Maulana Sheikh NazimHeavenly Kingdom Within This Century

What are we asking for? We want all of mankind to have a happy and peaceful life. That is the mission of all prophets. But every prophet who comes has to face so many devils. These devils want to cause people to be in misery, not in peace. They don't want people to be happy, in safety and enlightened.

When Allah granted Sayyidina Adam* and Eve Paradise, they were at once facing satan there who did not let go of them until they were thrown out of Paradise. Wherever there are good movements, the place will be surrounded by devils. May they be cursed! But I hope they will not be on the surface of the earth any more than until the beginning of the next century. I hope to have buried them under-ground by then. There are so many around me too. They are looking like wolves. But I am aware of it. Don't co-operate with any of those foxes!

The main mission of prophets is to make people happy. I am not paid by anyone, not by any government, or by any association. I am not a paid person. Just like when Allah sent His prophets, they were also not paid by anyone, only by Allah. Soon I will be 80 years old, and I have never received any Turkish penny. Allah granted this place to me. He caused the Sultan to donate it and to save it from ruins. In this Priory sincere people were praying for a hundred years according to their belief. I am not blaming them, no! If anyone wants to reach their Lord's pleasure, I will accept. If anyone wants to please satan, I will fight them until the end, by the order of Allah the Almighty.

This place was in ruins, even though so many sincere nuns were asking to please their Lord. They have renounced this world and its pleasures to be here day and night praying, asking to please the Lord. But finally it is a Heavenly Rule that He will not only send one prophet, not only Jesus* has been sent, or Moses*, or Abraham*, or Isaac*, Ismail*... no, so many! Every one of them had a period. After that a new one will be sent with a new message. But our Christian brothers think that no-one is coming after Jesus Christ*, even though when he left, he announced that Paraklid must come after him. This is written in all gospels. But I don't know if they don't understand English, Hebrew, or old Greek? He said, "I am going, because if I don't go, Paraklid cannot come." People are reading this, and still insisting that no-one will come after that!

This is the explanation for the fact, that 700 nuns were living here and worshipping, but their channel stopped. The tap to Heavens was turned off and these nuns are now next door. The time of Jesus is finished. If the one who came after him, Sayyidina Muhammad* was not genuine, how would it be possible for people to be following him even 1500 years later and going down 5 times a day on their knees?

Western people have no mind. Why don't they consider this point? Why don't they do any research to find out about the validity of the Prophet Muhammad*? They are only interested in studying ants! They want to know if the intestine of the ant is here or there.

This building was in ruins, but Islam put it back on its feet. We are keeping it in the same way in which it was. What I am trying to say, is that I had nothing in my pockets to buy a place like this. But Allah, the Lord of Heavens, caused one of His servants to buy this place for me. It is not for me, it is for Allah.

Don't think that people can do everything with money. If you are going on the steps of the prophets, the Lord will help you. If you follow the steps of satan, he will help you. But he will only assist you to hell, like he did with the first man and the first woman. They were in happiness, satisfaction and enjoyment. But he caused them to be kicked out.

The reason that man will be cheated quickly, is their ego which likes darkness, not light. It makes them the first supporters and helpers of satan. Satan told the Lord, "You want to establish your kingdom on earth, but I will establish mine. Very few will follow your kingdom, most of them will come to me!" How true!

Every prophet has to face satan and his multitude of soldiers. Today they are countless. You cannot say the truth without them attacking you. If you want to walk on the path of truth, hundreds of devils will attack you to prevent you. In this century beliefs are decreased to the point of zero and troubles, wars and miseries have reached a maximum. No-one is believing anymore. They only believe in their egos. No-one follows the orders of the Lord of Heavens. People want to live as they like without any discipline. Everyone wants to be the Lord of this world, like a pharaoh, like a Nimrod, like a satan. One more biggest trouble is in front of us, which will wipe away 6 out of 7 people. People cannot imagine the tragedy which will happen in the war to come. It can come in 1996, or in 1997, or in 1998, or in 1999. It will not wait for the year 2000 to come.

The faith of people have come down so the tension of the war has reached a top point close to explosion. We are causing this, all of us. We are all trying to reach this explosion. Satan, who will never be satisfied with the weapons which governments have. Even though it is now enough to destroy this world seven times. Still they are saying that it is not enough and that we should make more and more and more. People are hearing and listening and obeying this, stepping on satanic steps and following devils and producing only evil.

That is why we are trying as much as possible to follow the mission of prophets. I am happy that I am finding at least a handful of people here who are asking to follow this target too. I don't think that anyone is coming here to find any pleasures of this life, because this is not a restful place.

The 21st century will oppose everything which belongs to the satanic kingdom. It will all be destroyed and the Heavenly Kingdom will be founded and established. That is why satanic power stations are trembling now. They are trying to make a liar out of me so that you will not believe in me. That is only the official reputation, so it doesn't matter. Wait and see what will come. Even those who will die, will see. There are telephones in the cemetery. They also have television every night between maghrib and i'sha when they are shown the big news. By Heavenly Command their view is opened every night at that time and they are shown what is happening on earth concerning their families, children, relatives and nations... Many of them cry. Some of them get happy and proud when they see what their relatives and families are doing. But most of them are filled with sorrow and curse satan and all those who follow him.

The last and biggest test and trial for mankind will happen within these next three or four years. The entire satanic kingdom will be removed with all its supporters. If a person does bad actions or has bad intentions, he must be carried away with the satanic kingdom. If they try to harm anything natural; humans, animals, plants or oceans, they will be removed. Only good-ones will remain. Those who have long nails, or tongues like Dracula, will be carried away and this world will be silent like a butterfly. Now, it is noisy from morning to evening and people are running from here to there. As long as it is like that, troubles will never end.

In that time all the badness will be gone and only goodness will exist all over the world. The people alive will be the happiest people that ever lived on this world. It will be like paradise, but it will be in limits, only 40 years. Judgement Day will come and then the trumpets will be blown by Israfil, everyone will die; the angels, the Angel of Death and Satan will die. Only Allah will remain and say, "I am the One Who never dies!"

This is approaching now. Come and believe and be restful and in happiness. Try to strengthen your belief so that you will find peace within yourself. As long as you are not taking care of your belief, troubles will never leave you and you will have no peace in your life. It will be tasteless.


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