Maulana Sheikh NazimHarmony, by Following Holy Rules

A servant will always be a servant and a sultan will always be a sultan. No matter how much you pray, you will never be a Lord. The Lord is the only worshipped-one. He does not worship anyone. Jesus Christ* was worshipping his Lord, he himself cannot be worshipped. We are happy that the Lord of Heavens created us, that He brought us from the unknown worlds to the well-known and that we are now in existence. If He hadn't, we would not be anything. He gave us eyes to look, ears to listen, a tongue to speak, a mind to think and a heart to love. He gave us hands to catch, feet to walk and other organs to be happy.

So many branches, leaves and fruit have come from the same tree. I have never seen branches fighting against each other, only foolish humans do that. Because they are English, Arabs, Turks or Swedes. The Pakistani are very angry with the Bangladeshi and the Bangladeshi very angry with the Pakistani. The Africans are very angry with the Europeans and the African-Americans are very angry with the Americans. The Cypriots are also very angry with each other, Turks and Greeks... The Russians are very angry with the Germans and the Germans are very unhappy with the French people and the French are very unhappy with the Spanish people... Every branch wants to destroy the second one. When I look at trees all the branches mingle with each other in harmony. Harmony is the sign of deep perfection within creation. When you look, you can see an admirable harmony within everything. If there wasn't, it couldn't be in existence. Look everywhere, you will find it! Look at the skies, you will find it!

There are billions of galaxies, why don't they join to be one? Each one of them is moving in its own orbit. In front of whom? For what? From where? But people nowadays walk around like sheep, looking for grass. They only look down, they are only interested in what they are eating and what they are drinking within this temporary life. Look up and see the glories of Heavens in the skies and beyond! There is endless space, at least that is what we believe. The One who created made a limit. I don't know the limit of space, I don't know of anyone who may reach the beginning of this empty space, considering the number of galaxies there are. What is that space? Is it something which you can touch? It is created, but what is it? Is there anything in it? Is it a creation, or not? Where does it begin? Where does it end?

People don't ask such questions. They only want to know how to make new computers, new Rolls Royce, helicopters or new models of weapons... People with a lot of mind very often go to work with weapons because they can make such a big profit. Satan encourages people to develop even more powerful weapons so that everyone can be killed.

That is this new civilisation of which western people are so proud. Orientals know nothing about these things, they are backward. Europeans are so developed. In which way? Do they now have four legs, two mouths, four ears, ten hands? People nowadays have 4 telephones on their tables, so in any case they do need more than two ears! People are so busy... they would also need more hands, like Hindu gods. Yes, that is how developed you are! No! You are not developed at all! You are only busy with how to destroy this world and how you are going to kill even more people. That cannot be called a developed civilisation!

We want people to live. Heavenly Orders were sent down to show us how to live. Allah wants us to live with pleasure, happily. Those are the Messages from Heavens. I am surprised at our Christian brothers. Christ* told us to turn the other cheek, but instead they are running to find more weapons to kill even more. Jesus Christ* was such a humble and peaceful servant of the Lord. He wanted people to be in peace. He did not want them to be harmed and to be suffering. He wanted to save them and for them to live a happy life with satisfaction and with pleasure. He brought dead people back to life. But this was only a lesson to teach people the importance of life and that they should try to keep people alive, not kill them. That was his purpose. But people understood it in another way.

Jesus* never held a sword in his hand. Then Islam came with a new prophet. All holy books had informed of this coming. It was told, that this prophet would be like Moses*, not like Jesus*. Moses* used a sword, Jesus* didn't. In the Old Testament it was mentioned that a new prophet would come, the last one, and he would be like Moses*. He would bring a new book with new rules and a sword, with which he would fight against devils, not against humans. In our days there are countless devils. But the governments tell them to live freely, they do not lock away evil people. Instead innocent people get attacked on the street. That is why we have been ordered to take a sword. If you give tolerance to wolves they will eat you or your children.

In Europe everyone is carrying the flag of freedom. What kind of freedom is that? The freedom to be eaten by wolves? In England even Kings were hanged! And now? Wolves are allowed to roam the streets and no-one seems to care. Some people kill 70 others and for some reason of human rights they are still running freely. May they go to hell!

Everything must be in limits. When you go beyond those limits it will come against you. People are not following the orders of Heavens, the ways of Jesus* and the way of Muhammad*. This makes me very angry. That is why I am asking the Lord to give me some authority so that in one night I could catch all of them and put them under the sea.

Everyone who has some kind of belief, who believes in the Lord and has a faith, must have pity with the creatures of the Lord. We have been ordered not to kill anything if it doesn't harm us. If it doesn't harm us we may not touch it. But if it does, it must be taken away. The Holy Order, if you do not kill them, is to send them away. I am a Cypriot and I lived under the British Rule of Cyprus. We are loyal people we Turks, but the Greeks were sometimes attacking the colonial government. Once, I was only 10 years old, the Greeks were burning the governors palace. When the British forces came to clear it up, they took the Patriarch of Cyprus and put him on a ship to the Seychelles. Everyone was very happy, because the trouble had gone. So if you do not kill troublemakers, send them away. Don't keep them in prisons here. Put the prisons on islands and send them away. Don't ever let them come back. They are like flees. The Ottoman sultans used to send their troublemakers to Libya where they could never get away. Criminals are like dogs with rabies, if they bite you their illness is contagious and you too will die.

Nowadays there is no death penalty so people are not afraid of anything. Allah gives permission to kill troublemakers. When people commit crimes after they have been drinking alcohol they are often pardoned, because they did not know what they were doing. Instead they should be given an even harsher judgement, that would stop them from getting drunk a second time.

This world must change. The last limit for this change to take place is the year 2000. If people want to continue in this way after then, this world will finish. But we are full of hope that a spiritual person will come. His name is Mehdi. After him Jesus Christ* will come. We believe in that just the way Christians do. Jesus* will come at the time of the Anti-Christ who is representing every evil and every devil. If he will not be taken away, there will be no peace on earth, there will be never-ending crimes. Jesus* will kill the Anti-Christ. That means all evil and all devils will be killed. Some Jewish brothers are also waiting for the Messiah to come. It means, that the 3 religions which belong to Heavens: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have given up hope that our governments and politicians will bring an end to these troubles and wars. I too am waiting from morning to evening to get the good news of his coming. May Allah make it possible for us to take part in those good days to come where mankind will be friends with each other and not enemies. That is the real honour of belonging to mankind.


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