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Nowadays nations are fighting within themselves; like Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Albania, Bosnia... This is one of the small signs which are mentioned of the End of Time. When they are finished, ten big signs will come.

Whenever a teacher gives information he must know where he is getting it from. Every information which has come from Muhammad* is the pure Truth. No one but the Archangel Gabriel taught him, who brought the knowledge straight from the Lord. He spoke about so many small and big signs of the End of Time.

When Sayyidina Yusuf* was in prison, two people came to him and told him their dream. It is important to interpret dreams, but not everyone can do it. They must be permitted to give an interpretation. It is not right for people who dream to tell it to someone who does not have this permission, because he can give a wrong meaning, which can then happen. Don't ever tell your dream to anyone but to someone who has been authorized!

Yusuf* did not give the meanings of the dreams straight away, instead he introduced himself. He said that he was the son of a prophet and the grandson of a great prophet and made it clear, that whatever he was saying, the Lord had taught him. This showed that he was a person of high rank, and gave them more respect.

The Sahabas also used to start by saying that they had seen Muhammad* do or say this or that. After the Sahabas, their followers would say that they had heard it from them. No one would teach and say that it was their own knowledge. Knowledge which comes in this form is pure and available until today. Some still have the meanings of the words from the Holy Book. These are the ulemas. Others have learnt it from Muhammad* and his inheritors and are passing it on. Knowledge is from the mind and heart productions wisdom from the heart.

I am speaking based on what my Grandsheikh is passing on to me. Usually when people speak in front of an audience, they will prepare themselves for weeks even if they only have to speak for half an hour. If they just get out of their text for one short moment, they will lose it. On the way of hearts we give that which people need. We look at the hearts and give.

Ten big signs will appear. We are still in the period of the small signs, although it is nearly coming to an end. There is big trouble in Turkey, people are running to the two extremes: left and right, because they have been left to do as they like. Other governments do everything they can to support their freedom, so that they are prevented from coming back to their religion. They run on the streets proclaiming that they don't want to follow the Sharia, even though they don't know what it is. The Sharia is the Divine Law. How can anyone say that they don't like it?


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