Many of our brothers and sisters are worried about their children and they are asking me, "What can we do?" I'm seeing that parents are letting their children stay at home and they are giving them home schooling, because they are fearing that the community will harm them and that they could loose them. So what can we do? They think that if they keep them at home, and if they don't have TV in their homes and if they give them a strict upbringing, that it will be better.

People who are grown-up know what is going on in this life and they have protection. They can protect themselves not to be affected by the community and its foolishness and bad activities. I saw the Dar-ul-Salam community in New Mexico, where only 2 or 3 families are living with their children. It was built to be for hundreds or thousands of Muslims to be there and to live an Islamic life. This is not a good idea. It would be better to take your family away from this country and to go to a safer place, if you are afraid that your children might loose their belief. Take your whole family to a better place where the community is not westernised. Or, if you want to be here and you want to try to protect your children by preventing them to see TV, videos, cinemas, theatres, magazines and newspapers, then you can only do this for a short time, until your children have reached the age of maturity. Or even less, maybe only until the age of 9 or 10 years. After that it is so difficult that it will be impossible to prevent them.

So, like the story mentioned in the Quran, Allah Almighty was testing the army of Saul and said to them, "You will reach a river and it is only allowed to drink a handful of it." Only very few people could control themselves and only take a handful and no more. They were satisfied with that handful. Others were not able to control themselves and could not obey the Holy Command of their Lord. So they threw themselves into the river to drink and drink and drink...and they were never satisfied! Those who only took a handful were satisfied.

Now, coming back to these youngsters who are growing up: If you try to prevent them 100% you will not be able to. So give them a handful and say, "No more!" and leave them to the will of the Lord Almighty Allah. If you prevent 100% there will be no result, you will get the opposite. Just like when we use vaccines against illnesses, we put the same poison into the blood and it prepares the defense in the body. Sometimes we will get a short illness after a vaccination, which then goes away and the body is prepared.

Even with videos and TV there is a lot of poison, but we must not ban it completely, it will cause the opposite. If you are happy to open just a window, not the door, then do that. Your child can look through the window and be satisfied, and perhaps, with the Will of the Lord, he will be fed up. Just like many people are fed up with TV and videos. Divine Wisdoms are making people to be fed up. Because if a person eats a special food every day, he will be fed up. So you see, Allah Almighty gives us many favours, so that we can use them. We are not getting only straw, like animals, or wheat or barley or, everything! So that his servants will not be fed up. You can do like what was done during the Gulf War: people were sitting from morning till evening watching CNN. The second day people were saying, "What is CNN?" and the third day they were fed up and did not want to hear about it. And the CNN we were watching was not only in English, they made translations into Turkish where sometimes the head was missing and sometimes the legs. Such strange translations. No one understood anything. Instead of saying that America bombarded, they said that Iraq bombarded... Such foolish translations...

So leave a window open. Because if you make a special situation for children they will ask, "Why? What is the reason that we are not going to school? We also want to have friends..." And after a while they will escape and start cheating, which will be worse. So, if you want to teach them in your homes, it is alright, but if you can control them while they are going to school, it is better.

That is something that belongs to the characteristics of our ego: to rush on something quickly and then to come back, fed- up. If you put a strict discipline they will try to jump on it. Make it simple and it will be easy for you and your children. If you are not happy with the situation, then take your children to a better place where it will be easier. Here it is so difficult to keep them always with you. When they grow up they may escape and then it is so difficult for you to find them.

Because there are so many satanic centres looking after youngsters, girls and boys. So many devils are looking after the young ones to hunt them. So try to make them to believe in the existence of the Lord Almighty Allah and when they reach the age of maturity to do their ablution and to say, "Oh, my Lord, I have done what I could, now please you protect them. I leave them to you." And we hope that they will be protected.


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