As long as we are within the limits of time and space we are forced to carry heavy burdens on
ourselves. Therefore we must ask Allah Almighty to take these heavy burdens away. The
Spiritual World is beyond time and space. Therefore we know that there is no time and no
space in the Spiritual World.

Hence we must try to develop our Spiritual Bodies to escape from this burden that we are
carrying. If we do not go beyond time and space our souls which has come from the Spiritual
World to our bodies are going to be locked up like in prison, which is the prison of time and
space. We must ask Allah Almighty to forgive us because we are trying to escape from His
Will. We keep thinking that it is better for us to be in prison, living for Dunya, rather than be
out of time and space.

All of the Prophets (peace be upon them), including the Seal of the Prophets Sayyidina
Muhammed (on whom be peace), gave teachings and methods to mankind to save them from
this prison and to give them their freedom. But mankind due to their desires are not following
the teachings or the methods given to them because it may become a hindrance to their
desires. Therefore anything that does not prevent them from their desires is what they seem to
be calling freedom. This is the understanding of the common people. They do not realise that
they have become slaves to their desires. How can there be freedom when they are slaves to
their desires.

Therefore when Prophets came and called Mankind to accept their good teachings and
methods, which they brought from the Heavens in order to break the bondage of slavery on
Earth and to make them free and to make them reach to Heaven, they run away saying, "No,
you have come to make us slaves, and to take our freedom away. You are trying to put us in
prison by bringing haram and halal to us." This is the understanding, today, of the common
people of this heavenly message.

Abu Jahil and others refused to accept the teachings of Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be
peace), and went against the Prophet (on whom be peace), saying, "No, we do not believe in
you and we cannot accept you and your discipline. Originally we never accepted any
discipline, we want to be free of all what you are saying. You are telling us the wrong things,
the things that we do not like to do. How could we have freedom if we listen to you because
by listening to you we are becoming slaves". They did not realise that they became slaves of
Shaitan and not of Allah Almighty.

Since they were slaves of Shaitan they did not want to accept. Shaitan was telling them not to
accept these holy teachings because by accepting it they would have lost their freedom. The
same mentality has been there throughout the centuries and particularly more so in this
century. They are trying to run away from Islam because they think that in Islam man does
not have his freedom and more particularly that there is no freedom for women. More than
half the population thinks this way and they are wrong. Shaitan and his representatives are
saying to women, "Do not accept Islam, by accepting Islam you are going to loose your
freedom. You cannot be free as you wish to be." The mentality of women has become such
today that they say, "we refuse to come to Islam. In our countries we do not want the
government to have Islamic laws, Sharia, because we will then loose our freedom. We do not
like to vote for the people who try to bring this law of Islam (Sharia) to our country."

Shaitan is teaching them not to accept Islam and that by accepting Islam they will be loosing
their freedom. Women have reached to the lowest levels possible today. Yes, women of the
20th century have reached the lowest levels. Finished. Men are dealing with women today
even as they deal with animals. They are degrading them by not giving them the honour that is
due to them. They do not give them their rights. Are these the freedoms for which women are
fighting Islam. They fight against Islam because it is preventing their animal desires, which
they need so much. Islam does not agree to this.

Islam teaches discipline to save humanity from being on the level of animals, and to take
people to the ranks of Heaven. This is the target of Islam. These are the views and teachings
of Islam, which is to save people from the level of animals and to take them to the ranks of the

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