Maulana Sheikh NazimThe friends of Allah look not only after one, but after thousands of worlds

Destur, ya Sayidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah… The friends of Allah look not only after one, but after thousands of worlds. And Allah does not burden them in looking after them, the Wilayet Sahibleri, the friends of Allah. They have been given a divine secret. People nowadays don’t know their value. Especially the Islamic world is enemy to the holy ones, and therefore to Allah’s Prophet, and therefore they will receive now what they did. There will be a big cleaning.

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ’Azim. Allahumma thabitna ‘ala-l Haqq! (3x) Yesterday as today as tomorrow it is the same- the only wish of a believer should be to stay on the straight path…

May Allah send us from His divinely support to make everything on its right path, or (if not,) people are running on wrong way. And who is taking wrong way anytime may be an accident that may harm himself or the vehicle that he is using; coming to him something, harming him materially, physically, through his physical being or those that belong to his physical being. May harm people some accident and he is going to be hurt, injured or wounded through his physical being or material aspect.

Therefore now we have been ordered to use one channel only- warning people, nothing else. Because people now are in need more than anything to take their safe way. After taking safe way he can deal with what is necessary for him to be dealt. Now whole nations are on wrong way running. If no warning coming to them, there should be a big accident! Sometimes happening an accident for a car and behind it so many cars making accident also. For one careless driver, who is making an accident, behind him (those,) that they are not doing anything- for that careless person coming and making so many accidents, cars coming on each other.

Now warning coming from Heavens to speak on it only: That people must take their care not to make an accident or to be responsible with his bad driving; or his carelessness harming hundred’s of people, thousands of people, or millions or billions of people may be harmed for one. And we are looking that for one person on earth that he is insisting, for that one person’s reason may be taken away millions of people, hundred millions of people, even billions of people. For what? For one person! One person- he is careless person- he is saying: ’If I am going, I don’t care; after me even billions of people may be killed, doesn’t matter.’

It is today 17th of March 2003- people now on earth, all nations going to be into two parts, as it is mentioned through holy books and their reports from Heavens to people, (that): When last days approaching, whole world going to be into two parts. One part or party of people, one group, is saying: ‘We don’t like war, we don’t want war.’ The second group is saying: ’We don’t want war, but we must do war! We also don’t like war, but our minds showing us something that we must use that war.‘ Because if a person or engineers, who are going to make a tunnel (through a mountain), they may dig as much as they can, but when they are coming to a terrible rock, they say: ’Our instruments can’t cut it. We must use something like TNT to break this what is closing our way to reach second side. We must use this!’

In such a way some people say: ’No, we don’t like it, don’t use TNT, leave it as it is.’ ‘Ya Hu- we must pass!’ But some people say: ‘No, leave it, as it is, we don’t like it; we must live as we are living now, we don’t like to pass through that.’ But growing coming more and more and more (on one side of the tunnel) and it is necessary to break that rock and to pass through to a free land, because this land just full, and we must reach to a free land for all people. And people come and say: ’Don’t break this rock, no, we don’t give permission to you.’

Now the whole world’s people are in same situation. What they are doing- someones knowing, and some other people, majority, not understanding anything. Their understanding level is the level of animals, their interest is only for eating and drinking and sexual desires, to fulfil. Look now through TV whole people for what they are running? They like only to live as (they are living) now up to the end of their lives. They haven’t any target, they have no interest beyond their physical desires, and they are equal through their physical desires to the world of animals. World of animals never going to be interested in anything except eating, drinking and sexual works. Nothing else. And these people that run on streets, thousands or millions, if they may find a way, not millions but billions may run on streets to ask to stop wars, because wars going to prevent them from their animal world’s life. They never ask more than this through their lives, their life’s philosophy is only eating, drinking and sexual relationships, nothing else. When they are asking this, they are coming and saying: ’We don’t like war.’ But they are not going to think that it is impossible to continue their lives if not opening in front of them another land.

The land that they are on it now is just full, and they are in need to pass from this full land to another free land. That meadow that they are running on, is just finished. They must run to another new meadows to be free there. And they are not understanding that this war is taking them to that meadow, only they say: ‘We are not asking this, we are happy through our meadow if it is going to finished also. We like to be here forever, not to ask any free land. Please stop war.’ Can’t be!

Therefore world now going to be into two parts, accusing each other. One part saying that this part who asking war is asking to reach to oil. But no one from accused people’s group, never coming to their minds to ask those people: ‘For what you are not asking war? If you are accusing one part of world’s people that they run after oil and that they do that war for that oil, it is not true. But they are claiming.’ But those people who are standing up to break down that country, they are not asking those people: ’Why you don’t like war? If you accuse people that they ask to teach oil, but we ask you also: Why you don’t like war? For whom you make this advertisements and demonstrations? For one person!’ They are not saying: ’You are defending one person. You say: We like that person to sit on his chair forever, nothing else. This is (what) you are defending? You are defending the whole world or only one person? You defend that dictator in that country, in Iraq, you say for what? You like that that dictator continues on his chair and to do everything that his nation is never accepting and his neighbours are never accepting what he is doing? He did so many things that his nation never accepts, and his neighbours never accept, because he assaulted also his neighbours Iran and Kuwait; they are not in safety from that person, from that state Iraq. They are not happy, they are not in safety, but you say: ’No, that person must be there’? And those against him say: ’We are asking to take him away and to bring someone that his heart is full with pity, justice and good wishes for his nation, that everyone may be happy with him. We are asking to change that one.’ But they are not saying this.

And those oppositions like France, Germany and Russia accuse England and USA and other countries and they say: ‘Why you are fighting? You fight for oil.’ But they are not saying: ’Whom you are defending? That one? How? Why you are defending? His nation is not asking him and his neighbours are not in safety from him. We are asking to change that one only. You stay in your place and look what we are doing. If you are not happy with what our acting, you come and make another arrangement in Baghdad and Iraq.’ They are not saying this.

They defend only that person, a dictator, to be on his chair and to do everything and they say: ’Yes Sir’, and if someones say: ‘No’, they say: ’Take (shoot) this bullet on your mouth, on your head, on your heart.’ No! There is divinely Justice! Allah is sending from the furthest place someones to come and to take revenge for what he did to his nation, to his relatives, to the holy people of the Prophet sws, and also for what he did to his neighbours. Allah is sending a superpower to take revenge from that one.

Therefore people now who never ask that war, they are fearing that through themselves there are millions of people like that one also, they are asking to do as he did before. Don’t believe French government that they like peace, no! Germany, no, Russia, no, China, no! If they can be able, they are running and coming in the Middle East, because everyone knows that who is going to be in power in the Middle East- it is like the heart of the whole world-, and who may be able to control the Middle East may control every part of the world. This is mentioned through holy Books and also through their knowledge they know that the whole world can be controlled through the Middle East. Who can put his hand on the Middle East should be victorious every time. That is the reason, nothing else.

Therefore people are shouting, showing with their fingers (the symbol of) victory. To whom showing? Victory for the Lord of Heavens. Allah Almighty is saying: ’I am going to be Victorious and those who are with Me.‘ No one else. Who is running away from Allah they can’t be victorious. Who is going with Allah should be victorious, and which ones Allah is going to be with them, they should be victorious. And in a short time the whole world should know and should be witness from two parts of people. Allah Almighty, the Lord of Heavens, with which ones going to be? Which one going to be victorious means Allah with him. Who is failed and destroyed, everyone must know that Allah was not happy with them, finished!

May Allah forgive me and give His protection on believers and every good one from every nation and keep new generations not to be destroyed. And He knows how He can protect and shelter whom He likes to protected them! Don’t worry! It is a bad advertisement/propaganda that they say: ’There are going to be killed innocent people.’ If you know innocent people, the Creator not knowing who is innocent? If you try to save them, He can’t save them? Yes, He can save! But only those who are running away from Allah, from believing in Him, they should be taken away- young or old.

May Allah give from His divinely Powers and send heavenly support for those people who run for the benefit of mankind on earth, and support them, for the honour of His most honoured servant in His divinely Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

After the Evening Dhikr (1ooo x La ilaha ill-Allah, 100 x Salawat):
Mubaddil Sensin, Muwakkil Sensin…cont.
Qati’ Sensin, Qadir Sensin…cont.

Ya Latifun lam tazzal, bi lutfika awadtana, ya Rabbi, amin khaufana,
Wa-fuanna, wa-ghfirlana, wa-rhamna, wa tub alaina wa-hdina, wa-sqina,
Wa aslah shanana wa shana-l Muslimin, wa-nsurna ‘ala-l qaumi-l kafirin,
Wa-nsur Sultanana Sultana-l Muslimin,

Ya Khaira Ma’mul wa Akrama Mas’ul…

Without His Will no bird can fly, no leave is falling from the tree. Dunya is limited, it is not eternal. People think that it will continue like this forever and that they can do as they like. They think that the stories of the Prophets and what they have brought are fairy tales, but the heavenly news will come true.

May Allah make us to be from Paradise people. Everyone according to their intentions and works- whose intention and works are evil he will finish and vanish. Take care of your intentions. Allah has sent the Truth, let us keep the truth. But people insist on their wrong side and it comes on them accordingly. Big ones and small ones will die. Everyone is fearing now. But watch your intention and then don’t fear. Good ones will remain. Let us be with the good ones, and not with the bad ones, dirty ones, cruel tyrants. May Allah let us be with the good ones, because we love them, even we may not be good ourselves. Who loves evil and badness attracts fire.

We are hoping for the intercession of the Prophet sws. We love him as well as all the Prophets and Saints and we try to follow them.

Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah- We have to say this at least 1oo x daily for Allah to accept our request for forgiveness. Who is coming to this side he will be saved.

Lefke - 17.03.2003

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