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as-Salamu alaykum O servants of the Lord, believers, Muslims and those who obey. This addressing is especially for the people of Egypt, for their scholars & all the others, the rest of the Egyptians.

Alhamdulillah the people of Egypt most of them are Muslims, believing in the Lord (jwa), in the Prophet (saws), & believing in the Holy Book that was sent to His Beloved, Mustafa. I am a weak & poor servant & my Arabic is little. It came to my heart, an inspiration to warn the people of Egypt, especially the learned people of Egypt, the scholars or the knowledgeable people. The general public are to themselves.

I heard, that... I am hearing that there is an argument about who should govern Egypt. And they are arguing among themselves & making the people of Egypt to be divided. Egypt divided! And our Lord (jwa) says in His Words "Wa A'tasimu Bihabli Allahi Jami'an Wa La Tafarraqu"(3:103) To be divided in Islam is haram- forbidden. "To hold fast, to the rope of Allah" (3:103) The rope of Allah - I think your Arabic is good, you understand Arabic. "The rope of Allah". The Mighty Quran is the powerful rope of Allah (swt). These people, they are not holding on to what their Lord (jwa) & His Prophet (saws) said. And a Heavenly inspiration was sent from the people of Allah (swt) to my heart, to a poor servant, to warn you. And I want to recite the Holy Verse & you should pay attention, or you can think about what it means. My Arabic is little, but your Arabic is better. Allah (jwa) did not send these holy words except for the nation of the Beloved to be holding fast to them.

Haqq (swt) says in one of the Holy Verses - I will say what was sent to my heart it should be enough for them to think about it - In Surat Al Rahman, Allah (jwa) says - Let them think about this Holy Verse - Astaizzu Billah "Ya Ma'shara Al-Jinni Wa Al-Insi Ini Astata'tum An Tanfudhu Min Aqtari As-Samawati Wa Al-Ardi Fanfudhu..(55:33) This is a verse also referring to the future. And who now argues in the nation.. and people want to escape and be saved from.. from the present situation occuring in their countries & among the servants of the Lord.

"O assembly of jinn and men!" (55:33) This verse is only for the time of the Prophet (saws) or also for us? Think about it. "O assembly of jinn and men! If you have power to pass beyond the Heavens & the earth"(55:33) Among the nation...the people will be bewildered. They want to pass, save themselves, but they will not be able by themselves, with their mind, for this is not possible. What will arrange & correct your situation is what Allah (swt) says: "then pass!" (55:33) - Try hard, but there will be no result.

Let them think about this. "But you will never be able to pass..." "O assembly of jinn and men! If you have power to pass beyond the Heavens & the earth, then pass! But you will never be able to pass" (55:33) You understand? I am not speaking. "But you will never be able to pass them, except with a Sultan" (55:33)

If the scholars of Egypt understand or if they don't understand, let them be! Politicians or no politics, it does not exist in Islam. The Holy Quran is our constitution. "La Tanfudhuna Illa Bisultanin"(55:33) Bring a Sultan & you will be saved. Let them think about this Holy Verse.

Wa Min Allah Al Tawfiq. Sadaqa Allahu Al Azim. Fatiha.

This is a warning, some information. They may know it & it would save them. Fatiha.

That's it. After Egypt all the Muslim countries let them think about this. The Muslim world should think, finish! Sadaqa Allahu Al Azim. Let them think. They read the Quran & they do not understand, let them see. Fatiha.

O our honourable Masters! I have declared, what was given to me. Let them bring a Sultan &they will pass. If they do not, they will never pass. Sadaqa Allahu Al Azim.


This is enough from the beginning to the end... from the beginning to the end. As-salamu alaykum.

Lefke, 18.04.2012

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