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All of them were Muqtadir - capable of constructing tall buildings but they never constructed buildings that would exceed the height of the Kaaba out of adab - respect for the Kaaba. These ones left Baitullah in the middle, overshadowed, displaying what they have built. People are still astonished with it: Kaaba al Muazzama is left there like this. Allah Almighty, in any instant He wishes, can make al Kaaba al Muazzama be above all of them. The moment He wishes, He can put a Baitullah there which makes all other buildings go down to zero level. None of them can even come close to it. But the people have become confused. They don't know what they are doing.

They constructed all these buildings. What they constructed are visible but Kaaba can't be seen. Allah Allah. Aman Ya Rabbi, Aman Ya Rabbi.. And this is the clock tower- They made it look like the clock tower in London.

Let people make tawaf, as they like. Extension of the Haram- Allah is not able to squeeze (people) and we extend it so that they can fit into it?.. Aman Ya Rabbi. Who went there, they would walk like this in front of the Kaaba. Out of respect - adab, they would bend & walk like this. No one would walk like this.

Why did they not build a bigger Qubba/dome in al Madina al-Munawwara? They built minarets instead. Even the vault of heavens is like zero compared to the Qubba of the Prophet (sas).

No one really looks at these buildings. Everybody's glance is at Baitullah. No one cares about them at all. With the order of the Sahib, all of them will be removed. Only al Kaaba al Muazzama will be seen there. In the middle of the desert, they should have showed only Kaaba - can't be anything else! But their mind is like this. Aman ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. May we not fall into these mistakes too. People can make mistakes. This is also a big mistake, a big mistake... They could not keep the adab/good manners of the former ones.

There were shops on both sides of Safa & Marwa, O Rukiye. People would do shopping & make their sa'i as well. From Safa.. "'Inna As-Safa Wa Al-Marwata Min Sha'a'iri Allah"(2:158). Allahu Akbar! No sha'ir- signs, are left anymore! Rawaqs/arcades would not exceed al-Kaaba al Muazzama's height. Ya Rabbi Ya Allah. Tawba Ya Rabbi tawba Astaghfirullah. Bi hurmat Al Habib, Bi hurmat Al Fatiha.

Lefke, 17.04.2012

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