First meeting:
We were in peace in the other world and that is why we will be in peace in this world too. The fact that we are sitting and speaking friendly, shows that we did so in the spiritual world already. We are not quarrelling, not fighting, we are sitting quite happily. Our souls are in peace. Welcome to you! Are you happy?

I understand that you are studying healing. Who was the first healer? Was it a man or a woman? It was the mothers. Allah Almighty has given secret power to the hands of people to stop the suffering of mankind, and the first ones to do that were mothers with their children. Motherhood is the most important thing for ladies. It is the most honoured occupation. When a child is crying, the mother will come runnig quickly to stop it from suffering. That is why women are the most prepared ones for healing, more so than men. They also usually have more pity for others, which is necessary for healers. If healers only use their hands, nothing will come. But if they also have pity, their mercy will affect quickly on people. This is also important for doctors, but most of them are like butchers nowadays and do not feel any pity whatsoever. They have become like robots and that is why healers must be different. As much as they are using their hands, they must also use their heart. If you look at a suffering person you get a heartache for them.

As long as healers only have the interest of giving benefit to people, and do not think about their material gain, they will be successful. If they do it as a job and they want to get a material benefit out of it, they will come down, their powers will decrease. So many people come to me to see what we are doing, and then they want to know what they should pay. I show them my stick and tell them, "I haven't come here to make a business out of it. Go away! If you like to give charity to someone, then do that."

This is a very important matter. Everyone who wants to be successful and reach high levels spiritually, should never consider any material benefits from people. If they are in need and people want to give them something, that is different. But they should not do a fixed payment and demand a fee like £70, £7 or 70p, no! You must do it for the honour of mankind. It is the honour of mankind to be able to help people just the way in which prophets did. They were healers too. They gave their best to people by giving them their mercy. But they never asked anything from them. That is the highest level of humanity. They more you run after materials, the more your spiritual power will come down. There are so many methods of healing, but the strongest is purification and purification begins when we leave material desires. When you have left all material desires you will start to get your full power. As long as you still have material desires your power can't run, it is mixed up. You have to wait for your elements to be arranged.

You must use some methods to arrange your four elements; water, fire, air and earth. They all have to be put on their own line to achieve the balance and to make it possible for the power to run through your hand to the one being healed. Take his glass for example! These are mixed up elements, that is why electricity cannot pass. The same applies to our bodies, the power cannot pass if we are mixed up. That is why we in mystic ways and religions use methods to separate and to arrange every element on their own paths.

The methods are different, according to the capacity and ability of people. We have 41 methods. If the maste is an authorised-one, he will know how to heal the person. an authorised master must know when he is sitting with with someone what he can do for her or him, what is necessary to arrange him. As a first step the person must have a master.

When you heal, do it as an honour, do it to help weak people. Do it to be able to reach needy people. If you have pleased them, the Lord will make you pleased too. Ask the Lord to be able to reach peace through your healing people. Everyone should be a healer! Thank you for your attendance. You are young-ones and I hope that your energy will jump onto me. Being with young-ones gives so much power to old-ones, it gives a balance.

All this I never read in any of your books, but it is something which is passing through my heart from our headquarters. They are suitable rules which should be kept and preserved. May Allah bless you here and hereafter. Amen.

Second meeting:
In the name of Allah most beneficent and most munificent! Souls must have met in the spiritual world for us to meet in this life. If they hadn't, it would be impossible for us to be together now, physically. But our souls are pushing and are asking to be together here. We hope that we will be free one day of this physical life and that we can leave this physical case and set our souls free. Our souls are lke in a cage now, like a bird in a cage. One day they must leave, there will be an opening for everyone and our souls will fly.

Mystic knowledge is a part of every religion, every religion must have a mystic part. If it doesn't, it will be philosophy, because there is no mystic life in philosophy. The mystic life which every religion offers is the life which belongs to your souls. Therefore you must have a discipline for your souls as well as for your physical beings. Whenever you use a discipline you must benefit from it. If you leave he discipline yu will lose. There are spiritual disciplines in Judaism, Christianity and in Islam. The biggest part of Christianity is mystical. Real Christianity is to wash you hands from this world and from what is in it. Christianity really calls peope to belong to heavens only. That is why you cannot find a wordly discipline in Chrisianity. Christians take that from the Old Testament, from Moses. They buid monasteries and convents in far off places. In Cyprus monasteries and convents are either in forests, or on mountains, or in deserts. They are silent, so that they can hear the Lord's voice.

So Christians are not really supposed to be materialist people, not real Christians! But now thay have changed, everyoe has changed. In Judaism they have mystic ways and mystical orders, but the materialist ideas cover all this. In Islam we also have mystical views and discipine, but now people are getting more and more materialist and they leave the mystical life aside. They want to follow ordinary life and make their physical being happy. People are seeking happiness from material things. They want their happiness to come from the outside, not the inside. But if it doesn't come from the inside it will never really affect you. A King can sit on his throne and still be unhappy. He can have a crown on his head and stl be sad. On the other hand someone can sit on a rock and be happy. He can be eating dry bread and still have no sadness in him. So what is better? To sit on the throne and be unhappy, or to sit on the rock and be happy? The crown doesn't bring happiness, it is useless. But people insist on wanting happiness to come from what they have, from material things; from money, gold, jewels, palaces, cars, wives, children, business, from this and that. But instead, these things usually burden the people and make them even more sad.

We are trying to heal people. The real healing we need is in our souls, not in our physical bodies. This cannot be without mystical practice. If you heal through your heart you will be happy. It is important to make a way from heart to heart, because some hearts are full with peace, pleasure, love, wisdoms, beauty, mercy, respect, knowledge and happiness. You must join your heart with a heart like that. If you are joined, you can be in contact anytime, just by thinking.

It is so important for people to reach happiness, to reach everything through mystic ways. But people are ignorant. It is possible to find such people. With their eyes they will look at you and with their heart they will reach you. If you then later are alone and you have something which disturbs you, you must take a shower quickly, go to a silent place and try to connect with anyone you know who has such powers. You will then be given whatever you are in need of. There are so many levels of this. In the beginning it will be very simple, but then, as you improve spiritually, you will become more and more powerful. Every difficult position, physically or spiritually, can be solved instantly.

The Lord has granted us such discipline in every Holy Book: the Torah, Bible, Psalms and in the Holy Quran. You can find such disciplines in these Books. That is mystical life. As long as you are in your physical life the troubles will never leave you, because your physical structure is the reason for the troubles. The troublemaker is your physical being. The soul will never be the troublemaker. The troublemaker is your ego, your physical structure.

Q: A lot of people seem to be interested in Buddhism and Hinduism. Is this the same line?

Every order has a mystic discipline and these are all on the same way. The question is which level they are on. Some are for more simple people and some for more improved communites. The Buddhist and Hindu discipline are for preliminary levels. In our days people cannot be Buddhists or Hindus forever. People should try to learn their lessons from Buddhism and Hinduism as quickly as possible, remembering that these religions cannot give their followers more than they do. They can be ways as a beginning for unbelievers, but once they start believing in heavenly religions it is foolish to go back to Hinduism or Buddhism. It cannot give anything to Christians, Jews or Muslims, only to unbelievers. It can be good to wake up the feelings of beliefs in unbelievers if they do not believe in anything, if they do not even believe in a Creator, but it can never be enough as a discipline for a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim.

Unbelievers who start to be interested in Buddhism will step by step start to believe in something. That something will be invisible, because invisible things can only be believed in. Everything we believe in is invisible. You believe in God - invisible. You believe in angels - invisible. You believe in jinn - invisible. Believing in the hereafter is believing in something invisible. Once people have got an opening, all these things will be easy to believe in.

When I go to South Asia, to Sri Lanka and to Singapore I meet so many Buddhists and because they are believing in something, it is easy for them to come into Islam. Beliefs open a new world for ourselves. But if people do not believe a huge endless world is closed for them. If they believe, it will open. They are free to have it, or not.

Real healing comes from Heavens. You are still using physical powers, not yet your spiritual powers. Sometimes we have that kind of power. The main supporters of spiritual powers are angels and the Prophet, may peace be upon him. It comes from the line of prophets, leading to the last one. Sometimes this line is open and will affect quickly, sometimes it is closed. That is why it is an old custom to take the power from a master to his successor. You can't do it by yourself, but your masters have a connection to Heavens and according to the power of your master you can take more benefit. Whenever I have power I give permisson to everyone who makes healings if the person concerned first puts his or her heart in front of mine. Then, according to my authority, I will pass something on to them and make it easier.

London - 01.03.1994

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