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Fight The Awliya’ Of shaytan (4:76)

As-salamu Alaykum O those in attendance. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. O man, know yourself and
take care to fulfull your service. Let's say - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. La ilaha illAllah
Sayyidina Muhammadun Rasulullah. May our day and our affairs and our end be good. Start
with - Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu akbar wa Lillahi l-hamd. Go ahead O Shah Mardan.
Your Yaran (beloved friends) admire you. Yaran are those who carry unlimited love - unlimited.
Welcome O our brothers, our children. Our wish from Allah Almighty's generous kindness, is to
receive strength/ reinforcement from Shah Mardan's holy words. Let say - Bismillahi r-Rahmani
What happened? Petrol has become very expensive. How can petrol become more expensive?
Well, it has. Well, what will we do? We must walk. There is a person, "Yayan Dede" in Chorum,
Sheikh Mehmed Effendi. Do you know Yayan Dede (walking grandfather)? Allahu Akbar,
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi l-hamd. Let's say "Allah" and may our hearts be filled up.
Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Our job on earth isn't to eat, drink and fill the WC. Astaghfirullah.
What is our job? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. What did Janabi Yazdan say? He said - "wa ma
khalaqtul-jinna wal-'insa 'illa li ya'buduni." (51:56) You weren't created to eat, drink and fill up
the WC. That is the category of animals. They have no other job. They only think about eating
straw and grain and being beaten with a stick. That is their situation. But you are a human. Go
ahead O Shah Mardan. Then let's say - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. The key to the treasures
of heavens and earth - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord, dress us with the dress of
honor of Basmala Sharifa, Ya Rabbi. Allah Almighty is asking - didn't I dress you when you
asked? Didn't I dress you with the dress of honor when you asked Me, O mankind? But you have
fallen in love with the saddle that is put on animals. You want to carry a saddle. You have
refused the dress of honor that was offered to man from heavens. You accepted the animal's
saddle. What can we do?
Our way is association. Alhimna rushdana. O our Lord. To address our Lord directly is against
our Adab (manners), Sheikh Mehmed Effendi. We have a teacher, the teacher has the power.
Shah Mardan is our teacher. He says - Listen, be a lion. Don't be like a lazy cat who licks plates.
We have no right to directly address Allah Almighty. We can address Shah Mardan. Ay Yaran
Shah Mardan. Shah Mardan is Allah's Lion. Go ahead, so those with minds can listen. Those
who want the rank of Hazreti Insan - until they are free from laziness, they cannot become
Hazreti Insan (title of honor). If you have a pile of metal, that metal has no value. Gold that has
been worked on is different from a pile of gold. We want an expression. Without an expression/
explanation, there is no benefit. Sheikh Mehmed Effendi, first an expression then the benefit.

Be careful O Yaran. Shah Mardan recited a holy verse from the Quran for us. What kind of
verse is it? The whole world will be astonished. What kind of holy verse is it? "Qatilu awliya' ashshaytan"
(4:76) "Fight against the friends of satan" Isn't it a verse? It is an order. Fight against
satan's men. Run away and fight those who will take you away from your humanity and make
you satans like they are. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytan" (4:76) One holy verse. Did you pay
attention or not? This holy verse came and Shah Mardan is showing us. "Faqatilu awliya' ashshaytan"
(4:76) Who should we fight? Satan's men. That is it. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytan"
(4:76) O Muslims, did you search who are the awliya' ash-shaytan (friends of satan)? Those who
don't like Islam, those who don't accept Islam, all these 2-legged ones are all satan's friends.
What Allah Almighty wants is Awliya'ullah (friends of Allah). The holy Quran is giving an order
for all Awliya'ullah. Allah Allah. Follow Awliya'ullah, it says. Then - "Faqatilu awliya' ashshaytan"
(4:76) 2 words, Sheikh Mehmed Effendi, pay attention. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytan"
(4:76) Fight against satan's men. Destroy their fortresses. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytan" (4:76)
Did you say this, O scholars of al-Azhar ash-Sharif? O Sham scholars? If Sham scholars opened
their eyes, would the awliya' ash-shaytan come and make waste on their heads? You didn't teach
who the awliya' ash-shaytan are. Faqatilu (fight). Draw your swords against the awliya' ashshaytan.
Do you recognize awliya' ash-shaytan? O Egyptian scholars, O Sham scholars, O Turkish
scholars? You didn't get to know them, you didn't search or research. What is the order? The
Divine Order - "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytan" Give your fatwa (religious opinion). O Azhari
scholars, O Turkish scholars, Sham scholars, give us the fatwa. We are asking - who are the
awliya' ash-shaytan (friends of satan)? "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytan" (4:76) There is an important
order in this verse, did you understand? The order for Muslims - "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytan"
(4:76) Shame on you, have you given a fatwa? Up to today, who are the friends of satan?
The first ones are those who brought down Sultans. Satan's men brought down the Ottomans
who carried the banner of Islam. For 1,000 years they carried the banner of Islam but you didn't
recognize them. What did you want? You wanted to separate. Allah Almighty says - "Fa qatilu
awliya' ash-shaytan" Write a fatwa O Azhar. Who are awliya' ash-shaytan? Did the Sultan who
ruled Egypt with Shari'ah (divine laws) or the present monkeys, disgrace Islam? Instead of the
Sultan of Egypt who ruled with Shari'ah, you want a man to come rule you whose family,
lineage, beliefs are not known, who is from awliya' ash-shaytan. O Azhari scholars, why don't you
say? Why didn't you say that this man is not from Awliya'ullah, he is from awliya' ash-shaytan.
All troubles came from this, Sheikh Mehmed Effendi. A handful of abnormal, mindless, traitors
came from Europe. They said - the Sultan is on the wrong way. We will take him down and put
the right way in its place. And this is what they brought. Sultan Hamid ruled by himself for 40
years. They brought him down. Bring someone better in his place. Well where is that person?
Who is better?

O Egyptian scholars, the ones who took away Egypt's Sultan were also awliya' ash-shaytan.
Abdel Nasser and those after him also. And now the ones in Turkey are awliya' ash-shaytan.
They are not - 'Aduwwu sh-shaytan (enemies of satan). They are satan's men. The verse is clear.
Allah Almighty is informing us in this verse. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani"(4:76) And now they
have closed off everywhere like a spider's web. You are Muslim... you are not... I will rule... you
will rule... What will you rule? Make your fatwa O Azhari Sharif scholars and Turkish scholars.
A 100 member parliament and one man's word. He said - I am bringing down the sultanate. We
got rid of it. 100 people. Then what did he say? He said - I also banished the Khilafa. Who are
you to say that? "I am me", he said. You will love me and make my statue. You will worship me.
If not, I will hang and kill you. One man, yes, with a 100 member parliament, they lowered the
1,000 year old banner of the Ottomans and brought their own flag in its place. This parliament,
are they awliya'ullah or awliya' ash-shaytan? Egypt is full of scholars. Abdel Nasser came. Who is
he? Did you give a fatwa? Why didn't you give the fatwa that he is 'aduwwullah (enemy of Allah).
He is not of the awliya'ullah (friends of Allah). All those who tricked people, tricked them by this
way; who said - we will take over now. Well, are they awlia'ullah? They put us to sleep. The
people have been ignorant. One parliament of 100 members said - let's bring down the empire of
1,000 years. 1,000 years of Khilafa, let's get rid of it. Who are you to say that? Did Egyptian
scholars answer? Did Sham scholars answer? Did Turkish scholars answer? Even though they
didn't answer, thousands of them were hanged. That was Awliya' ash-shaytan.
The order - "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76) Fight satan's men. Search out who they are?
"Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76) Azhar Sharif should give a fatwa. Turkish scholars should
give a fatwa and tell us who Awliya' ash-shaytan are. Who are they? Allah's Divine order -
"Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76). Now they have become all mixed up. One man, with one
word, ruined the Khilafa. He lowered people's spiritual value to nothing. And they still put up his
statues. They still don't say anything without mentioning him. Wake up O people, wake up O
Muslims. Allah's order - "Faqatil awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76). So there are awliya' ash-shaytan
also. We thought there are only Awliya, Allah's Awliya. So satan also has. "Faqatilu awliya' ashshaytani"(
4:76). They still can't do it. They still can't come together. They are not Awliya'ullah,
they are the awliya' of satan. They couldn't say - let's destroy them. Go ahead O Shah Mardan,
draw your Dhul Fiqqar (sword). Your Yaran are waiting for you. O our Lord, may those who
brought us to this situation be cursed. Curse on those who brought Islam into this position. O our
Lord, send us a Sultan.
Wake up O people! Wake up with what? "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani"(4:76). One order,
Mehmed. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani"(4:76). The friends of satan. Did you not recognize
them? How can you not recognize them? How could you not recognize that he is satan's man.
How many people did you hang, kill? And you destroyed Islam, and had your statues built. O
our Lord, our Mawla al-Qadir al-Muqtadir. This is the order - "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani"
(4:76). Fight against the friends of satan. Is there anyone doing that now? No, they're making
constitutions. (...) Who are you? What authority do you have to make a constitution? They still
don't understand who is awliya' ash-shaytan. There are Awliya'ullah and then there are
awliya'ash-shaytan. Our scholars couldn't recognize who are awliya' ash-shaytan. And those who
did recognize didn't say anything. Or else they would have given them what they deserve.
100 members said - we destroyed the great sultanate and we destroyed the great Khilafa too.
What authority did you have? Where are the Turks? Those who claim to be Muslim should go
out into the square. The Turks spent half their budget on his grave that is a shrine to worship in.
People would work to earn a little money and they couldn't find that either. O our Lord, O our
Lord. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76). We didn't do this, we didn't recognize them. We
didn't recognize them. The Sultan left Istanbul, neither Egypt accepted him, nor Hijaz, nor
Baghdad nor Sham. They didn't listen despite the fact he was khalifa. And today's situation is
what has befallen them in Egypt, in Sham, in Baghdad, in Hijaz. O Lord of Glory, Your are
Subhan, You are Sultan.
Go ahead O Shah Mardan, how nice your words are, how beautiful. They are waking us up.
Wake up O Muslims. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76). Search and find who are the friends
of satan. Give us the power Ya Rabbi. Even with an ant You can destroy them. But ants weren't
given that quality, you (man) were given that quality. They say - we will make a constitution.
Who gave you that authority? Who gave you that permission? Don't we have a constitution? We
have Shari'ah Gharawn Ahmaddiya and they are not ashamed to say in Egypt - we are ikhwan
Muslimin, ikhwan satan (brothers of satan), we will make a constitution. What right do you have
to make a constitution? Shameless ones. Don't we have Shari'ah? No one is coming out to ask -
who are you? But there are spiritual preparations being made. It is clear where they will all end
"Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani"(4:76). Fight against the men of satan. Erdogan
Merdogan...Erdogan Merdiven... this won't continue. You must know who awliya' ash-shaytan
are. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76). Satan has friends too. And now the whole world has
become friends of satan. Iran is like that, Turkey is like that, Kurds are like that, Arabs,
Egyptians. They all have something in their hands - we will make this. May you fail in what you
are doing! Who are you? A sultan will come to teach you a lesson. O our Lord, You are al-Qadir
al-Muqtadir. We are Your weak servants. Islam - "Inna d-Dina 'Inda llahi l-Islam" (3:19) The
religion with Allah is Islam. Give us permission to carry the honor of Islam. Give us permission,
O our Lord, to destroy those who are not carrying it. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76).
The Department of Religious Affairs should find who are the awliya' ash-shaytan in the country.
Egypt should find who are awliya' ash-shaytan. Baghdad should find; those in east and west
should find them. They should find them. It is the unchanging Order of Allah. "Faqatilu awliya'
ash-shaytani" (4:76). Are they doing this? No they are not. Satan is making them eat its waste.
Democracy is satan's waste. Eat it and become strong, satan says. (may satan die). And what it is
feeding them is its own waste. What are we doing? We are giving iftar. You don't become
Muslim by giving iftar (food to break fast).

Power is in one place, not in two different places. It was in one place - Sultan Abdul Hamid had
Irada as-saniyya (supreme will), may he rest in paradise. He ruled for 40 years by himself. He
didn't need a parliament or a constitution. With Irada as-saniyya, he ruled the entire empire
from east to west by himself. But "fahal min muddakirin" (54:40) Is there anyone who thinks,
who searches? Here it is - "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76) Make the fatwa - who are these
whom we were ordered to fight? Who are the awliya' ash-shaytan? This is Allah's Order.
"Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76) Are they in Sham, Baghdad, Turkey, India, Egypt? Why
don't you search for them. It is Allah's Order. O Azhari scholars, say. Allah Almighty said -
"Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76) Raise the flag, Allah will help you. If not, neither England
nor Germany, nor Russia will help you.
O Iran, you should also pull yourself together. O Turks, you should also get your heads straight.
"Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76) Who are friends of satan? Find them, fight, and throw them
out. And Allah's help will reach you. O our Lord, our Subhan. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your
Yaran sacrifice themselves for your way. May those like you, come and raise the banners. Bi
hurmat al-Habib bi hurmat al-Fatiha.
This is an important verse, my son. "Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytani" (4:76) Egyptian scholars
should give a fatwa about those people are. Hijaz and Turkish scholars should give their fatwa. If
they don't give their fatwa, their punishment will be most severe on Judgement Day.
Aman Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. For the sake of this Holy month of Ramadan, give
strength to our bodies, our physicality and our spirituality, O our Mawla. One ant can help us.
The Great Sultan Sulayman destroyed with the Name, the Name on one letter... The queen of
Sheba who ruled 7 countries. With one Name - Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, it was destroyed.
Why don't you use it? Why are you afraid of these corrupt ones?
Tawba Ya Rabbi Tawba Astaghfirullah. May Allah make you from His lions. Don't stop.
"Faqatilu awliya' ash-shaytan"(4:76) Know it. Kick them out. "inna llaha ma'ana" (9:40) - said
our Prophet. Verily Allah is with us. Fatiha.
Sallallahu alaika wa sallam O Glorious Messenger. Send us a Sultan. The Sultan of Islam.

Lefke, 18.07.2013

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