Maulana Sheikh NazimGive your Hand to Charity, Your Soul to the Lord

We have been given a part of His Divine Presence, of His Divine Soul, which no other creature has, and have been created in a perfect way for a reason. Just like the earth has been created for a purpose. The sun was created for a reason. The moon was created for a purpose. Every creature has been created for a purpose. We look around and try to find out in which way we can use them.

We realise that we are the owners of this earth, we know that no other creature can reach this capacity and authority. There are so many creatures which are much more powerful than man, but they cannot control anything. You can control everything on earth. You can reach the deepest ocean. You can go to the skies and above. It is this kind of authority which makes you different than anything else around you. We try to find out the use of all creatures, except our own. Mankind does not bother to find out what their real reason for existing is.

We are at the end of this century, reaching out to the second millennium. Still man is occupied with their physical being, putting their full interest into their material world, even though they are aware of the fact that their material being will be put to an end by death. No-one lives on earth forever. We see thousands of people leaving this world every day. We see dead bodies being taken to the cemetery and put under ground, but we don't really ask what has happened. How is it possible that this body was still running around yesterday and today it can't? Why are we alive one moment and dead the next? Maybe the question comes to some people's mind, but they do not persist in trying to find out.

Since the beginning of life on earth Holy Books have been given to us. Man has always wanted to know what happens after death. But our educational systems today teach us nothing but theories about the beginning of life, and nothing about what happens after death. Science cannot bring contentment to people concerning the origins of their future. When someone today talks about death or beyond death, people are so embarrassed that they try to make a joke about it, or even worse: a taboo. It is very difficult today to speak about anything concerning Holy Books, people say these are bygone tales. But the situation of mankind is getting worse, because man needs to believe. Beliefs make a person perfect. Man cannot be perfect without a belief. A person without a belief is a terrible person, more violent than a tiger, bear or wolf. From day to day the violence on earth is increasing.

Everybody is afraid of the coming days. Everyone is wondering what the coming millennium will bring. If they are not controlled, the competition between scientists, nations and weapon producers will increase to the point of explosion. Governments are spending 99% of their budget on weapons. What are they competing for? It is according to our violence. It is what our egos are asking for. They think that the most violent one will be the hero. We have not been sent to this life to kill, but to live. But the whole world now is intent on killing. All Holy Books: the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Last Testament, the Holy Quran, mention that when the Last Days approach, violence, killings and wars will increase. People will kill and be killed without knowing why.

We are like flocks, whatever our shepherds want us to do, we do. The reason that they can do with us what they want, is that our belief has reached the point of zero. This is what they want: they want us not to believe in anything. They want us to forget our Lord. The whole world is on the point now of not wanting to know anything about their Creator and not to believe, even though we need it. Even the biggest opponent of religions will start crying when he dies: Oh my Creator, oh Allah!

Since 60 years I am urging people to believe in their Creator. We believe that all prophets came as messengers from Heaven. Everyone of them brought a message from Heaven. The Lord of Heavens asked mankind to live happily and peacefully. The first man was created in Paradise. The Lord of Heavens would have left them to live in Paradise forever, if satan, who was the first jealous one of all creation, had not wanted this high honour, which we have been given, for himself. When the Lord created us as his Deputies, satan was so angry and so jealous that he started chasing the first couple out of Peaceland, out of Paradise. This is why were thrown out. He will never let us be in peace. But the Lord of Heavens has sent 124 000 prophets, all of them with messages to guide people to a happy peaceful life. Satan wants people to fall into troubles, miseries and sufferings.

Unfortunately everything in our days from east to west and from north to south, is turning in the wrong direction, is running after satanic ideas. The Heavenly Message has been thrown away. People are listening to satan and are making 'isms', 'isms', 'isms': communism, capitalism, feminism, kamalism... all of them are false. They are against the Divine Message. These are satanic ideas, his representatives have introduced them to throw people into misery.

We are reaching the second millennium. What is going to happen? If we do not change our direction, no doubt it will be terrible. There will be no more living people on earth. The majority will be killed and all buildings will be in ruins. Satan will sit on the mountain of ashes and be so happy: "Finally I have given my revenge to mankind!"

We have to see if we can save ourselves from that catastrophe. The Holy Books tell us that there will be a group of people who, even if everything else is going in the wrong direction, will go in the right. Moses* was a great prophet, he was the one who spoke with the Lord. Before his prophecy, when he was escaping from Egypt he came to the country of Kaana. He met Shuayb* (the Prophet Jethro) and promised to be the shepherd of his flocks for 7 years in return for marrying one of his daughters. This was his dowry. It is not permitted to marry anyone without a dowry. It can be anything, but the more you give, the more she will love you.

One day Moses* was with his flock in a valley full of wild animals. If he had just looked away for a second, they could have been attacked. It is very important to protect that which has been given to you as a trust. Suddenly he was overcome by a heavy sleep, unable to open his eyes or even to stand up. At the same time he knew, that if he would fall asleep, at least half of his flock would be gone. If he would just be able to keep his eyes open, it would be enough, because the power of man lies in his eyes. So he said, "Oh my Lord, here is your servant, your Will is above mine, it must continue..." with that he fell down, but within and instant he regained his strength. As he stood up he saw that the biggest of all wolves was standing above the flock keeping control over them and chasing away all the other wolves. The Lord addressed him, " Oh Moses*, you are what I want you to be. When you are with me, I am with you. I am looking after your flock, I can even make the wolf to be the shepherd over your flock!"

Try to be with Him and He will be with you. If a flood comes, like at the time of Noah*, you will be in safety. No titles which you carry in this life will be of any importance or any kind of life-style. I am teaching you the most honourable style in this life which will make you happy, successful, victorious, in safety and in peace. It is not important if you are a Muslim, a Jew, or a Christian. My advice for you, is to be with your Lord, and He is one. Don't think that Christians have one Lord, Jews another, Muslims another. No! Be for Him. Be for Allah and you will be happy here and in the hereafter. Do your best for people. That will make you enjoyful always. Try to give your hand to charity and your soul to your Lord.


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