Maulana Sheikh NazimGet Connected!

Even if you feel strong, don't use your knowledge and waste your energy on those who will never understand. Give them what they need and that with which they will be happy. Give the donkey straw and barley to the horse. Cats will never like barley. Grandsheik used to tell me the following story:

Once upon a time a person told his neighbour, "My cat only eats meat, nothing else."
"You are not giving it a good education. Give it to me for 3 days. I will teach it to even eat barley."
"That sounds impossible."
"Don't worry, I am an expert in such matters."

So the neighbour gave his cat to him. He took the cat, put it in a cage with only water inside. Outside he put a pot of barley mixed with water. The cat started to miau. This continued for 3 days. Then the man went next door and told his neighbour to come and have a look, "Now your cat knows how to eat barley, I have just finished teaching it."

The owner came and opened the cage. The barley was still standing there and the cat ran straight to it and started eating with pleasure. In the same way, if a person does not understand, do not waste. Give everyone what they need. No more! If you give more, you will waste your knowledge. If a person starts arguing with you, don't argue back, because arguments will extinguish the lights of faith. If foolish people come to argue with you, tell them, "I do not believe what you believe in, so go away!"

Islam has perfection, because it is not man-made, it has come from Heavens. It came down to give a perfect programme for the life of mankind. Nowadays there are many people who are computer programmers. You wouldn't be able to do that. Not everyone can. Before you do, you must learn a lot. The complete programme of life in its perfect conditions has been programmed by the Lord of Heavens. Our minds could not work out such a complete programme. This is knowledge which everyone should know.

Islam has come to make connections between human beings. It never wants people to be cut-off from each other. Men and women should be connected as husbands and wives; children with each other; sisters; neighbours; students and teachers, teachers and students; governments with the public, the public with governments... Islam never makes it possible for connections between mankind to be cut-off.

In our days it is the opposite. We find everyone separated and everyone wants to be in their own tower independently. They say, "I am alone and I like to live my own life, I don't care about others. I am in my ivory tower." They want to be silkworms in their cocoon. That is the fashion. People want to be separated from everyone. No-one can be closer to you than your parents. But nowadays people escape from their parents. They want to be free, by themselves. Even when people marry they want to be free, they want to be in their own cocoons. Sometimes already after the first night.

Fanatical unbelievers calling themselves Muslims are behaving in a way that most people cannot accept Islam today. Islam does not give a person a chance to separate from their own centre. But today our children tell us that we are old-fashioned and that they know better. They do not want any advice. They cut themselves off from the ones who are closest to them. Islam put people together in a perfect connection.

When a tree grows the wood gets harder and higher. After a while it will get branches, but those branches will always be connected to the roots. Branches are fresh, but they are not too proud to be connected. If they would, the axe would cut them off and after a few minutes they would be dead. In the old days people were with their parents. They would cry if their parents would build a new house for them to go and live in. They were under their wings because Heavenly Blessings come through the old ones, come through the roots.

The more a community holds together, the more power, light, wisdom and blessings from Allah it will get. If it doesn't, it will lose the blessings, wisdom, lights and even its life. That is why Islam has so many enemies, because it connects people, connects their hearts and does not give the people a chance to be cut-off from their ancestors, roots and cultures. Nowadays those devils have put every culture upside down. You must fight against every idea concerning that point. You will never find any 'ism' to teach people any good manners. Every 'ism' wants to separate people from each other. That is the main aim of the satanic kingdom on earth. Satan has established his kingdom on earth and he knows, that if the connections are not cut-off between people, the satanic kingdom cannot be in force. So every means is being used to separate people from each other. Sheik Sharaffudin told Grandsheik that there would come a period in which 5 enemies will sit down at one table and eat; wife and husband against each other, children against their parents and amongst themselves... That is the time in which we are living.

People are even against each other when it comes to which football team they are supporting. That foolish football even causes people to kill each other! Islam takes away all those bad manners and will bring perfection. When satan sees two people sitting together and being happy, he will come up to one of them and start whispering, "Why are you sitting with that person, he is such an idiot!" Then he will go to the other one and whisper, "Look at him, he is only thinking about himself!" That is how quarrels start...


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