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If you want to reach your targets easily and safely, use secrecy. Freemasons do everything secretly. Sometimes people find them out, but they are like cats. When cats get kittens, they hide them. If someone finds them, they will hide them in another place. Freemasons are like that. If someone finds out anything about them, they will change all circumstances and when you come again, you will not understand what they are doing.

Their secret power covers the whole world now. All top people are under their command or are one of them. Even if someone is number two in their hierarchy, he will not know what number one is up to. That is how strong their organisation is. The underground people are under their command as well as the people over the ground: governments, education, press, Mafia, armies, economy, banks, schools... They are everywhere! No one can do anything without them. You can do small things, but the big wheel is in their hands, and all small wheels have to follow the big one. They give the order.

This will continue until Mehdi* comes. Israel is under their control, as well as the USA. This country is under their control and so is Germany, China, Pakistan, Hindistan, Russia, Turkey, Hijas, Egypt, Libya, east, west, north, south... everything is under their control.

Troubles must continue and as long as Muslims continue to be heedless, it will go on. When Muslims awake, they cannot. That is why they give Muslims valium every day, not just in milligrams, but in grams, so that they will sleep heavily. The courts are under their control. The police, the military, the universities, the old people's homes, youth clubs, golf courses, kings, presidents, sultans... all is under their control.

Their plan is to have total hegemony over the whole world. They have been granted this, but now it is secretly. They are ruling the whole world from the underground. It is not apparent, but when Dajjal comes, it will be made clear within 40 days. All the rulers of the whole world will be with Dajjal for 40 days. Now they are in control of everything in a hidden way: taxes, telex, computers, satellites... everything! Even temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, religious associations and organisations must be controlled by someone who is with them. Amongst the rulers of the community, one of them have to belong to them. Amongst religious people, one of them must have that power. They will not be passive, but active, and they will move according to their directions. No one can go against their directions.

The stock-market is in their hands, the radio stations, the press... everything is under their control. Fashion is under their control. They dictate what you have to wear, how you sleep, which kind of beds you have, how your kitchen is, how your houses are, how you cut your beard, which hairstyle you have... everything they will tell you. Hippies are under their control. Punk rockers are under their control and so are all discotheques and pop music. They will tell you what to drink. Cigarettes are under their control, wine is under their control, casinos are under their control. The World Bank is under their control. Supermarkets and megamarkets are under their control. Antiques are under their control. Museums and libraries are under their control. Wars are under their control. Parties are under their control. The opposition is under their control. The ruling party is under their control. Everything! If you do not agree to what I am saying, make a research!

Only Prince Charles is fed up with their control and says, "I must be free!". Defenders of Truth are trying to be free from them. There is a growing group of people who are calling themselves 'Defenders of Truth'. Everyone should strive to have this title and to be a Defender of Truth, because if the Defenders of Truth do not come into existence, the sovereignty of evil will continue until the end. But I am hoping that it will be finished by the second millennium.

Every advertisement belongs to them. They do everything to cheat people and to distract them from the right to the wrong direction. When someone wants to go on the right path, they will surround him, cheat him and cause him to go in the opposite direction.

Heedless Muslims are increasing, but we hope it will finish and people will awaken to how satan and his agents are dealing with them in such a horrible way: taking their honour, nobility, precious values and giving worthless things in return. People are leaving diamonds to chase after plastic.

Hormones are under their control. Eating and drinking is under their control. Planting is under their control. Medicine is under their control. Drugs are under their control. Doctors are under their control. Hospitals are under their control.

Their wives are under their control too, because they are sent to doctors to make controls, even though it is haram. No one has the right to control except Allah. There is no need to make such controls! But as they are controlling all of mankind, they want to control that too. Ladies are not using their mind, so they go to see what is happening. So what's happening? You are pregnant and will give birth! Starting with the first month these ladies run to the doctor and every month they are put under the scan giving such trouble to the baby, harming it in many ways. So many children are brought to me harmed by the rays of the scan. When it hits their eyes they become blind. When it comes on their ears they become deaf. Some babies have holes in their hearts! Do you think that a car-factory will make a car with a hole in the fuel-box? How can a baby come out of the womb of its mother with a hole in the heart? These people just don't want to consider that these rays can cause such holes! They make operations on babies who are only a week old! For their kidneys, heads, hands, mouth... They are controlling all this and our foolish people are coming under their control. I am very angry with women and their husbands who send their wives to such controls. But no one listens to advice, because the satanic control over them is increasing. They are listening to satan and not to Prophets. The result is that a curse is coming over all nations. May Allah forgive us...


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