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Uways al Karani in Yemen... Allah Allah Uways al Karani His Highness, May Allah sanctify his secret, for his barakah, the difficulty on us shall be lifted, darkness shall end, this holy month... must be bright... May there be victory in this month. Amin. Fatiha.

There was an old fashioned mansion that belonged to the nephews of my mother. It was one of the houses, we used to go when I was a child. They had a cuckoo clock. I still remember, I was 7 or 8 years old. Aunt Suraya, her size was like 3 of us together. Her voice was mashallah, what a voice! Her singing was powerful, Her husband Husain Bey, our uncle by marriage. I felt happy. There was an inner court, Haji Mehmed. There was a pond. The sound of water, babbling... made me feel so relaxed, you can't imagine. It was a pond, water was running making a sweet noise... red fish in it. We also have it in our house, but the babbling of water wasn't like that in the old ponds. The new owners of the house destroyed it. I want that mansion. It is at least a 100-150 year old mansion, like this house.

Sometimes when he was in a mood, he used his full voice in khutba. He read fast and with power. People woke up. Who wakes up, they follow the imam. We prayed with joy. We made dua. I can't look away, because of the majesty of khutba. May Allah increase their stations.

Shaykh Effendi's power is complete now. He took it now. Shaykh Mehmed Effendi rules. Hala Sultan wants him now to come here and to be a shaykh for me.


M: In Hala Sultan. Inshallah we will take him. Since holy one (Hala Sultan) wants him, I shall take him there so she sees and takes him over. Shaykh Effendi was from Unye - Musa Kazim Effendi. He didn't look into people's faces. Like this. I used to go there when I was a child. I kissed his hand. He gave me 3 silver piaster for Eid. 3 piastres he used to give me. I sat upstairs. I waited. Downstairs the food was prepared... 3 big boilers. If Haji Gulbin sat inside them, she would fit in them. That big. They cut down forests. Beans with meat. Rice in gravy, In the other boiler was halva (a traditional sweet). I shall take halva, it is going to be opened now, he can cook halva. 3 boilers. Maybe 300-500 people used to come, they visited on the 3rd day of Eid, 3rd day of Ramadan Bayram. The governor also came. The governor with his wife, undersecretary with his wife, police chief with his wife, they came and visited Hala Sultan. They went backwards out of her presence. A feast was organized.

There was an old Ottoman building. It was ruined. He wanted to build a new one instead. He turned to islamic countries but no one helped. Finally they left it. It is of no use. Inshallah I will build an old Ottoman building behind it. The government is there. It will be in our hands inshallah. There is a strange tajalli (manifestation) there. Her tajalli is powerful. She is our sultan. (Hala Sultan) May Allah bless her. Nothing happens to us, because of her blessings. This place belongs to her. I will take it. Cyprus. I shall take all of it inshallah. Shaykh Mehmed Effendi rules there. Istanbul took whatever benefit it can from Shaykh Mehmed Effendi. This Selatin Mosque, Sahabe-i Kiram (companion of Prophet) is inside. They also let him to come here... for Shaykh Mehmed Effendi. Inshallah tomorrow, if the weather is good, I will also go out. I shall patrol. I also dance in the presence of sultan, she laughs.

When we went there in the past, once or twice a year, we used to stay in my uncle's house. He had a daughter, with a carriage, with 2 horses. We left home. What a joy it was to go with that carriage through the lakes. If you saw, Rukiye, you would be astonished. Why is this road like this? In order to look, my grandmother was 80 years old. "That man is looking. Why does he look? He should look up." said my grandmother. It was such a happiness Rukiye, Shaykh Mehmed! With those horses, we used to go through the lake. We sat like this, observant. My brother loved to sit next to the carriage driver. He was eccentric. May he rest in peace. Then... We used to go through the lakes. Shaykh Effendi, there was also an imam. He was from Unye. From Turkey, Giresun. He never laughed in his lifetime. How many years ago? I kissed his hand. He neither looked at men's face, nor women's. May he rest in peace. Musa Kazim Effendi. For this reason, inshallah we recreate that place.

Haji Mehmed Effendi's protection reaches there. The new Shaykh said; Hoja Baba, let's buy a tractor. What do you think? I said very good. Who drives a tractor? Shaykh of the Sultan, ha? What does he say, our friend? When he will be appointed as a shaykh in Hala Sultan... he will set up a condition now, to go with a tractor. How is the sound?

HN: But now new tractors are stronger, faster.
M: Alhamdulillah. Ya Rabbi Shukur. Oh Lord it is the relief of the holy month, in which Your beloved was born. That relief is reaching us. May it continue and increase. May the opression on people be lifted. May Sahib uz Zaman (Mahdi as) come with a divine sword. Amin. Fatiha.

Lefke, 25.01.2012

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