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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Healing 2**

By the Name of the Lord of Heavens Who created Adam and Eve and prepared everything for them and their descendants in a perfect way. This life is a test for everyone. The Lord of Heavens tests his servants with goodness and badness, with health and sickness, with richness and poverty and with weakness and strength. He created everything according to His Divine Wisdom with a cure and a solution. Every kind of illness is possible, but He will not create it without a cure. Sadly enough mankind is not taking enough care to find the real medicine for illnesses.

Especially in our days healing is more like a business than a cure. This is why illnesses increase from day to day in their variety. The methods of curing them also increase, but not in a real curing way. Even though thousands of kinds of medicine have been found, they cannot give any benefit to lessen the suffering and pain of people. Maybe they can kill the pain, but they cannot cure.

We know and believe that the first doctors and healers were prophets and holy people. All methods of curing and all medicines came in a Heavenly Way to them before reaching to us. The materialism of this 20th century has stopped the holy way of curing but we must try to once more start to listen to the advice of Holy Books and Holy People.

We should not only use surgery and knives and cut, or give drugs, kill pain and not cure. We know that the body was created by the Creator and when you open it, it is like an engine. If you open the engine of a car and then close it again it will lose its perfection. That is why every operation surgeons do, leaves an imperfection within the body. It is not a real cure to use knives. The more you avoid operations you gain health. But surgeons are anxious to operate because it is easier for them to cut something away from the body than to cure it. The profit is also much greater. Those are the two main reasons why people come under the knives of surgeons. It is a great pity for all of mankind.

Doctors do not even use the way of normal birth anymore. They rush to cut without a necessity. This is why even something normal like a birth is an excuse for surgeons to make operations. Because of all this a curse is coming on the doctors. People cannot stop suffering and the doctors are unable to give any real cure.


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