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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Follow a Sheikh**

Don’t bring shaitan (satan) with you. Leave shaitan outside. Don’t let him come with you to the mosque.

Shaitan entered paradise. How? - by cheating the guardians at the door. Saying "There is someone inside. I must go and look after him - advise him." He was cheating, lying.

And just as he cheated Adam ( peace be apon him ) so he is cheating the sons of Adam. The only ones not cheated are Prophets. Awliya (Saints) may be cheated before they assume their power, but when they have fought shaitan, they fought with their egos and there ( is now) no possibility that shaitan could cheat them. Allah Almighty protects them. They know shaitan. They can see him in his original form or in his disguise. And they know his deputies. And looking at a person, they know if he is with shaitan or not.

So many muslims, millions of them are cheated by shaitan because they are refusing to follow awliyas. They are saying it is not from the time of the Prophet. They are foolish – Therefore shaitan is carrying them. We are trying to make you friends of awliyas. Awliya are friends of Allah, they are friends of the Prophet. Those who are friends of the Prophet, they are friends of Allah, therefore we are asking to give you the love of awliyas. Allah Almighty was saying - “You must be with My friends”. Yes - So simple.

If we follow those people we are following Allah Almighty with protection .. when you are following them step by step you are reaching an area where there is “No entry” for shaitan and his servants No entry - Prohibited for Shaitan and his friends to enter. At a military zone there is the sign of a gun meaning that if entering you may be shot. Thus when a person enters that area and it says “No entry” for Shaitan – and shaitan is looking and seeing but can’t follow.

Prophets are infallible. But near to that - a protected area, - it may come up to its border. But before the infallible area, there are mines. One who is asking to make a good end here and hereafter may follow Awliya - the friends of Allah. You should be happy.

This is a short piece of advice that you should keep with you for ever, never forgetting. If you are asking for a good end here and hereafter, and a good station in the Divine Presence try to follow a wali, a friend of Allah. Then you should be happy and far away from troubles. Your life should be a sweet life. People say they are on honey moon. People are not asking for a honey life. Just a honey moon - going like honey – coming like vinegar. Allah Almighty is saying, “honey life is with My awliya. Be with them and your life will be honey life.” It is so easy. May Allah give you a honey life.

(edited from “Follow a Sheikh” in Truth Springs)

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