In Western eyes, Islam declined. Why? What were the reasons?

ANSWER - What are they saying about Christianity - always going up? Not coming down. Are they still going up?

QUESTION - They think so - they went to the moon.

ANSWER - For everything there is a perfection and after it reaches that, a decline takes place. I am asking Christians where and when they reached perfection and when they began to decline. Who will answer me? No-one. I have a right to ask Christianity when they reached perfection and when they began to decline. Not declining Christianity??

QUESTION - Not reaching perfection??

ANSWER - Ah ha! Yes. I am asking Christians that question and answering in favour of Islam. Islam did reach a perfection when Muslims were following heavenly orders. When they began to follow their desires it began to decline. Up to now, Muslims and the Muslim world are not following heavenly orders, so they are still declining. When they were perfect followers, they were rising; when they leave following the Holy Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), they began to decline. That is the reason. Today, we are not saying that Muslims are following heavenly orders or the Holy Qur'an or the Holy Prophet. No. They left it and when they leave this they will be punished.

It is wrong for Christians to point to the bad conditions of present-day Muslims (ie Third World life styles), but the churches do this. They must not show Muslims to Christians, but they must show what is Islam and what Islam orders. Muslims are practising nothing from Islam today. Therefore, their decline continues.

If Muslims were keeping and following heavenly orders, neither the Russian or American superpowers would be able to exist. They must regard themselves as fortunate, because Muslims are not following heavenly orders. If they were, then no more Russia and no more America, no more Western technology. This is a chance for them to make a show of strength. It is only because Muslims are not following the right way. If Muslims were following, there would be no further demonstrations of power - all of them would be asking to escape from earth. No more Christianity, no more Judaism, no more Communism. They are lucky that Muslims are not following the Holy Qur'an. Astaghfirullah! That is true.

(Der Morgenstern 1996(1))

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