Maulana Sheikh NazimHis Specialities

He speaks without needing a mouth, a tongue or teeth. He may do everything without needing anything. He can do everything as He likes. He has will power and it is not like ours. Each of His Attributes are endless, unlimited and never-ending. He can speak, listen, see and do. He has an endless will. Everything goes according to His Will, nothing is above it. These attributes are His Specialities. Through these main attributes endless specialities come. Only a little spot of that can be seen within all creatures, because He has endless existence and countless creatures, worlds, heavens and servants. This is why it is impossible to limit His Specialities.

Every perfection which appears within His creatures, is a speciality of the Lord of Heavens. You are appearing within all this and are witnessing a speciality of His Creation. One of His Attributes is to be able to create countless creatures. This speciality appears in His Creation. This is a short description of that which has reached us in the Holy Books. When we improve within Divine Knowledge, more and more grants from Heaven will appear to show you of His Existence and His Specialities.


BookPureHearts, CategoryAllah
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