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Real healing is to be able to send rays of power through your hands to the body of the patient who must be ready to receive the healing. Mostly people are closed and it is impossible even for prophets to reach them. A closed socket cannot transport electricity. On a patient like that you must try to crack open a weak point of their shell from where you can enter.

Since the beginning of time people have been in need of healing, physically and spiritually. Authorised healers will always be on earth. Many of them are totally hidden and you would never imagine them having such powers. If someone is seriously looking for them, they will find. It is not something you can find in books. Not every healer is authorised. Sometimes an unauthorised healer can become infected himself, because he does not have any protection. He can be affected by powerful currents of ill-being from the patient which are transferred to him and make him weak and unable to do anything. He will feel tired because he is only running on a battery, instead of being connected to a stream of power. If he was, he could treat hundreds of patients without being affected.

A healer who comes into such an unprotected situation should quickly take a bath and change his clothes. Also step by step stop drinking alcohol and smoking.


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