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Marhaban, how is it in Ramadan? Wonderful. What can we do? Dastur ya Sayyidi ya Rasulullah. MashaAllah la quwwata illa billah.

In the old times, meaning in the powerful times of our Ottoman Empire, it's presence would reach from East to West. No any nation could open their mouth in any assembly without mentioning the name of the Ottoman Empire. We had such an honour & power. We had majesty. Until when? Until Sultan Hamid, paradise be his abode. Treacherous Young Turks - the meaning of Young Turks is unbeliever Turks, those who reject Isla - dethroned him with cheats & tricks. However if he had wished, Sultan Hamid, paradise be his abode, for those who come to dethrone him, he would have given a sign to his guards "Catch & put them in jail". But he didn't do this, he said "Ok". He said "Ok", the great Islamic Caliph.

Who did the Young Turks gather to dethrone the Sultan of Ottoman Empire? There was a Jewish man and after him people whose name & origin is not known came & dethroned him. He was Sultan. If he had wanted he could have immediately said "arrest them, put them in jail. How did they enter inside without permission?" But he didn't say this. He said, "Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. The order of Allah Almighty is like this, we do not object. We leave them and they will suffer what comes on them". He surrendered. They sent him to Salonica with many insults. These ones imprisoned the Majestic Sultan who ruled the Great Empire for 35 years, 40 years perfectly, in Salonica. He said "Ok. We don't go against the Divine Will" so he surrendered.

And after this, this nation suffered & went through so many bad things & calamities. It has come to what it is today and now maybe Turkish Republic is a state of 90 million people but there is no alliance between them. Because there is no alliance, they can't make their presence felt against a handful of their old citizens. They beg, say "please withdraw". What does this mean? There is no begging in manliness. Manliness is to show your courage, not begging. This is the job of rijal/man. Woman begs man doesn't beg.

O Turkish nation, know this! There are some who know & some who don't know, they are bewildered. May Allah protect us from the corruption of the end of times. At the time of the Ottoman Empire- a great state whose honour dominated all 3 continents, who ruled over an area of 7 million km - in their time the month of Ramadan Sharif would be welcomed with honour. Now there is no one who knows. This ministry, what was it? They removed the Mufti Office also. Instead they put head of Diyanat- chief of Religious Affairs. What does Diyanat mean? What does Religious Affairs mean? At least you could name it "The affairs of Deen", what is Diyanat?

And now they are in a state of hesitation. The Republic of Turkey is now a state of 90 millions but it is not with quantity. The way a state appears & shows itself should express majesty. Ottomans were Majestic. The state which stands in the place of the Ottomans now has no majesty. If they have, they may come out & show their majesty. They may march to Syria, march to Iraq, to Hijaz, which all belonged to us in the time of Caliph. When you throw away the Caliph, who listens to you? They don't even consider you as a doorman.

So in old times, when it was Ramadan "Welcome O holy Ramadan, the month of Ramadan has arrived. Marhaban, O month of Mercy" they would welcome like this. Everyone would clean, arrange & make preparations, would know & keep the barakah & manners of this holy month. Who went astray would come to repent. Our mosques would get full. Our markets would refresh. Our young ones would gather. To sum up, places of fasad/corruption would be closed.

It had grandeur. Now it has no grandeur. If there is no grandeur then Allah Almighty took away from you your majestic look. Turkey is a country of 90 million people but who respects us? We are begging to Sham "please stop." What does this mean? Sham is ours! Why should you beg? Do you not have soldiers? You have Turkish soldiers. March to them. Why do you keep Turkish soldiers waiting? Our army is to protect our religion, chastity, honour & land. They are on the wrong way but you can't tell them this. If you do, you are the one they will hate.

To sum up, now there are people to preach in the mosques. They say a few words according to the instructions given to them, "don't speak beyond this. Watch yourself, or else you know what will happen to you". So they are telling stories. What kind of stories? I say a story, the people may laugh & take a lesson from it. And our sohbat today is close to this. The one who gave ijazah to this poor servant is Alasonyali Hoja Effendi, he was in Besiktas (Istanbul). His name was Haji Jamal Effendi. He would call people to the right way by telling nice stories.

One day he said in his asr time sohbat: "O Muslims, today an astonishing thing happened". "What happened Hoja Effendi?" "Don't even ask, even I myself am astonished. Today is Ramadan. Yes. While I was going out from the door my wife, that she is like your mother, like your aunt, I said to her "O wife/khatun, today is Ramadan, don't offer anyone food". She said "I won't Hoja Effendi. Your order is above my head." When he is about leave, she calls after him "Hoja Effendi?" "Yes khatun, what happened?" "I forgot to ask you something." "What were you going to ask?" You ordered me to not give anyone anything to eat. So I will not give food to cats also?" "Subhan Allah! How many times I told you, animals don't fast! It is man who fasts. How many times I told you. Why don't you get it?" "Ok, I understand but I wanted to make sure it is ok to give to cats" "No khatun, fast is for man. Animals don't fast" And with this we end our sohbat today, he said. People were all laughing.

To whom do you say this now? Who fasts? Cats are to fast, or man? Why man should not fast? If you are Muslim, why are you not fasting? If you are not Muslim, why do they bring your funeral to Muslim Cemetery, to mosque? They shouldn't bring! So there are such matters. Our short sohbat of today is like this. It means, there are many things to take lesson from. And I have reached this age, they ask me "Hoja Effendi, are you 50 years old?" "What 50? There is still time for 50. I am between 40 and 50." "Are you still sane?" "Any problem with my sanity? No. I have a sound mind, I know. Haven't you heard how I lectured my wife?! It means I have a sound mind. Therefore let this sohbat of today end like this."

We have also aged. This story that we said is something that happened 70-80 years ago. May Allah grant us guidance & make us be in safety. May Allah grant us sound mind, under- standing, faith, good manners & respect. May we recite, learn & teach the Holy Quran, the Book of Allah. May we be accepted on Allah's side on the side of inhabitants of Heavens & earth. If not, who is not accepted on their side has no value. Where does he go to? To WC. They don't end up in a good place. Allah, tawba ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah.

My brother from Turkey. Not Turkey, before we used to say Anatolia. And Cypriots would say "coming from across". When they said coming from across, we would respect it. It would mean coming from Turkey. We would say for those who came from Anatolia "coming from across". We would love & respect them. Now all of it, gone. How did they rule us that we have no good manners left? We have become all mixed up & confused about this. We are fighting, crushing, breaking one another. Can't be. Religion is the pillar of humanity. Just like when there is no pole, the tent cannot stand, humanity can't stand without religion. We should pay attention to this point.

Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi

I also have many sins. May Allah forgive me also and grant His paradise to those who respect this holy month. May He grant us to fast & pray. May He grant us to show our Islam. O Lord, O Lord, O Lord! O brothers who sit in coffee shops, o Turks who wander in the streets, pull yourselves together. Or else if a cannon fires in the sky no one will be left on this island, it will sink also. May Allah protect us from His disasters & forgive us. You should go to mosques. You should recite Holy Quran & listen to it. May you do worship as Allah likes, or else there are things to come on you. Not one but even 70 Shaykhs can't save you. May Allah forgive me & forgive you also.

Wa min Allah at-tawfiq, Fatiha. But the coming day is for us, not for unbelievers but for Muslims. Unbelievers have fallen out from favor. No matter how much power they bring out it has no value. Our power is the winning one.


Lefke, 10.08.2012

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