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Maulana Sheikh NazimSomeone was making friendship with Shaitan
Someone was making friendship with Shaitan. Fajr came- he didn't pray, he said:'I will pray later'. Midday came- he postponed the prayer, afternoon,
evening came, he said:'Maybe before going to sleep I will pray'. In the end
he didn't pray at all. The sleep of someone who doesn't pray is like the
sleep of a dead body and he smells bad. The angels of mercy do not approach
him. His soul doesn't go up, but stays imprisoned in the darkness of Dunya.
One group of people goes to sleep after midnight and gets up at noon. Like
this sleep causes illness. No one should sleep more than 8 hours, otherwise
the body starts to eat up its own energy, and it will make the person unable
to get up at all. Another group of people can't sleep at all, only if they
use pills. And valium is pure poison- also eating up the energy of the body
and finishing the nervous-system.
All troubles are coming on these people because they lead a life without
discipline. And there is no discipline out of Islam. For all these people
Dunya is Bela, they are cursed. No matter who they are and how 'important'
they are, their life is poisoned. Who is going away from discipline, falls
from blessings into cursings. And there is discipline only in Islam, not in
any other system or religion, because Islam is fighting the nafs, the ego.
Others may show outwardly a discipline, but that is also from the ego, the
ego wants to makes its own discipline. That is the bela that is finishing
everyone, individually and commonly. Without discipline everything comes
from the ego. People refuse the measures that Allah brought, His laws, and
they want to make their own laws according to their desires and wishes. And
all these laws are against humanity, because they are imitated, not real,
not true.
People are asking freedom, everything must be, as they like. Who from those
people that lead a life without discipline, can say that he can do
everything he wants in his life? If they say, they are lying. They live like
the wild animals in the djungel. And envy is eating them up- women are more
envious towards other women. The people of Dunya never find peace and rest
in their life. Always something is coming on them to disturb them, always
something is happening to them. Be careful! Remember the end of Abu Jahil.
He had everything, but he never was at rest during his life. He was so
proud. And in the end he was thrown in a dry well, and others along with
him, altogether 7o people. When the Prophet came to the well, he looked down
and asked: 'Did you meet the end that you were promised by Allah?' The
Sahabas were astonished and asked: 'But can they hear you?' 'Yes', the
Prophet replied,'they can hear me like you hear me now. And they are saying
that they indeed found the end, that Allah promised to them.'
Look to the people who accepted discipline- they are all Akhirat-Sultans,
and they are honoured and respected by people up today. There is heybet at
their makams. They found even more than what they expected (as Allah
promised to them a reward that no one has heard of and no one has seen).
There is the tomb of a holy man in Cyprus that has always been respected and
honoured, even before the Ottomans came. And after them even the English
were respecting him. They used to shoot Salut for Hala Sultan also. Who
taught them to do this? This is for the honour of those Akhirat-Sultans.
All the Bela in the world now is because there is no more discipline- people
are cursed...Ya Muhauli hauli wa-l akhwal, hauli halina ila ahsani hal...We
are asking: Oh Allah, You change our state, You may do it in one moment.
Send Rahmet, mercy, and let it rain also on the hearts of people, so the
curse will go from them and they may come to discipline. If not, they will
not find any goodness...Mankind is finished, people are like garbage,
poisoned. May Allah send mercy on us, He is Qadir, Muqtadir, the All-Mighty,
the Powerful...O Allah, send us the Sultan, the Padischah. We have no power
to do that- You must bring him...
We say 'Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim' and
'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim', to be dressed with the Baraka of the
Besmela. By the Besmela a stone is turned into a living bird...This sohbet
is important...Shaitan doesn't leave people to accept discipline
Lefke - 12.12.2001
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