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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Heavenly people are not using ‘Audhu bi-llahi mna shaitani rajim’ OR Satanic Training**

Destur, ya Sayidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ’Azim.

Heavenly people are not using ‘Audhu bi-llahi mna shaitani rajim’ - we must use. It is divine armour on people if they are asking a protection from evil and from devils. Evil is the production of devils. Evil is the only product that devils are producing…Produced by devils, ‘made in devils land’. Do you think that now on earth there is any place that is not devils land? You can find a land not to be stamped as a devils land? America is a big land. Allah Almighty made me to go and to see that place also in Los Angeles, a big place, perhaps whole Nicosia may be in it, written on it: Walt Disney Land. And it is one part of devils land, but through East and West, from North to South all lands are stamped as being devils land. And devils land produces countless kinds of evil. Day and night, 24 hours, the whole world is advertising devils lands productions of evil. You heard about this before? And all devils are fully authorized people from Shaitan, Diablo; he authorized all devils with full authority, without limits for producing evil, every kind of evil.

The Prophet sws was adding the number of evils- the number of evils is 800. Can’t be 801, can’t be 799. It is a fixed number, 8oo evils that harm mankind spiritually and physically. Harming and also crushing them and changing them from their out looking as well as through their inner structure. This is very important now what we are looking and seeing, if you can look and see, because so many people are looking and not seeing, hearing and not listening, speaking, but not understanding, living, but not living. They are everyone giving harm to our physical being, injuring it and preventing our spiritual being from reaching the divine streams of blessings; closing it also down.

And now everywhere on this planet earth, Dunya, our globe, its identity is ‘devils land’ and its production is only evil that the number of that evils reach to 8oo (the 8oo Haram). It is prohibited through all heavenly messages; (they are) preventing. All heavenly books forbid these 8oo evils. From beginning up to end evil is against humanity, harming it, destroying it, injuring it, killing it, crushing it and finishing it. From where we can begin? Our whole physical being is only running after these 8oo evils; its pleasure is with these 8oo evils. Therefore evil producers can’t reach (to fulfil the) demands of mankind. They can’t reach, because they are so asking more and more and more, and devils say: ’We can’t reach more than this to you.’ People say: ’No more for us? Just we are knowing about these products, but we are asking some more.’ And devils say: ’This is only our limits, our possibilities, ability, capacity; our power only reaching to that point. After this we can’t do anything.’ When reaching to that point, the chief of devils, or the king of the devils’ deputies, all devils, come to him and ask: ’What we can do now? We reached the top limit line. What do you order us to make people to reach every evil? And we do its advertisement in such a way, but now we reached a limit, people are no more getting to be satisfied. We take from you, you are our land master (landlord?), what we can do, they are asking more and more? From where we can reach (to) more (evil) than this? Look. What is your command so that we may follow your program?’ And Satan, the king of devils, Diablo, he is saying: ’Yes, it is okay now. Now I prepared for them something that now they are showing that they are fed up from what you give to them from evil and they are asking new (evil, saying:) We are asking another (evil), we are fed up. I should make now for them a new world. I prepare for them.’

Satan, their king, their headmaster, he knows too much, knowing so many tricks and traps… One person was saying: ’My cat never eats except cat meat. It is never happy to eat bread or our meals.’ And another person was ready there, saying: ’You claim this?’ ’Yes, try, never eating.’ The other one said: ’Give him to me for three days and I am teaching him to eat. What I am giving him to eat he should run after it and eat it.’ ‘Can’t be! So long time I am trying and it is unhappy to eat what we are eating.’ ‘Give it to me for three days and I am teaching it how it can eat. If I am making this, give to me 5 Pound.’ ‘I may give to you 1o Pound if you can do this!’ ‘No, 5 Pound is enough, because I am going to be tired from that creature.’ And he was taking that cat, putting it under his coat, and it was going: ‘Miau, miau’, and he was taking it to his home. He prepared a cage and put the cat inside, then he put one handful of barley in water and put it outside, not inside. For three days he was only putting water inside and outside there was the barley in water, and the cat was going and coming, ‘Miau, miau, miau…’ . For three days it was looking around, drinking water but nothing to eat, looking the barley outside, making his paw to catch the barley, but can’t reach, looking something outside for eating. After three days that person was saying to the owner of the cat: ’Come, I should show you how it is just trained to eat everything.’ Coming that person and the cat was shouting: ’Miau, miau, miau’, tail up and running like this up and down I the cage. Seeing its owner and asking to run. ’No’, (said the man), ‘Be patient, you learnt now. I know you are hungry. I am giving you food now.’ And the barley was opening (during) the three days in water. He opened the cage and put in it the barley in the water, and the cat was rushing on it and beginning to eat and eat. ‘Give me 5 Pounds and take your cat’, (the man said).

That (behaviour) is from satanic teachings. Satan knows this point, saying: ’don’t worry, I am making a plan now for these people who are not taking any taste from our productions, those who go to restaurants and say: ‘I don’t like this’ or children or youngsters who say: ’ We are not asking this, we ask fish and chips, hamburger, doener, steak’- I am making them to run to rubbish place, to the dustbin, to run there and to look after something for eating. And they should ask: ’O, how we can live (like that)? We were living and not thinking (before), o, if once again it (those times) may come (back) to us!’ And never coming second time to them. They should be on dustbin only. ‘Now I am preparing a new world’s plan to change their life, to be trained, to leave their bad manners toward me that I did for them my best, preparing every kind of evil and they say: We are not happy, we are fed up with this.’ How it can be!’

Diablo is saying: ’I prepared a very terrible, horrible plan that people should be in limits of astonishing; they should loose their mind, everything, and they should run only after ‘how we can save our physical bodies, how we can be satisfied with small pieces of dry bread or something else for our hunger?’. They should run! I am preparing a big war; everyone going to be under fire, burning. They are running to the West- in front of them fire. Running to East- finding another fire. Running to North, finding fire coming on them, running South and fire coming. Running to Sea and Ocean and Ocean full with fire. Everyone burning…their imagination never reaching to imagine such a war- such terrible and horrible evils, such death that running like rivers on earth. I am going to train them. When they should be trained- if anyone remaining…mostly people are going to finish and vanish.’
That is now that we are in it. People are more than proud, never respecting Allah’s favours, what Allah is granting to them from His countless generosity, from His endless favours. They are never taking any respect on it. This is going to be a punishment on them, to be crushed and thrown away to dustbin. And going to be this now that people are not even going to find their nation, not going to find who died from them, relatives, children, parents, their people, where they died, where their bodies are, where their graves are- they are not going to find anything…Coming a punishment that never happened before…

This is (because of) that bad characteristic of the ego. Through centuries satanic mind prepared for mankind countless kinds of evils, producing, and they are now finished, saying: ’We are not tasting anything, no more taste for us.’ Coming this war and after, who should be alive, should respect what Allah is giving to them, granting to them and they should say: ’Praise to Allah, endless thanks to our Lord Allah who granted this to us!’ And they should kiss a small piece of bread and put it on their forehead. This war is coming now for terbiya, as a punishment as well as a good teaching and training for living people.

May Allah forgive us! It is very, very terrible fighting, war, approaching, but yet people speedfully running on satanic productions, on evil, going to be more and more, and no one thinking. Therefore I say to people: ’O people, even out one handful of rice or sugar or flower or something you may be in need of tomorrow, if it is closed down’, but they are so happy and feel so secure that: ‘this what you say, it is not going to be forever.’ They think it is only a fairy tale what we say, but when it is going to be in front of them, they should fall down and second time can’t stand up. Who falls through this terrible war, Armageddon, never standing up, finished.

This is one holiest day from the blessed month Muharram, the 1oth, and Allah Almighty granted His divinely help to His Prophets and His Friends, the Saints, and also this is a holy day that Allah Almighty always supporting Awliya and Mu’mins, giving them from His divinely Power to stand up. And same time it is a holy day that all people, all nations, all states that are against heavenly orders, against heavenly commands, should be taken away.

Allah just took (such people) away before time, and now it is going to be the same to be taken away devils, and my hope that their products, their evil is going to finish and vanish. I hope, not hope only, but I believe that up to next Muharran this world is going to be clean, everywhere good people, loyal people, obedient servants, and those people should only run for their divine service. No worry for them except (about) their Lord’s worship and servanthood.

May Allah protect us for the honour of His most honoured servant in His divine Presence S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke - 13.03.2003

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