You are asking about Islamic attitudes to food and drink. Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

ANSWER - As a religion - a heavenly religion - Islam has a rule for eating and drinking according to the Holy Command of Allah Almighty. There are some things permitted to eat and drink and other things for which there is no permission. It is the Lord Allah Almighty's authority which makes something permitted or not. He may make something halal or haram. It is clear in Islam that Allah Almighty prohibits all animals from being eaten without slaughter.* Only pig is forbidden and everything from pig is forbidden. Cows, camels, sheep, goats, deer - those animals which are mentioned in the Holy Qur'an are halal and may be eaten. Only pig - no. And blood - no. All animals which eat the flesh of other creatures are forbidden. Everything from the sea may be eaten. Any creature which is revolting to look at, like scorpions, can't be eaten.

Drinking - everything which includes alcohol is forbidden. If there is no alcohol, you may drink. Even one percent of alcohol makes it forbidden. Islam may give permission and make every fresh juice halal. Only when it ferments it is forbidden. You may drink the juice of grapes, fresh is all right - but to ferment it and drink is forbidden. Everything fresh is halal, everything fermented is haram.

* For slaughter we must keep the rules. If we want to slaughter a sheep, we may cut only two veins and windpipe and gullet. You are not allowed to cut the spinal cord until the animal is dead, because that would give more pain to the animal. If you cut the spinal cord, the animal will not die - only its movement ceases. If there is no movement, then the blood will not come out - and the blood is haram. The blood carries every bacteria, every dirtiness. The poisoned air would also remain inside and the flesh of that animal would turn blue. If you leave it to die naturally without cutting the spinal cord, its flesh will be white, because there is no more blood in the cells - it will all come out and the poisoned breath will come out. On the one hand it is to be merciful to the animal - it is bad enough to give the pain of one cut, you are not allowed to give a second pain to the animal by cutting its spinal cord. That mercy is not shown in other religions. Shooting is prohibited, giving electric shock is prohibited. You only are allowed to cut the throat. You are only allowed to hunt by saying Bismillah - In the name of Allah. Not Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. You must say only Bismillah, because e'rahman e'rahim means "most merciful and most compassionate" and these two meanings belong to Allah so you can't say when you cut. You must say only Bismillah, Allahu Akbar (God is great) and without saying this, the slaughter is haram.

If you cut your finger when working and suck it to stop the blood, you must not swallow that blood, because running blood is dirty. Until all the blood runs out from an animal it is dirty. When all the blood is out, then it is clean. We must use everything clean for cooking and eating. Before eating, hands and mouth must be washed. If possible, make wudu; if not - hands, mouth and nose. Do not eat if you need to go to the toilet. Make yourself comfortable, wash, and then come to eat - that is healthy for everyone. After eating, hands and mouth must be washed. If possible, the Prophet said - make wudu and pray two rakats. After every meal the Prophet (pbuh) prayed. This is a thanks to Allah Almighty.

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