do more than silk? What are they saying? Is it going to be a sparrow? Or is it going to be a butterfly? Or is a butterfly going to be a silk insect?

How are clever people, scholars, accepting such foolish theories, satanic theories of Darwin without thinking? They are to blame and anyone who is accepting such a satanic theory must be ashamed. I am asking those scholars who accept this: Who began the first amoeba on earth? Did amoebas just appear by themselves? How did the first amoeba happen? Who brought the first amoeba in existence? They may tell me. Who is making the second step from amoeba, from one cell to more cell creatures? Who improved the amoebas to be on the second step? Did the amoebas jump, were they high-jumpers - jumping to the second stage? Which scholar will tell me? Or was Darwin taking their hands to jump to the second stage and from the second stage to the third stage? And was Darwin taking from apes to the stage of mankind? That foolish, satanic theory person - was he that one? Why not say who was arranging evolution? Who is that one?

How are atheist people cheating scholars? But they are spending millions of pounds to change beliefs, to make people unbelievers, to make people communists, to make people lose all the values of humanity, to make human nature animal nature. We must fight against that. That is the real knowledge against them. They must bring their evidence. Because we know as a real rule that is with science now that an incomplete thing never brings a complete thing from it. Therefore, it is impossible for an incomplete or an imperfect creature to bring a perfect creature. How are apes bringing more perfect than apes, man? How is that evolution? What is that foolishness and nonsense? Instead of running after satanic verses, they must run after such foolish satanic theories. Why is science defending Darwin? A satanic person belong to Satan, cheating people. The church is against him, banishing him, throwing him away, because he tried to destroy beliefs. He destroyed first the beliefs of Christians and now his foolish theory is going to destroy the beliefs of Muslims also. Heedless Muslims may be cheated, not awakened Muslims or awakened believers - in every religion they are not going to be cheated by satanic theories. So many satanic theories are atheist people bringing and this is the most famous one - the whole of knowledge is being supported on a nonsense satanic theory of Darwin.

All pictures shown in books to illustrate this satanic theory are only imagination. They are doing it and introducing it to people as a real shape. Also, they are taking some bones - there was a scandal years ago that made it clear that they are cheating people taking some bones, mixing with some others to show that this is a real form of former man - but it was a cheating. They found out in Europe and it was a big scandal for them. Yet, the education system is not looking to deny such a satanic theory. They are showing coloured people, not white people, and making coloured people sad, because of evolution their colours did not evolve. We are not believing in such satanic theories and we know that only the Creator can give colours - they are not from evolution. Coloured people - black ones, white ones, red ones, yellow ones, all of them - they are kinds of the same human nature, there is no difference according to their colours. All of them are in perfection through their creation. Only the Creator, according to His Divine Will, is making so many colours and He knows His Divine Wisdom.

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