Insha'Allah the next year we will be in the big part of the building. Step by step we will be all around London, then England, then Europe. The Europeans want to take Islam away from Europe, but Allah is bringing it. It must come. The unbelievers must go and Islam must come. I am not making you to come here. No! He is sending you and He is also sending me to be here with you like a petrol-station feeding your hearts with whatever they send to me.

We have come to take away the pride from the Western people. Europeans are very proud-ones and we have come to make them into humble servants. Servants do not have to be proud. You must learn that worshipping should make your ego smaller and smaller, until it finishes. Whoever feels that he is feeling bigger and that he is becoming proud, is not worshipping Allah, he is worshipping his ego. Worshipping must make you small. But people nowadays are so proud with all their titles, that if you ask them to sweep away something, they will be shocked and tell you that they are doctors, so how should they be expected to sweep? Well, prophets swept, didn't they? So who are you?

If you feel that you are becoming bigger and you think that your importance is growing, then you are on the wrong way and your worshipping has not been accepted. You are then still an idol-worshipper who is still praying to himself. Oh, people, you must be very careful! I am looking everywhere and particularily the Muslims in European countries are becoming very proud: the Turks, Pakistanis, Iranian people... and the Arabs, don't even talk to them. They are convinced that they are the only true Muslims. The German Muslims are very humble Muslims, really. The English Muslims, that little handful, are also humble, but sometimes they are getting angry with me. From the French Muslims it is only Amanullah who is very proud and who is saying that he is the Calipha of France. Ladies are not proud, they are good, only Hakkimah is a very important one. She is also putting on a turban. But whether you are men or women, you must be humble. You must say that you are a servant. You may go to Trafalgar Square and proclaim that you are a servant of the Lord. But you will not be able to. That is why I am giving you all a new daily prayer to say, "I am a servant, I am a servant, I am a servant..." And your ego will ask surprised, "What is that? What is going to happen? To whom are you a servant? To me? That would be OK. But not for anyone else!" Yes, say that 70 times.

That is the beginning of purification. You can be on any level in this life, and still you are all servants. They are ordering me to adress you with simple words. There is no need for me to make this into literature. It is important to make your hearts to listen and to accept and to act. That is the begining of purification. We need that if we are going to Allah Almighty's Divine Presence. You cannot even come here without abolution. It is forbidden to enter the mosque without an abolution. So how do you think it could be possible to go to the Divine Presence without being pure?

You must correct the direction to where you are looking. Are you looking to Allah or to your ego? To look to Allah you need to be clean, you need to be purified. You must be completey clean. If not, they will clean you in your tomb and if you are not cleaned there, you will be cleaned on the Day of Resurrection. If that is not enough and you are still dirty, then you must enter hells to be cleaned there. Look yourself! There is a chance for you to be cleaned here. Do it here! Then go to your Lord's Divine Presence clean. We worship to become clean, but only if you worship Allah. If you worship the idol of your ego, it will not be a purification. On the contrary, you will be more dirty than those who are not praying at all. Many people think that they are worshipping Allah, but really they are worshipping themselves. Those are the worst ones.

We are so weak. What is it we are so proud about? Satan comes to you and says, "You are so good. You are such a good worshipper, so generous, so learned..." There are so many tricks and traps. Don't claim to be a VIP. Keep the broom in your hand and say that you are a servant. Don't give anything the chance to make you feel more important. Since 50 years I am trying to make my ego down. But still it is trying to. It is only important to be a VIP in Divine Presence. Those who worship humbly, with full sincerity, love and respect, they are VIPs. As long as you are with your ego you cannot give full respect to Allah Almighty, to your Lord.

Is it possible for a man to copulate a female ant? Is that possible? And then for the ant to conceive an ant, not a man, but an ant? That is the pride of Christians when they claim that the Lord came and was in the womb of the mother of Jesus Christ. Christians have to change their wrong imaginatons. That is why we are giving such examples to make them understand. They are saying that the Lord of Heavens with His Greatness, has come to the Virgin Mary to bring a son. That is why I am saying: Is it possible for you to go inside an ant and to produce a man? If it possible to produce a man then it is OK.

You must understand. Allah Almighty is not a man. He cannot be. And a man cannot be the Lord. The Lord in His Greatness has no partner. If He had a son, he must look like Him. And there is no room for two Lords to be in existence because of the endless greatness of the Lord. Where should the other Lord be? There would be no room for Him. There can only be one Lord, no second. How should the Lord with His endless Greatness be in such a small one, like the Virgin Mary? Considering that He is so great that the whole universe is only like a little spot compared to Him! Who are we in that great universe? To say such things is the greatest ignorance of mankind. But they still are! May they be forgiven.

Oh, people, you must change. The Lord is not a man. A man cannot be a Lord. If you want to enter an ant you either have to make yourself small like an ant, or you must make the ant as big as you. There is no other way. If Allah Almighty wanted to come to Virgin Mary, He must be as small as her, or she must be as big as He. He has that greatness, to make that possible. But there is no room for one more to be as great as He is.

Use your mind, use your logic and come back to Islam, oh Christian world! Don't think that you will win by killing Muslims. No! You will come down quickly. After a while a power will come, a Heavenly Power, to the weak Muslims and it will carry away all your powers. We are once more asking everyone to say that they are servants, not to claim that they are VIPs. Try to be humble servants of Allah!

Ya, Allah, you are Sultan! How can anyone else be a VIP?

London - 01.03.1994

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