Maulana Sheikh NazimFor New Muslims: Be a Real Muslim

(On going to schools in Islamic countries to learn Qur'an and Arabic)

Our Grandsheikh says that most important for new Muslims is to try to be a
real Muslim, not to be a learned person in Islam. Important is to live a
real Muslim life. We see now so many learned people not living Islam. We
are interested in keeping the principles of Islam. Learning is very easy
but to be a real Muslim is too difficult. The whole world is Allah's
kingdom and we are His servants. In every place, not only in Islamic
countries, we may live and show to others His Kingdom by saying:

La illaha il Allah Muhammadan Rasulullah.

This is honour for you, making divine light on every foot of land. You can
learn everywhere. Islamic books are translated into many languages. Be a
right Muslim, a bright personality with your faith among people. I can
teach you the principles of Islam in one meeting. Can you take it? Can you
keep it? In one moment's looking to the Prophet (peace be upon him) a man
could take a bond with his heart, receiving what he needed for his life and
others. We must follow an inheritor of the Prophet. A real Muslim lives
for others, not himself. Take knowledge and give, don't take and keep for


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