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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Extremely Unjust, Extremely Ignorant (33:72)**
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**Extremely Unjust, Extremely Ignorant (33:72)**

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**Extremely Unjust, Extremely Ignorant (33:72)**
Madad O Shah Mardan. Tuba li man yakun min Yaran Shah Mardan. Allahu Akbar Allahu
Akbar Allahu Akbar wa ajal wa a'zamu ajal. We are weak. O Shah Mardan. We are waiting for
your gaze, your favors, and your grants to take away this weakness from us. Your assembly, the
assembly of Yaran, is the assembly of lovers.
Welcome, Shah Mardan's Yaran, his beloved friends. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. What a beautiful
saying. Welcome. Dastur Madad Ay Shah Mardan (asking permission & support). Your Yaran
admire you. The same way a mother breast-feeds her baby, the same way a baby grows with
breast milk, those who attend your assembly O Shah Mardan, receive such honor, and nur (light)
and refreshment. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, go ahead. May your holy words be a
strength/support for us. May strength & power come. Let's be full of love & longing. Don't have
the ambition of animals. The ambition of animals is in dunya (this world). It is for grain and
straw. It is for grass. But you, O Lover, Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, grass is not befitting of you.
Go ahead O Shah Mardan, the field is yours. Let's say first of all, Allah's Name. It is a must for
every person. Let's mention Allah's Name first of all. It is a must for every servant before any
action. The mightiness of man comes from that. Let's mention Allah's Name first. Jalla jalaluhu
jallat 'azamatuhu wa la ilaha ghayruhu. We are weak servants. Weak. We need reinforcement.
The same way a mother takes care of her weak baby, feeds it, raises it, kisses it, loves it - Shah
Mardan also wants us, he wants us to be on his way. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran
admire you. Don't fight. Sheep don't bother one another. But dogs provoke/harass one another.
It is true. What Shah Mardan is saying is correct. Man don't harass or fight with one another but
dogs fight with each other. That is their talent/specialty. What is the dog's specialty? It is fighting.
Why does it fight? If you throw a bone, 10 dogs will jump on it to eat the bone. That is the
characteristic of dogs. Cattle graze on the field. They don't touch each other. Each one eats what
is in front of it. But dogs bother and fight each other for one bone. A bone. It has no meat on it.
People have dog characteristics or sheep characteristics. Dogs run after each other and fight for
one dry bone. But sheep do not fight one another for grass. Their character/nature is nice. Go
ahead O Shah Mardan. Let's say, O Yaran Shah Mardan - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.
Don't ever say Basmala for dunya. Don't. To recite Basmala for dunya is like reciting Basmala for
a pig. That is why pigs are najs (impure). You cannot recite Basmala for pigs. But you can say it
for sheep, they are clean. Those who cannot differentiate between clean and bad are outside the
boundaries of humanity. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Mankind wants everything to be clean. If
you want everything clean, then say - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Your whole body will
tremble. Recite Basmala Sharifa O foolish mankind. When you do something, say Basmala.
"Innahu kana zaluman jahula" (33:72) zaluman jahula (extremely unjust & ignorant). It is
describing the reality and creation of man. They are extremely unjust to themselves. They are
the most ignorant. They cannot differentiate between clean and dirty. They cannot differentiate
between gold and stone. They cannot differentiate what is good and beautiful. They cannot
differentiate between ugly and beautiful.
All prophets alayhum as-salam... yes, go ahead O Shah Mardan. All of them came to teach man
the lesson of humanity. Actually, man is an animal. They can receive training. If they accept
training, then the sayings of prophets will benefit them. Their ranks will be visible. They bring a
piece of stone, yellow stone. It is a yellow stone. Then they bring another yellow stone. They say
they are the same. They are not. This is gold and that is stone. This is a jewel and that is a rock.
Learn...learn. What makes a rock, gold and what makes a person, human is Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim. Say it. All prophets alayhum as-salam said - O people, don't be zalim
(unjust), jahil (ignorant). Who is zalim? Those who don't keep the honor of people are ignorant.
This is the important point. Those who don't appreciate the value of man; those who treat
mankind as animals; they are the lowest ones among all creation. Mankind, Habib-ur Rahman,
the one Allah loves. He loved them and created them. How nice, how beautiful He created them.
Prophets came to teach a lesson to people. What is man? What is an animal? What is gold? What
is dirt, rocks? They will teach. Allah Dhul Jalal sent them from heavens. 124,000 prophets of
pure gold were sent to us. And they said to us - O people, don't look at this terrible dunya
(world). Your request, your desire is not this terrible world. What you want is a very high level.
Look for that. Adam was sent down from paradise. He was sent to dunya but the love & longing
for paradise stayed in his heart. Prophet Adam didn't live for dunya. He was full of love &
longing. There was something he wanted. O our Mawla who put us here, what we need is Your
Presence. "O Adam, you wasted/ lost My presence. Your eyes were looking somewhere else. You
looked at someone other than Me. That is why you lost it. You don't have that rank. Go to dunya
and take what you want. Do whatever you want." You became ugly. Prophet Adam had such
beauty. Allah Almighty gave him such beauty.
Subhan Allah. Go ahead O S. Mardan. We can't know, we don't know. What did Prophet Adam
have that Angels prostrated to him before the order to prostrate? They didn't wait to be told to
prostrate. Why? Our father Adam had Divine Beauty. Allahu Akbar. Prophet Adam had Divine
Beauty. The Angels could not bear prostrating directly to Allah Almighty. Prophet Adam had
that beauty. He was dressed with the Divine dress of beauty & honor. They prostrated even
before they were ordered to so. Before it was said "Usjudu li Adama", Angels fell into prostration.
What a beautiful person. Allahu Akbar. Man's value. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Teach us so we
can learn. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Know the value & worth of mankind. Allah Jalla Jalaluhu
has countless, endless creatures. However, the beauty He dressed on Adam alayhi salatu wa
salam, wasn't dressed on anything else. Allah Almighty granted a manifestation to Prophet
Adam. That is why He ordered to prostrate to Adam. What did Adam have? He had the
manifestation of the Lord of Glory. Allahu Akbar.
O Adam, I made you My representative on earth. "Wa idh qala Rabbuka lil-mala'ikati inni
ja'ilun fi l-ardi khalifa" (2:30) He said to the Angels - I will make mankind deputies on earth...not
in paradise. Did He say in paradise? He said - "Wa idh qala Rabbuka lil-mala'ikati inni ja'ilun fi
l-ardi khalifa" (2:30) Allahu Akbar. To say "create" is something different. The word "Ja'il" (to
render/to make) cannot be said by anyone other than Allah Almighty. I will dress you with such
a beauty that whoever looks at you will fall into prostration. Prophet Adam was dressed with that
beauty. Before the order came, the Angels were amazed at his beauty and fell into prostration.
What is that beauty? Man is that beautiful. People of today only know about the shape of
mankind and not the reality. If they knew, there would be no more fighting or wars. Man
wouldn't fight for dunya. If they knew their honor and value, people wouldn't harm one another.
Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Listen. O people, listen. The greatest sin is to belittle what Allah
Almighty has raised high. The greatest sin is to take the life that Allah Almighty has given to
someone. Allah Almighty is saying - don't oppress one another. Give everyone their due rights.
A'ti kulli dhi haqqin haqqa. Even an ant has rights. The One who brought it into existence has
given it rights. You must protect its rights too. "I am Russian, I am Turk, I am American" - don't
say this. This is a trick of satan to make people oppose each other, so they can burn & destroy.
That isn't the glory of mankind. People of today have forgotten their humanity. They are not
protecting people's honor. Navies, armies, every type of way to burn & destroy - they have
learned all of that but have not learned humanity. Shame on them. People of the 21st century
have not learned humanity. They learned everything else - to make guns and cannons, to do
things you can't even imagine. They learned to write books to fill libraries. But they haven't
learned anything. They haven't learned humanity. Shame on them.
People of today are determined to learn everything. No one wants to learn about his humanity.
People of today have learned everything in order to kill people, but they haven't learned the
honor of man. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. "Innahu kana zaluman jahula" (33:72) People are the
most unjust of unjust ones, and the most ignorant of ignorant ones. To take people outside the
boundaries of ignorance and teach them the value of their reality... They are zalim (unjust) and
jahil (ignorant). Teach humanity. Teach humanity. Don't teach how to make guns, cannons.
Don't teach how to make airplanes. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Man has such a specialty, he is
such an amazing creation. He is not in need of forging iron to make things or to build airplanes.
Man, you have been given authorization for such power and strength. Taqulu li shay'in kun fa
yakun. You have been given such a rank. If you want something, say "be" and it will happen.
However, those who are at that level, they don't accept the desires of this terrible world.
The people of this time have become bad, they are not good. They have become jahil/ignorant.
They wrote libraries full of books but they haven't understood anything. They wrote everything.
They are teaching everything. But what they don't teach is humanity. They aren't teaching the
lesson of humanity. Shame. Shame on them. However, satan who wants to separate man from
his own beauty will not succeed. Say O Pope. Say O bishops. Speak about the honor of mankind.
Speak. The one in Rome should say. The one in Istanbul should say. Let the clergy in Russia
speak, whose beards are so long. Is the honor of man, killing? Man was given an honor and you
kill him and take that honor away. Which prophet said to do this? In which Book is it written?
Who taught this to mankind? Satan taught it. O our Lord, You are Subhan, You are Sultan. If
we were to talk about the honor of man, even if we filled the world with books, it wouldn't be
enough to write it all. Mankind. There are honorable people. O our Lord, send us the lions to
teach us our humanity. And one of those lions is Shah Mardan. All Yaran admire his words.
Masha'Allahu kan. We will change this world. We will change this world. We will bring
humanity to this world. Men will rule the world, not satans. We will change this. All prophets
came for this reason. They came to protect people's honor. We will do this. Satan will not be
victorious. Satan can never be victorious. Ghalib, the Absolute Victor is Allah Almighty
subhanahu wa ta'ala. Those worshiping satan will be destroyed. Go ahead O Shah Mardan.
Why did prophets come? They came to change this world. It will change. None of their weapons
or cannons or guns or strange weapons will do anything. O man, beware of the One who created
you, of His grip (punishment) - "Inna batsha Rabbika la shadid" (85:12) Don't run into the Anger
of your Lord. Because if He strikes you, you will be destroyed. The Divine Grip (punishment)
turned so many nations upside down. The nation of Nuh, the nation of Hud, the nation of 'Ad,
and so many other nations turned to dust. "batsha Rabbika la shadid" (85:12) Your Lord doesn't
look at the toys that you made. Beware.
Go ahead O Shah Mardan. They should understand what Divine Power is. What is the Power
coming down from heavens. What is it they can do? Stop. Leave satan. Return to your Lord.
Then in this world, there will be peace & safety, and in hereafter, the doors of the 8 heavens will
open. This is what all prophets said, alayhum as-salam. O our Lord, grant us the ability to
understand. They can't comprehend. People have become satanic. Be Rabbani (belonging to the
Lord) "Wa lakin kunu Rabbaniyin" (3:79) The order from your Creator - don't be arrogant
towards each other. The highest rank you can achieve - "Wa lakin kunu Rabbaniyin." (3:79) Be
from those who belong to heavens. Don't follow the satans of earth. Know your humanity. Don't
try to kill off humanity. O our Lord, dress us with the mightiness of being a man. Mountains will
move from their place. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your words are a strength and a cure for
your Yaran.
You can reach to east and west. Allah said - "Wa lakin kunu Rabbaniyin" (3:79) Those who
know Arabic should see if this is a holy verse or not. "Wa lakin kunu Rabbaniyin" (3:79) It says -
don't be a satan. Be Rabbani (men of Allah). O our Lord, make us from those who are Rabbani,
for the sake of Your Beloved. This is the teaching of Shah Mardan. May Allah make it easy for us
to walk on this way that Shah Mardan has shown us. "Wa lakin kunu Rabbaniyin" (3:79) Be
from the Rabbani ones. A Rabbani man doesn't even harm an ant. Those who harm ants are
satans. Those who kill people are satans, not Rabbani. This is the teaching of Shah Mardan for
today. "Wa lakin kunu Rabbaniyin" (3:79) We will be Rabbani. We will accomplish this,
Insha'Allah. It is the order of our Almighty Mawla. If He orders the ant, it will obey. Satanic ones
will go and Rabbani ones will stay. Don't start wars and try to kill people with weapons. Don't go
outside of humanity. O Shah Mardan. Your words are a remedy for all troubles.
Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. May your hearts be pleased and your hopes will come true. We will be
Rabbani. We will free dunya from satan. This is our determination and resolve. We will be with
Allah, not satan. O our Mawla, Al-Qadir Al-Muqtadir, the One making this world turn, the One
making the sun to rise and set, the One who brings the day and night, our Lord, our Mawla Al-
Qadir al-Muqtadir, with Your order, an ant can change this world. Let's change. Let's change
our nature. Let's go after humanity let's be human. O our Lord, we are weak. Qawwi dha'fana fi
ridhak. Give us strength for earning Your Pleasure. If you order an ant, O our Lord, it can turn
this world upside down. O people, stop fighting. As-sulhu khayr -peace is best.
The earth was empty. "Inna ardi wasi'atun fa'iyaya fa'budun." (29:56) The dunya that I gave you,
is wide & spacious. Perform your servanthood to Me. Don't fight one another. There is enough
for you all. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Masha'Allahu kan wa ma lam yasha' lam yakun. The
month of Shawwal. Satan is making people upset and angry. Why? To erase humanity from the
earth. "There is no room for people on this earth," "We will rule" satan is saying and running
after us. Don't follow satan O Russia, O America, O Turks, O Kurds, O Arabs, Isma'u wa'u.
Listen and do. Isma'u wa'u fa idha ra'aytum fantafi'u. Listening to words of truth will benefit you.
It will save you. If not, you will finish each other off with never-ending wars. May Allah not make
us from them. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran admire you. May the weakness of our
bodies leave. Let's find strength. We will get stronger. We will destroy the sultanate of satan.
That's what we are determined to do.

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