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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**People of the Holy Books all knew that the Last Prophet would come from Arabia **

The area of the Arabian Peninsula is the main source of Divine Revelation. No prophet has ever been mentioned having come from Europe: Germany, France or Spain! All prophets came from Palestine, from Mesopotamia, from the Arabian Peninsula. All Holy Books: the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Quran, mention Prophets coming from that area, not from here, from Europe, from Africa or from America. In the old days the big spiritual centres of Christianity; monasteries and churches, were concentrated in the area of Palestine. They were expecting Heavenly Revelations and were finding that the sources of spiritual power were in that area.

Once an Emir of Medina passed through Damascus. They came to a monastery but the doors of the main entrance were closed. They knocked, knowing that someone must be there. They waited for a long time, because Allah orders that if anyone comes to a place, they must ask permission from the owner to enter. It is prohibited to enter some one's property by force. Even the sultan cannot do that. This man had come on the orders of the sultan. He was waiting for them to ask him to enter. That is real Islam. You cannot find it anymore. Just like you cannot find real Christianity or real Judaism.

After a while the abbot opened the door and they entered. The chief of the sultan's caravan asked why they had to wait, and they were told, "We apologise for the delay, but we have read in our Holy Books that if you are afraid of someone, you should make ablution and then welcome them. We saw that you are the caravan of the sultan, this is why we asked everyone to wash themselves. After the ablution we did our prayer and now we are under the protection of the Lord. You will not be able to harm us."

People now know nothing about real Christianity. The people in the monasteries in those days were reading their Holy Books and practising. This is why they were so different to the people living now. Wudu, ablution, protects people from devils and his representatives. All Holy Books of Christians and Jews demand their followers to do ablution every day before every prayer, for every occasion. Wudu is a strong weapon against satan. Satan cannot touch a clean person.

All these monasteries which have spread in the Arabian Peninsula were not there without a reason. Their Holy Books had mentioned that the Last Messenger would come from Arabia. The Christians were expecting the last messenger to come in the Yemen, to the Kingdom of Aden. People in Damascus were expecting the Last Messenger in Arabia, and the Jews were expecting and waiting for the Last Messenger to come in Medina, where the Prophet's tomb is now. They all knew that the Last Prophet would be coming from Arabia.

The Last Prophet was not a surprise, he was expected. When he came some people recognised him, others didn't. Most Christian priests and monks came and accepted him. So many of the Jewish rabbis also came and recognised him as the one who had been foretold. But many denied him without having any evidence. The greatest proof that he was not just an ordinary person, is the fact that 1 1/2 billion people are now following him and are saying, "La illa'ha il la'Llah, Muhammadur rasul Allah".

This is knowledge from Holy Books, I am not saying this from myself, I am saying it from my heart.


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