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The Fear of Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Aziz Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Karim Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Subhan Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Sultan Allah

Allahumma zid wa barik Habibak Sayyidina Muhammad, izzan wa sharafa, nuran wa surura, ridwanan wa
sultana Thumma salamu alayka Ya Sahib az-Zaman. Thumma salatu wa s-salamu alayka Ya Qutb uz-Zaman
Thumma as-salatu wa s-salam alayka ya man Huwa l-Mutasarrif. Ya Ibadillah fi d-dunya sharqan wa gharbah
shimalan wa junuban fi l-baghari wa l-bihar. And we are saying Assalamu alaykum Ya Ibadallah.

They may be through the east and west, or north to south, those who are occupying themselves
for the servanthood of their Lord, to make happy, their Lord, their Creator. Then, most high
honour they are trying to give also to the Seal of Prophets Sayyidina Muhammad sallAllahu alayhi
wa sallam, zidhu Ya Rabbi izzan wa sharafa nuran wa surura, ridwana wa sultana. We are saying, asking
from the Lord of Creation - thabbitna ala l-Haqq, make our feet to be fixed on the right path. Yes.

And we are saying for attenders also, Assalamu alaykum, for giving some time for their Lord's
pleasure. Those who are trying to make their Lord Allah Almighty be happy with them, to be in
pleasure with them, to be enjoying with them. May Allah forgive us for the honour of the most
honoured one. Oh, our attenders, who may be from common people, may be from ulama or
from learned people. They may be from those ones that are not asking to show that they are
hearing such things because shaytan is making them and threatening them, 'You are ulama and
you are listening to such a person?' Unauthorised.

Yes I am not authorised through official centres, no. I am not official, I am only a weak servant
that has been appointed from that one who is controlling everything on Earth and they are trying
to make believers not to fall in a bad condition. Or not to fall into a dangerous situation. Yes. We
have been controlled by those ones. And most important thing that shaytan now is going to be
upset. Very upset. Thoo! And upset on you, shaytan. He is angry with me and I am angry with
him also.

Yes, who appointed such a weak servant, perhaps weakest servant on Earth but, who is
appointing me here, he is my supporter. And I am not asking support only through its last level,
no, only here, from him who is responsible for believers not to fall into traps of shaytan. And it is
an association. What they are making me to speak, I am going to speak. May Allah forgive me,
forgive you. Ask His forgiveness, O People. Everyone in creation, they are asking forgiveness
from their Creator, because if no forgiveness coming, no blessings coming. If no blessing coming
through a second or less, this planet disappears. Finishing.

Wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadirun (67:1)

O Ulama what you are saying, is it against aqeedatu l-Islam? Beliefs of Muslims? Say! Do you think
that He is not able to take away this world? And like this world, thousands, millions, billions,
trillions, quadrillions, pentillions, before 'kaf' reaching to 'nun'. Taken away - you are believing?
You must believe Creator's endless Power Oceans. You must believe your Creator's Will Power is
from His Divine attribute, if He is saying: 'Kun fayak?n' (36:82). If saying, finish! Disappear!
Everything coming and disappearing through Power Oceans. Disappears.

You must say to people to know their Lord's, their Creator's power is something la yudhkar, not to
be mentioned. In a short, very short time disappearing. Wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadir. Make it O
ulama, O doctors make it so wide so people can understand. Say! Where they are going to be
disappeared to? That is beyond your imagination. He, Almighty may say, quickly, everything in
existence, quickly getting in an atom. And all this just taking its position through an atom. Yes,
ala kulli shayin qadir. Don't say 'can't be, can be, can't be'. No argument on it. Allah! Subhanahu wa
Ta'ala. Wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadir, may take everything from existence and order them to be
through an atom.

You are saying this Salafi ulama or doctors? Why you are not saying? It is true what that weak
one is saying. Don't think that that is that weak one’s words, no. He is just on the level of your
understanding's last level. Allahu Akbar wa li'Llahi l-hamd. If a person asking for a king his territory
and his power, eh! If we are saying that is a king of a small island okay, you may think and you
may say that that is a king whose territory running from east to west, for uderstanding. Yes. And
you are understanding Who is That One and who is that one - for kings on this planet.

You may say that US - 'You ass' no good for people but, we must say, 'Ass' means donkey. US, its
territory from north up to south on a new continent. So powerful. Who is that one? That is king
of Malta. Malta. You know Malta? Malta, one spot, that is a king and that is a king, but when
you are saying that is the king of Siberia that is a king from east to west, you are understanding
his power. And you are trying to give your best salute and best obedience to that one.

Now therefore, ulamas - Salafi or non-Salafi, doctors or others, as much as they are giving to
people about the glory and greatness of the Lord of Heavens, they are taking much more care.
Fearing, they can't do as they like. No, no, they are fearing. Therefore, the Seal of Prophets was
saying - you know O Salafi ulama what he said? He said that: r?s ul-hikmati makhafatullah. Big, r?s
ul-hikmati makhafatullah is only four words but giving people such a huge majal - area, maydan -
level, so that people may understand something from makhafatullah, to make them to fear, to
tremble in front of their Lord's greatness and glory.

Therefore it is important O ulama to say every time, every day about the greatness of our Lord,
Almighty Allah. And according to your fear for your Lord, you are given such an ability or
capacity to give your most high respect and glory to your Lord and you are trembling in front of
His greatness, fearing and keeping right way. Therefore this: r?s ul-hikmati makhafatullah. It is four
words but covering whole world and teaching them. If one not fearing from his Lord, that means
that person is ignorant one and has no adab, no good manners for that person. No good manners,
no value in Divine Presence.

Therefore on the Day of Resurrection those who were giving highest glory and endless respect
will be accepted and granted such a glory that others haven't been given. Therefore, the heavenly
ranks that are going to be granted to people should be according to their fear of their Lord.
Fearless people, their level is under the level of animals. Not the level of animals, but under it.
And when you are saying 'under the level of animals' level', it is that you can't find an end for
their levels.

Marhaban, Ya ayyuha l-muluk, ayyuha l-ulama and real malik. Who is real malik? Who may keep his
ego on the level of tazeem, glorification of Allah Almighty. Who may be able to make their selves,
their levels, as low as possible in front of their Lord's greatness will be granted such a greatness
that can only be granted from the Lord of Heavens to them. Therefore that hadith sharif, r?s al
hikmati makhafatullah. Who is asking to be honoured here, through this life, who is going to be in
fear from his Lord, everyone will be in fear of that one.

Once upon a time, we shall say some examples, some time ago, one from those who are
glorifying their Lord Almighty, he was passing through a jungle and he was with his ride. It was
so dark and he was tired and keeping his horse there and he is sleeping. After a while one person
coming and saying, 'O my Lord! Who is that here?' He is saying, 'I am here, O unknown person,
have you never been here before?' 'For what? This is the most dangerous place for wild animals
and snakes,' what saying in English, much more bright, serpents. 'Quickly go away from here.'
He is looking like this, Sleeping. Anyone looking at that one would tremble, which serpent
coming, which tiger coming, which lion coming on him.

The people among Christian brothers they have halo. They are putting this to be known that he
is a heavenly one. Heavenly one, he is not like ordinary people. Man if looking, seeing this. All
wild animals also when they are approaching are looking and seeing those circles of halo. Halo
around them, running away. Running away. Therefore those who are keeping makhafatullah,
Allah Almighty's fear, everyone fearing from them. Even if they have been thrown through fire
the Day of Resurrection, fire running away from their power. O People, makhafatullah.
Allah Allah. Ey! Now, You O ulama, you are reminding people, yeah, of such things, reminding?
That is the most important pillar for believing in your Lord Almighty. Therefore all prophets
have been ordered 'wa anzir an-nas'. Making them to take care, to give their adab in Divine
Presence of their Creator. That is important. Wa thiyabaka fa tahhir (74:4)

You must clean yourself from every wrong belief and must believe in the greatness of your Lord
Almighty Allah so that He is going to accept you or you are going to be rubbish. Thrown away.
O People, how are you asking to reach to that level? To reach to those levels you can't reach
through ordinary feet. No, but the Lord of Heavens saying - what saying, O ulama? The Lord of
Heavens saying: qadama sidqin (10:2)

Yes? I am not knowing whole Holy Quran by heart but, something coming to me, I am speaking
on it. Qadama sidq. You understanding what is qadama sidq? If you haven't qadama sidq, true steps, if
you haven't, you can't move even one millimeter up! No! you can't be one millimeter, you can't
stand up. Because who is able to stand up from earth one millimeter, it is easy to reach to
heavens. If he can't do, it is impossible. Qadama sidqin. Which one of you have this qadama sidqin?
O Muslim scholars, Christian holy ones, Jewish rabbis, are you trying to stand up? You know. I
am not claiming that I am making this. No, but that is Reality that is mentioned through Old
Testament, New Testament and Holy Quran. Who is asking to get up or to walk to Divine
Presence needs qadama sidqin. Allah Almighty ordering Sayyidina Musa:
fakhla n'alayk innaka bi l-wadi l-muqqaddasi tuwan (20:12)

You are Arab ulama, what does it mean? What does it mean? Hundreds of books you may write
on it and not finishing. And Allah Almighty saying: Ya Musa, hmm? Fakhla n'alayk innaka bi l-wadi
l-muqqaddasi tuwa. What is Tuwa? You are knowing nothing! Fakhla n'alayk. N'al - the shoes that
you are walking on earth with, mostly you are not making a difference, clean place or dirty place,
you are stepping on it. When stepping on it there may be dirtiness, 'fakhla nalayk', khitab, the
addressing of Allah Almighty to Sayyidina Musa is something and addressing to common people
is another.

If you are not leaving your dirty steps you can't move up! Or you can't go to be on a clean earth
that the Lord of Heavens is addressing to you. May Allah forgive us. O People, try to understand.
And this is important. If you are not understanding you can't be able to step forward. May Allah
forgive us for the honour of most honoured and beloved and glorified one in His Divine
Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad, sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam.
dum dum dum dum...

Lefke, 22.05.2010

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