Maulana Sheikh NazimHealthy Diet: Don't eat Plastic!

Try to eat as much organic food as possible. Eat the red and the white part of meat. Eating only the red will harm the body. Use both of them, it will not make you fat. Your body needs it. If you don't, your body will get weaker and weaker. Such foolish diets turn the flesh into water. So many people have cancer because they have no defence in their body against cancer cells. They also don't drink soup, they only eat fish and chips and fish and chips. This is not good for the body, or kebab, kebab... again the kebab meat does not include the white of the meat. This harms the body and weakens it.

People must try to use the old ways of cooking. Young people can eat more sweets, but the Oriental kinds: Pakistani, or Turkish or Arabic. The European sweets are not good. They do not give the body any nourishment, they are made of plastic. I also don't like to touch chicken nowadays because they are usually artificial, which I have no interest to eat. I like mutton or lamb. I also do not like to eat beef. The flesh of goats gives our skin and our flesh more power. Geese are also still natural and not destroyed by artificial hormones, as well as ducks. That is good for the body. Wild animals are also good to eat.

"Is it all right to eat animals when they have been shot?"

If they have said, "Bismillah!", then it is all right.

Raisins with seeds, nuts and almonds give the body strength. Change your diet! Nowadays everything is programmed by people who want to control you. They want you to eat as they like. They want you to do as they like. They want you to sleep as they like. You must speak as they like. You must break through their programme and not eat as they like you to. Try to use your own free will and not be lead by them. Use grains, like rice, which have not been affected too much artificially.

Try not to use those foolish drinks. Take away 7up, Coca-Cola and Fanta from your tables, also juices of this and that. Whatever you buy will have something inorganic in it as a preservative which will affect your physical body. I do not like any drink except water to be put in front of me. Even the artificial mineral water. They all harm the body. Drink tap water! People are trying to make a handful of people multimillionaires. They tell us to drink Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Diet Coke... so many drinks, only to enrich those handful of people. What are the benefits of all those drinks? Do they improve our digestion? In some areas water is not good for drinking, then you can buy bottled water.

Fruit juices I also don't like, because usually they too have preservatives. Make your own! But why? Whenever you make fruit juices there is so much waste which you don't use. Eat the whole fruit! We used to make a lot of different syrups. Sometimes we used the leaves of roses and made rosewater, so delicious. Cane sugar is the best, or carob or fruits. Be natural!


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