Maulana Sheikh NazimA Hidden Secret

We believe in Holy Books, it is what we base our knowledge on. Everything else is theory without a foundation, usually produced by our imagination. Theories normally do not become realities because they are a production of our minds. This is why that which comes from Holy Books is our reality. It cannot be changed.

Mind productions cannot satisfy our souls. Our souls want something else. They will only be content if we say that the Creator who created everything was a Hidden Secret Who created His servants so that He may be known. He gave us the chance to be honoured through our Divine Service. This is what all Holy Books tell us. It is the purpose of our creation.

The rules of the seen and the unseen world are the same. Everything is aware of their Creator. Atoms know and are praising their Creator, but mankind through his will power has the highest level and can be closest to the Divine Presence. This grant is given to prophets, to Holy People and to real believers. Allah created me so that I can know Him, love Him, glorify Him and give Him my highest respect.


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