Maulana Sheikh NazimThe good taste of life comes with servanthood!

Ohhh! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!
We are asking every support, because we are living in a time it is so
difficult time; perhaps from beginning of mankind on earth up today it
is never seen such a difficult conditions, difficult life and heavy
burden on people! Whole people that living through East and West, from
North to South, they are suffering. We may find people that they have
everything, but news... that it is a Fitna, very bad instrument that
mankind they are inventing such an instrument!

I was on my 12 years old from my age and first radio that means 1933 or
34, that means should be now 7o years, 75 years- with my father I am
going to a friends office. The first radio, only one through Nicosia,
through Turks. And I was listening, hearing that there was a big box-
not like this, big box, one person can’t carry it. Opening some buttons
and beginning to speak. I am asking: “From where this?” They are saying:
“From Turkish coming this, Turkish language”, and we were so surprised.
And then the owner of that radio was saying to my father that: “This is
now not so clear, this instrument, but they are trying to do another
instrument. Now we are only hearing, but that instrument, that they are
trying to make it, you should see person, that speaking!” “How it can be?”

Really after ten years, after the End of Second War, this TV,
television, we heard that they made such an instrument, as I heard
before: you may look and see that person speaking. And first one of our
friends from Turkish people. Government making a station for sending
(and) he bought such an instrument. And it was 1947, that means 60 years
now, first I am, they are inviting me and I am going Nicosia. “What is
that?” “From atmosphere coming and now this instrument taking that
pictures and showing people…” Subhanallah! Now technologia, technology,
just reaching to a point that they are doing small boxes, even through
veins you may look, making like this… and you are looking and seeing so
many things!

From some sight it was so wonderful instruments. People they were happy
to see such a things. But now it is going to be (the) center of sorrow
of people, because every time you are making this command, coming
something that injuring your heart and giving to you troubles and from
that views that you are looking and seeing, making you to be sorrowful.
Therefore I am saying now whole nation, whole people, they are in
sufferings. They are suffering, for what?

Everything happening through East to West; from every kind of bad
things, we are looking and affecting onto you. Even you can be richest
one, you can be King or Queen or President or any kind of peoples ranks,
but you are not happy, because when you are looking and seeing that
people just killed through bombs and through missiles, homes destroyed,
people on ways, small ones running away and coming on them bullets,
killing them, no eating, no drinking, you are injured through your
heart, you are going to be full with sorrow!

Therefore I am saying that from beginning up today, earth never reached
such a conditions that everything making them to be full with sorrow!
And people mostly they are saying or asking not to see, not to hear such
a sorrowful news. News making people to fill with sorrow, therefore now
people are not happy through their lives. And they are drinking so many
wines and such a things that making them to be drunk, because drunk
people they are never getting some sorrow through their hearts; they are
thinking that- they are using that and they are saying: ”Nothing,
everything is okay!” They are running to spend much more money for wines
and such forbidden drinks, to make their minds not to think, not to be
sorrow. When they are coming back they are saying: “Ohhh, we are falling
in Hells!”

And people now they are living in Hells: Americans, Russians, French,
German, Italians, Turks, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, from East to West,
from North to South everywhere that instrument giving trouble to people
and making them not to taste the good taste of life. And good taste of
life only going to be with servanthood, but they are thinking that the
taste of life with drinking and dancing and using drugs. And coming from
bad to be worse, form worse to be worst conditions on earth- everywhere!
Everywhere, even most, never improved people through jungle, through
Africa, America, people, they are going to be affected and they are
trying to make themselves to enjoy, but no more enjoyment for mankind
now, finished, because they are thinking that enjoyment with drinking
and using drugs. No! That making them to be in worst conditions! And now
people the area of Hells, no more pleasure on earth now, finished!

Because people thinking today may be in Lebanon, tomorrow may be in
Cyprus, after tomorrow may be in Turkey, after tomorrow may be in Europe
or in Asia or in Africa or in America… (but) everywhere now, look, no
sun! No sun shining, everywhere just closed by clouds; clouding, you
can’t see sun, that sun giving people hope of life and giving to them
pleasure! Sun is sad now and the sun that giving people pleasure, just
under clouds, entering through dark darkness!

And people now they don’t
know where they may run away, to save themselves, they are shouting
everywhere: “SOS, save our souls! Save our souls!” They are thinking
that this body is their soul. No, but they are asking to save their
material being, physical being, not asking real safety and real pleasure
that should be, if their souls going to be free from this conditions.
They are not thinking on it. They are trying that: “We must look to make
our physical being in pleasure” and now that door just shut down, closed!

Now people on wrong way giving much more darkness this world and they
are not thinking that real pleasure only with heavenly aspects. They are
never thinking on it, no, and that is a punishment that the Lord of
Heavens, threatening people: “O people, I am going to punish you, when
you are escaping, not obeying through My heavenly Orders! You should run
away to find pleasure and it is impossible to find a place, peaceful
place, no, you may go to Mecca Mukarrama or Medina Munawarra, even there
that shaitanic instrument on work through streets, through homes and
they are taking their share from darkness and troubles and suffering
even they are living in most holy Places!

And you are looking Palestine, that holy Place, river of blood running
there. It is not Allah Almighty’s Order to kill each other; those places
only for people to ask pleasure to make Allah Almighty pleased with them
and Allah Almighty giving to them pleasure, peaceful life.

O people, you are on wrong way, leave that technologia, run to nature!
You are running away from nature and Shaitan making you to fall in
Hells, here, before second life.

We are asking forgiveness! Forgiveness. Therefore I am saying ‘As-salamu
alaikum, as-salamu alaikum! Ask peace, ask from Allah Almighty Pleasure,
ask from Allah Almighty Mercy and Blessings! Everything that mankind
doing now, carrying on them cursing.

O people, don’t run after Shaitan; break down everything that belongs to
technologia and run to Allah Almighty’s holy Places! And holy Places may
be through East and West that you are doing your building for the honour
of the Seal of Prophets, to be humble servants for Allah Almighty and
thankful servants to your Lord Allah Almighty. You should be saved; you
should be here and Hereafter in a peaceful life, enjoyful life! When you
are making Allah Almighty to be pleased with you, He is making you to be
in pleasure and pleased.

But people never understanding. Never understanding; understanding only
language of Shaitan; never asking to understand the language of Holy
Books, particularly the Seal of whole holy Books, Holy Quran, that
showing every good way for mankind. But they are like wild animals, they
are kicking holy Quran and running away, but they are falling in traps
of Shaitan.

O people, think on it! Allah Almighty not making Quran Karim to be a
book (that) you are saying story book or Roman… Victor Hugo, Roman,
writing; Shakespeare writing Hamlet, French Lamartine writing some… they
are Romans, Allah Almighty not sending to you Roman, Allah Almighty
sending to you holy Book from Heavens to reach pleasure here and
Hereafter, but people running away, kicking, like wild animals, kicking
and running away. Aina mata? Where are you running? Where are you
running? So many nations that cursing coning from Heavens, they are
running away and Angels asking, shouting to them: Aina mata? To where
you are running? Run to your Lord’s shelter. His Mercy Oceans may
shelter you, nothing else!”

That is. Therefore we are beginning for our humble meeting what coming
to my heart to speak on it. It is important. It is, I am addressing
first to my ego and second to whole people: Keep you way, ask your
Lord’s Pleasure, try to make Him pleased with you and He makes you
pleased- here and Hereafter!

May Allah bless you and grant to you eternal life. Ohhh, eternity,
eternity!… Everyone knowing that tomorrow we are leaving this life and
everyone running to take much more material from this life. They are on
wrong way! Be for Allah and do everything for Allah, you should be happy
and in pleasure here and Hereafter!

O or Lord, forgive us! We are asking Your Forgiveness, we are asking
that You may bless this Ummah, the nation of Muhammad sws, most honoured
servant, most praised servant, for Allah Almighty, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

Lefke, 18.5.07

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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