Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Fundamental Beliefs What Makes A Person A Muslim

The main belief that makes a person Muslim is to say and accept that "La ilaha illallah" ("There is no God but Allah"). That is the main and most important belief, which makes a person in Islam. It is not complete without adding, "Muhammadur rasulullah", that Muhammad is His prophet, is Allah Almighty's messenger and to believe that he is the last messenger who declared to people the most important mission or prophecy to make people to believe in the unity and existence of the Lord Almighty, Allah, as God. That is the most important and simple principle which makes a person Muslim rather than Christian. A Christian who continues to believe in Trinity, can not be Muslim.

Among all groups of people only Christians accept the idea of a Trinity. No prophet before or after Jesus Christ proclaimed this. Therefore, they do not become Muslim till they declare the Unity of God and refuse to accept Trinity. It is not enough if they declare the Unity of the Lord Almighty, Allah, but do not declare the messenger, Muhammad (pbuh). If they do not accept him as the seal of prophets, the last prophet, the messenger of God, they can not becoming Muslim. That is the most important condition for Christians and for Jewish people. The same condition, even though they declare the Unity of God, Almighty Allah, but still they do not declare the prophecy and messengerhood of the seal of prophets, Sayiddina Muhammad (pbuh) and they are not Muslims.

All Jewish people, accept the Unity of God, but if not declaring the prophecy of Muhammad (pbuh) - they are not Muslims. If they are to be Muslims, they must declare also the prophecy of the seal of prophets, Sayiddina Muhammad (pbuh). Christians, are not approaching Islam, because they declare Trinity, that it is wrong religion and also they do not declare the prophecy of Muhammad (pbuh).

Islam in Arabic means "submission" or "to submit" or "to surrender". It is for every religion. Islam was with Adam, with Noah. Islam was with Abraham. Islam was with Ishaq. Islam was with Ismail. Islam was with Jacob. Islam was for the children of Israel. Islam was with Moses. Islam was with Zakaria. Islam was with King David. Islam was with Solomon. Islam was with Jesus Christ as well as for Muhammad (pbuh), so that Islam is for all. Islam is not only for Muslims, it is for all, because it means to surrender to the Holy commands of Heavens, to be a servant for the Lord of Heavens. Therefore, Islam is for all and there is no sense to try to escape from Islam or to hate Islam. That is only ignorance, it is not knowing what is the meaning, that there is no religion except Islam. Did other religions say to people, don't surrender to the Holy commands of Allah, don't be servants for Allah Almighty? What did they say? What did Adam say? What did Abraham say? What did Moses say? What did Jesus Christ say? and others from the thousands of prophets? Did they say to people, don't surrender to the Holy commands of the Lord Almighty Allah. What is that? Why do people now hate Islam? Islam is the real and most important pillar of all religions. Without Islam, there is no religion. Islam is heavenly discipline offered from Heavens to all mankind, unchanging. A Christian, a real Christian, he is in Islam. A real Jew is in Islam. Real believers or heavenly commands are in Islam. That means submission, or to submit, to the commands of the Lord of Heavens. You may say God, or you may say Allah for His Holy Name.

Islam is carried on two important pillars: (1) service to Allah Almighty, believing in Him and serving Him, to be servants to the Lord Almighty Allah; and (2) to be merciful to His creatures - merciful means to look after everyone according to their needs during their lives, to keep them in the best conditions. Islam calls people for every service as every religion called people to give the best service to each other and all creatures. Those are the main pillars of every religion as well as of Islam. But people down the centuries, during thousands of years, lost or changed the meaning of Islam in their religions, in their beliefs. Therefore they are coming to fight Islam. Nowadays, it is a pity that even Muslims do not understand the real meaning of Islam and are not practising it as it should be practised. If Islam were practised by the whole of mankind, which is so easy and suitable for the nature of this world and for the nature of mankind, this planet should be a Paradise, no doubt. I am claiming that. Because Islam would take away evil and devils. As long as devils live people and evil continues, there will be no peace on earth and there will never be a Paradise on this Planet. Islam came to take away devils and evil from mankind, but mankind doesn't understand, because their egos are fighting against surrendering to Allah Almighty's orders. Ego and egoism are the worst things which people practise in our days. No-one can say, no, it is all right, because people are only practising egoism, nothing else. Believers or unbelievers, Muslims or non-Muslims, most in our days are practising egoism. They are redefining their beliefs and services according to their egos, not according to the Holy commands of their Lord Almighty Allah. Therefore, people nowadays are fanatical people ruled by their egos.

That is an introduction for Islam. Then we may look at Muslim beliefs, for their Lord, for the community. It should be clear for everyone what we say about Islam and what is real Islam. Now Islam asks people firstly to believe in their Lord, for the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of mankind, the Lord of the Universes, the Lord of Heavens and Earth, the Lord of angels, the Lord of Adam, the Lord of Noah, the Lord of Abraham, the Lord of Moses, the Lord of David and Solomon, the Lord of Jesus Christ, the Lord of beloved Muhammad (peace be upon them). That is the same faith, that Adam brought to people from heavens, the same principle that Abraham declared in front of Nimrod, the same principle that Moses taught in front of Harun, the same principle which David and Solomon pursued with their swords, that is the main principle which all prophets followed with their swords and the main principle for Jesus Christ, who worshipped Him, the Lord of Heavens. It is the first principle beloved Muhammad (pbuh) followed against idol-worshippers in Arabia. We are on it now - the unity and existence of the Lord of Heavens.

Then, Islam called people to believe in angels, to believe in heavens and who is living in heavens, angels. That is an unchangeable principle of belief, through the whole heavenly religions Adam just spoke of it, that we must believe in heavens and angels. It is the declaration of Abraham, declaration of Moses, declaration of King Solomon and David, declaration of Jesus Christ and the declaration of Muhammad (peace be upon them). The principle of Islam which we believe in Holy Books, which were brought by prophets or sent to prophets beginning from Adam and ending with Muhammad (peace be upon them) Holy Books came from Heavens via archangel Gabriel to all the prophets. We believe all Holy Books came via Archangel Gabriel to prophets - what was sent to Adam, what was sent to Abraham, what was sent to all the prophets, what was sent to Moses from Torah, what was sent to David from the Psalms, what was sent to Jesus Christ from the Bible and what was sent to beloved Muhammad (peace be upon them) from the Holy Qur'an.

Then, as a principle of the belief of Muslims, we believe in prophets, we believe and accept that Allah Almighty, the Lord of Heavens, sent so many prophets, maybe thousands - we have been informed that there are 124,000 prophets, some of them great and greatest. We believe in all prophets. Islam calls people to believe in all prophets, including Adam,Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and Muhammad (peace be upon them). What is Islam calling people to? Islam is calling people to believe. Why are people fighting against Islam? Islam is calling people to believe. If Christians must fight, they must fight unbelievers, not believers. We believe in Moses - why are Jews fighting us? We believe in Jesus Christ - why are Christians fighting us Muslims? What is the reason?

The next principle after belief in prophets, we are on a safe way for books and for prophets, because we accept belief in all of them. Christians do not believe in all and Jews do not believe in all especially Jesus Christ and the Bible. But we, as Muslims, we believe in Moses and his Holy Book the Torah, and we believe in Jesus Christ and his Holy Book the Bible. But they do believe in the Holy Qur'an and they do not believe in Muhammad (pbuh). What is the matter? Have they proof that Muhammad was no prophet? If Moses was a prophet and Muhammad wasn't prophet - what is their proof? They only have tradition coming down the centuries about Moses that he brought miracles - no-one has seen but we have heard. If news gives an authority for us to say that someone is a prophet or not, as well as for their books, it is all right for Muhammad - it is true or not - he is nearer than Moses and nearer then Jesus Christ also. How can they deny what is on moon and are say that Jupiter is clearer for us than the moon? Who is saying this? That must be nonsense. Christians and Jews are making such a nonsense judgement about Muhammad (pbuh). As history you may find out about Muhammad, because his time is closer.

Then, we believe and call people to believe in the Last Day, Judgement Day, as all religions call people to believe in the Judgement Day. This means that all religions say to people: O people, you are responsible - whether you live as a good person or as a bad person. If you are living as a bad man, you will be punished. That is the main pillar for all religions. If there is no such pillar, then there is no religion, no meaning for religions, for beliefs. If you do not make people believe in responsibility, it means nothing. Islam gives responsibility to people. To believe, everyone must try to be a good one, not a bad one. If people are bad, what is Islam for? Is Islam calling people to be bad ones or calling people saying there is responsibility, there is Judgement Day for people, take care, beware of Judgement Day, because in front of you there is Paradise and Hells and you can't enter Paradise until you pass over Hells - there is a bridge and only good ones may pass, not bad ones. That is Islam. How can there be a fight against Islam? How can we not fear Allah? How can we say we are real Christians or real Jews? We are calling people to make a free meeting everywhere to discuss this point. Those are the beliefs which Islam calls people to believe in. Islam calls them to live according to their beliefs. If people do not live as they believe, what blame comes to Islam? Why are we accusing Islam? If any clever person says this, it must mean there is something wrong with his brain. Islam asks us to act according to our beliefs during our lives.

Then, we must take care for the Lord's service, worshipping. The beginning of worship is to be clean. To be clean is for all religions. Christians know it and Jewish people know more than Christians what it is to be clean for men and women. No-one can stand up in the divine presence without washing, without cleansing himself - cleaning his body, cleaning his clothes, cleaning his place. Islam calls people to be clean for the service of the Lord. What is wrong with Islam? Islam comes with one order - to make everything all right, to make everything in justice. Islam is ordered to take away cruelty and to bring justice for everything - in families. in communities, amongst creatures, you must keep justice. The main command of Allah, an unchangeable command from the beginning up to the end because Adam ordered justice. why are you accusing Islam, why are you accusing Muhammad (peace be upon them). What rights have we to accuse Islam? Still it is excellent - preventing cruelty and ordering justice. Christians and others may see may read in Islamic history where justice in Islam reached, particularly at the time of Caliph Umar that was Islamic justice.

Our ways to Paradise. All prophets brought to their nations the key of Paradise. Adam spoke about the key of Paradise, as well as Noah was calling his nation to Paradise and telling them about the key of Paradise. Abraham brought the key of Paradise and Jesus Christ just brought the key of Paradise. Without a key, no prophet may come - they must bring to their nations, the key to Paradise. That key is to say LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH (there is no god but Allah), and declare the existence of the Lord Almighty Allah and His Unity, Jesus Christ was a unitarian, he did not say three, he said and addressed one, not three. From where do Christians bring that three? Jesus Christ prayed to one, not to himself, but he was praying to as they are saying, the Father. Father was one, not three.

What is the reason that Islam does not give a chance for people to boost their egos or to think satanic thoughts or to have bad thoughts? Because even the smallest chance for the ego must harm them physically and spiritually. If you give a chance for a driver on the motorway not to keep in line, a quick accident may happen. Therefore, there is no chance for freedom on the motorway for drivers to do as they like. And our life-way is the same as a motorway - if the motorway is accepting a chance for freedom for drivers to do as they like, then a person may have a chance through their life-way to do as they like. But no-mind people are asking to be free to do everything as they like, but our mentality is refusing that. That is the reason. Really, they are not able to bring any system more perfect than Islam or any discipline more perfect and more suitable than Islam for the life of mankind - individually and collectively. If they are bringing, I am here. In beliefs, in worship, in their dealings - individually and collectively - towards their Lord, between each other - if they can bring more perfect beliefs or religion or faith or a life-way, we are ready to study it. But Islam was perfect in the past and it is perfect in the present and it is perfect for ever in the future.

Q - If I was going to make a big advertisement to put everywhere - "Islam is best, because..."

Islam is best if you are practising it perfectly. I may say that this physician is the most perfect one, but I am not taking care of what he is saying. How can I blame that physician, that specialist, that I am not being cured? If I am not taking any care for his advice and prescription - what is the benefit of the most famous specialist of Harley Street or from America? Nothing. But people are so foolish now, they are not looking at what is in the perfection of Islam. They are only insisting to look after the Muslims in our days, but Muslims in our days are not real Muslims - they are Muslims only through identity cards only to keep form, doing actions bodily but not with their hearts.

(Der Morgenstern Sept 1992 - Feb 1993)

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