Maulana Sheikh NazimHormones Destroying our Food

It is so difficult to find clean food to eat. Everything is mixed up with haram, with forbidden things. Acceptable worshipping also depends on eating and drinking clean. When we eat halal our souls enjoy too and we become healthy. Unclean eating cause headaches and destroys our health. So many illnesses come from wrong eating habits.

Doctors say that they have never before heard of all the new kinds of illnesses. They are all results of bad eating habits. The worst reasons are hormones, they are changing our health. Every kind of meat, vegetable and fruit is filled with hormones, even though it is the most dangerous for mankind. It is haram to feed yourself or your children like that.

All the people of the 20th century are asking for is profits. They have a kind of egoistic illness. Everyone is asking to save more and more money. This is the worst characteristic of the ego. Everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants to be a millionaire, a multimillionaire. Our ego advises us to save money, more and more. It is the advice which satan is giving. People believe that when they have saved billions they will reach happiness and the final target of all their desires. Everything is produced in a way to make lots of money. People have been trained to waste as much as possible so that they can buy new all the time. This is why there is not enough halal production available. Everything is done in a gigantic way in huge farms with hormones. There are only about 10 enormous corporations world-wide which are in competition with each other. They hit two birds with one stone: first they produce bad quality food for people and make huge profits. By that people lose their health and then another big firm will produce the medicine for them. How clever!

These eating habits result in the worst illnesses. People are running to the doctors worried about their health. I never find any home without medicine. They even give me vitamin C to make a horse out of me! Everyday I am getting stronger, that is what I believe!

First come the weapons factories, second the medicine and drugs factories, third petroleum, fourth cement... All this is in the hands of the mafia. There are seven or nine big mafia who are famous. No-one is able to stop them.

In this century every badness attacking humanity has spread from east to west, including the Islamic world. We are stepping into a new century. People are weak and without hope concerning their crisis. They do not know what they can do. Their minds have stopped. They may produce treatment to their drugs crisis or terrorism crisis, but without solving it. This is America, the biggest and most powerful station on earth, but they are showing their weakness in front of terrorism. Their most powerful technology cannot be used against it. Allah has caused the mind of man to stop. In which ever direction they run they see that the way is closed. Allah has only left one way open: His Way and His Rules! You must come to His Rules, or you will be finished. It doesn't matter if the whole of mankind will kill each other. They are punishing themselves by themselves.

Democracy, hypocrisy, Stalinism, communism, social-ism, capitalism... all is finished. Submit to Heavenly Rules and Heavenly Commands! 24 hours are enough. No need for 2 days, six months or one year, no! If this country would accept Heavenly Rules every economical crisis and terrorism of the whole world would be solved. Oh people, you must help! Allah says that if you help to stop evil, Allah will help you. If you don't care, you will get no Divine Help, no Heavenly Support. Try to help!


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