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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**It is Forbidden for Pregnant Ladies to Have a Scan or to Go for a Check-Up **

Most people today when they want to do something never ask if it is acceptable within the Sharia. That is why so many problems and sufferings are a result. No-one, for example, asks whether the Sharia allows a pregnant lady to have a control done, or not. It is haram, it is not allowed. It is terribly harmful and causes so much damage for the baby's organs and the rest of its body. This is well known, but our people have no mind! My own daughter-in-law went just once to have a scan done and my grandson was born with a harelip. The scan damages babies inside the womb of mothers.

I am calling all muftis to give a fatwa making it haram for mothers have a scan done. This should be announced in every mosque, because it is so important. So many mothers come and complain to me about various illnesses their children have; holes in their heart, damaged eyes, deafness, malfunctioning bladder, unstable feet...

You cannot imagine how many things can be wrong with a new-born baby which were never heard of before! In 90% of the cases the cause is the scan. Oh mothers, don't let your unborn babies be scanned!


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